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You just seem to be working hard

by Test 2 months ago in humanity
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You just seem to be working hard

You just seem to be working hard

  One time in class, a girl said to me with a downcast look on her face, "Teacher, I've taken the English 4 exam 4 times and I still haven't passed, why is that?"

  I said, "Did you do the questions? Did you memorize the words?"

  She took out the test questions, which were already torn, and said, "I even remembered the answers to all the questions you taught me, and I memorized the vocabulary book many times, but I worked so hard, why can't I pass?"

  This is a student who impressed me particularly because in my eyes, the Level 4 exam is not very difficult. It is said that the passing rate is about 80% every year, and those who do not pass include those who take the exam naked and those who have "given up treatment" for a long time. I think how persistent a person has to be to stay in the last 20% of the test steadily.

  However, looking at this student's notes, I thought to myself, "It looks like a lot of effort, why can't I pass the exam?

  Because of the time, we chatted hastily and I went on with my class.

  On the way I thought about her again and found no solution. This feeling is like a doctor who knows a patient is sick, but just doesn't know how to cure him.

  The next day she came to me with a thick notebook and asked me again.

  I could only use the "big trick": "You've worked so hard, don't worry, you'll definitely pass next time."

  The student said sarcastically, "I hope so."

  For this world, there is no "fruit" without a "cause", even if the "cause" is not visible now, but it must exist. Soon, I found the "cause" of the girl.

  That was the last time I saw that girl, and she never appeared in my class again.

  On the day the class ended, I went to her place, pointed to her seat, and asked the girl next to me, "Do you know her?"

  She said, "Yes, she is my classmate."

  I asked, "Why does she always skip class?"

  She smiled and said, "She has more things to do."

  I learned that this girl was the president of the student council and also the head of several clubs, very active in participating in activities and organizing events, and had many friends. But the only thing she didn't have time to do was to be alone. You need to read it many times alone and memorize it quietly for a long time to imprint it in your brain. She just did the exams once, hastily corrected the answers, and then rushed out of the study room to continue her student government business. As for the set of questions, in her mind only left the idea that "I worked so hard to do a set of questions", in fact she could not remember a few words. Just like she told many people she enrolled in an English class, but almost never attended the class; just like she asked many people to discuss how to learn English, but never really remembered anything. It's easy to lie to others, and even easier to lie to yourself, but it's a little harder to lie about the cause and effect of the world.

  I think of another girl who always likes to ask me to recommend movies and books to her, and asks for the more difficult ones. So, every time I read a book I would also take it to her for her to read. Every time she finished reading it, she would send a tweet, and there would be countless likes below.

  Once I chatted with her: "Did you remember anything after reading the last book?"

  She said: "I forgot."

  I heard nothing but speechlessness. When I got home, I saw her friend circle and said, "Finished another book." This time she got some more "likes".

  Another friend, Xiao Lu, especially likes to go to the study room, and every time I see her status in her circle of friends: recently very tired; almost exams, the last few days to fight; early to leave and late to return ......

  I think she's really working hard. However, the one that should not be passed or not. All of her exams, leaving what seems to be a variety of twists and turns and helplessness.

  Because, after all, all the efforts are not made to others, what matters is whether these efforts really reach the heart and become your ability. Once in self-study, I saw Xiao Lu bring her accounting book, English book, and exam papers, but it was all useless because she also brought her cell phone.

  She spent the morning brushing up on her friends and Twitter. This so-called effort actually just looks like a lot of effort.

  It looks like staying up late every day, but just taking the phone and clicking countless likes; it looks like getting up so early to go to class, but just making up for last night's sleep in class; it looks like sitting in the library all day, but really just sitting all day; it looks like going to the gym, but just hitting it off with a cute guy or girl. Around us, there are always people who remember their notes very carefully, but do not do well in exams; there are also always those who study very well, but do not seem to be very serious, and many people define them as smart. And I think that they just abandoned the temptation to be single-minded when studying, those efforts did not let others see, and there were no other distractions during that time, and after that, they played with their hearts when they played.

  Before studying, did you make a plan, tell yourself what I want to learn today, memorize what, to master what ability. Efforts without goals and struggles without plans are just for show.

  Your life and others look at your life, whether the same; those so-called hard times, is really brainstormed, or just seems to be very hard.


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