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You Deserve Better

by Gary D Holdaway 7 months ago in advice · updated 7 months ago

You’re Not This Amazing Person For ‘Just Anyone‘

You Deserve Better
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Let’s cut through the red tape and go straight in for the kill: you deserve better. You know you do because you feel it in your bones. In your heart, in your soul. You’re more than ‘just anyone’ deserves.

You want more from yourself and you go ahead and get more from yourself. You’re smart, you’re health conscious, you’re deep and wise. You’re caring, loyal, emotionally intelligent and self aware. You’re orderly and clean, helpful and kind. You see problems in the world and you want to fix them. You learn from your mistakes and you own up to your wrongdoings.

Now take a look around at your friends. The people you spend the most time with. The relationships you’re pining over and trying so desperately to make work. Are they the same as you? Are they on the same journey as you? Do they have the same drive for development and growth, to be more than ‘just anyone?’

If the answer is no, then you’re selling yourself short. So let me be the one to tell you: stop clinging to what’s not meant for you, and be patient, because you do deserve better. And it will come the second you stop wasting your time with others on a different path.

It’s not your job to fix everything. It’s not up to you to pull someone toward you. It’s not within your power, or even necessary, to chisel out the good you see in a person in hopes that one day they’ll be in your lane.

The truth is, you are where you are because you put yourself there. You did the work yourself. You’re constantly growing. And you’re not alone there.

You just need to look around at the new world you’re standing in, and let go of what clung on from before. And that’s hard, really hard, because it involves faith in the fact that you do absolutely deserve more from those wishing to share your life.

But you do. If the thought has ever crossed your mind, you already know it’s true… it’s just taking your heart a little longer to catch up.

I’d even go so far as to say that you probably have felt you aren’t enough yourself. Considered whether it’s you that’s unlovable, you that’s not good enough, you that’s not worthy of a positive, healthy, love. But it’s not the case.

You’ve simply grown in a different direction. You’ve become somebody that is no longer meant for those around you. And that’s okay.

you need to look at who you are. You need to see how far you’ve come. And you need to stop doubting yourself.

Because I promise you the world is full of people dying to meet you and bring back exactly the same amount you put in, if you only give yourself some space to let them see you.

Right now you are worth so much by yourself. There’s no rush. There’s no reason to cling.

Nothing terrible will happen if you just spend some time figuring out who you are. That process will bring so much more peace than living a life entangled with those no longer meant for you.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Now none of this is to say you’re better than anyone. You’re not. And it’s certainly not a plea to abandon people you know and trust. Just be wary of the people who aren’t on the same journey as you, and recognise how their presence in your life impacts you and yours goals.

Start focusing on what’s right for you. Surround yourself with people that get you, people that can help lift you up, resonate with you, vibrate at your frequency. Recognise that you are enough for yourself, and make all the tough decisions you need to.

You’re here one time. Give yourself the advice you’d give your best friend.

Allow yourself what you deserve.

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