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You only know what not to do, but you know what you want most

by Test 2 months ago in humanity
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You only know what not to do, but you know what you want most

You only know what not to do, but you know what you want most

  Modern people feel the most confused, an interview process, met a woman who has just finished maternity leave, all convenient conditions are good. I think further examination of whether she can be competent, so I asked, "Can you accept business trips?" In fact, the chances of working on a business trip were slim, and it didn't have to be, but just to check her bottom line and what she was willing to pay for the job. She froze, for about half a minute, and she said, "If I have to travel, then this job, it's not for me."

  "Tell me your reason."

  "My children are still young, and I am looking for a job to make it easier to take care of them, so if I work too much overtime and travel too much, I'm afraid it won't work."

  I smiled a little and said squarely: "The company is not a nursing home, and good treatment is given to people who work harder and are willing to pay. So, tell me, what do you want to do most, or what price can you pay for your work?"

  Once she heard my words, she pondered for a while: "I can do everything within the work, just can't work too much overtime, I have children" she looked at me, the struggle in her heart must be very strong, "I know the company is not a nursing home, I have the ability and confidence to do a good job, as for how to do, later in the work I I can definitely learn. The child is my bottom line, really, can't delay the child because of work ....." Later, the more you say, the smaller your voice. I told her to go home and wait for the notice, she will be a good mother, but this job that requires a high degree of innovation is really not suitable for her to seek stability. Perhaps once she was young and easily competent, but now she is all heavy with the burden of moving forward, she does not know where the goal is. This is also the state of many people.

  Every time I ask those who just graduated from college, after work, what do you want to do most? They all said very hazy, very general, confused hidden in the eyes.

  When you intend to change from a stable and familiar environment back to the fast track, but also willing to pay the price, what kind of bottom line you have drawn for this price?

  You know in your heart what you do not want to do, then what you want to do most?

  If these two issues are clearly thought out, then you can put on the battle robe to go out. The hardships of the future can not stop your desire.

  If you do not want to commit to the status quo, want to get out of the confusion, but no clue, then take a look at the following analysis, perhaps useful to you.

  The status quo can't last forever, and one day you'll have to answer the question - what do I really want?

  This question is also the key to overcome the confusion. When you give up so many things and refuse so many offers, you must seriously think about "what I want". However, many people still can't answer this question. Or rather, they never think about it, they spend all their energy on rejection, and forget to look at themselves and ask themselves where they should go next, and what beliefs they should hold on to.

  Don't think: the world is no different anyway, just don't make a new choice. Fall into a state of "anything goes" and become the walking dead of life. The result is that everyone else is constantly trying to find their own runway in life, but you're still living in the cracks.

  You know, you can't tell right from wrong doesn't mean there is no right from wrong, you can't see the difference doesn't mean there is no difference.

  A person who knows what he or she "wants" is definitely someone who has seen something.

  If you've never seen a car, it's really hard to say "I want a car," even though it's perfect for you; you've never eaten a fried doughnut or ice cream, so naturally you won't think about eating such things when you're hungry.

  For everyone, this is an insurmountable dilemma, what we can actually see and how far we can see, and deeply limited by environmental factors such as origin, educational background, social circle.

  Seeing the world is not just about going out and traveling, but doing your best to feel good about your environment and meeting those who are pursuing knowledge to learn and work together with your seniors. When you hold a keen heart to learn and feel life and society, you will naturally understand that life actually has a lot of possibilities. You don't have to sit in the office and write PPT, you can study, jump into the job, start a business, join the public service; as a student, in addition to the pursuit of new knowledge, watch American drama, you can also learn a small language, internship, study their favorite living room, looking for an interesting club.

  We have to get out of our comfort zone, to see, to hear, to try, until we find the next path.

  The path is divided into two points, the first is distant, such as "I want to be successful" "I want to have a lot of money", the second is the near future, such as "I want to develop an A4 waist" "I want to marry the second generation of rich" and so on .....

  Don't be afraid to get lost, you know exactly what you don't want inside, which is good. The unnecessary distractions are set aside. The sting of confusion brings a reminder of our forgotten dreams, but also a reminder that we are not satisfied with the status quo ...... compared to a life of numbness and no more expectations, to be confused is already considered a good thing.

  The greatest fear is not pain, but no longer feel the pain.

  Every day we stand at the crossroads of various choices. Someone once said that the toughest daily choice is "what to eat", most people can answer what they do not want to eat, but it takes a long time to think about what they want to eat.

  Life is not the same, just say "I do not want" is not enough; in the late hours of the night, it may be more reflective, find what kind of road you want to take, what kind of things. Don't think not, don't try, how do you know you are not gold?


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