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You could have, but didn't

It turns out that the most painful thing in life is not the failure, but the fact that I could have, but didn't.

By Fra TushaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Why do people have to work hard? Anyway, you can't die of hunger.

Many people have asked me similar questions, and my answers are almost always the same: even if you don't work hard, you can't starve to death in this society, and you can always find a career to support your family; but if you have never worked hard, then at the end of your life, you may find: the most painful thing in life, not failure, but I could have, but I didn't.

I remember my freshman year because I was in a major that I didn't like very much, and I was facing a lot more temptations than in high school, so I spent the whole freshman year addicted to games, picking up girls, and hanging out in all kinds of clubs. And after the end of college, you are "surprised" to find: Oh! It turns out that even if I do not work hard, as long as the final period is close to the desperate "brush a brush", college is not to fail. This made me more reckless in college, and I did not want to do anything.

However, during the holidays and with some of my close classmates in high school, I found that there was such a big gap between myself and others after just one year. I want to say the gap, not in terms of material, but refers to a person's attitude towards life.

In contrast to my high school friends, a few of them were much worse off than I was in the college entrance exam, and in the eyes of the common man, their college was not as good as mine. One of the boys had no choice but to choose the English major, according to him, a year down the road he was almost driven crazy by those English characters; another boy is reading 3A school.

I can say that my starting point in college was much better than theirs, but their attitude towards college was the opposite of mine, and their college life was much more exciting and meaningful than mine.

The boy who was forced to learn English went to college and took his favorite computer major, chewed a lot of books about computers, and after his freshman year, he developed several hot web games. team studio.

The guy who went to 3A school had no intention of staying at that university for long, he studied and passed the IELTS exam in the first semester of his freshman year, and finally got an offer from a good university in Australia after numerous "shameless" applications in the second semester. At that time, I couldn't believe that he passed the IELTS exam on his own after being the worst English student in high school. But that's what happened.

Then look at my freshman year, at that time I blamed the university major as not being my favorite, blamed the university for too much temptation, to get by, picking up girls, games, and club activities busy themselves around, but after being busy but always find themselves nothing, found themselves busy for the sake of busy, no goal, the heart is often empty, unbearable.

Such similar examples in our lives are too many.

Some people complain all day long in their circle of friends, in microblogging, and Qzone about their poor treatment of work, long working hours, and no overtime pay, so they can't stay; complain that they were fired several times in six months; some people play games overnight in Internet cafes after sending a status: alas, not yet asleep and ready to find a job, why only my life is so tired ah. Some people give up on themselves and break the can, all day long either complaining about their bad origins, not being born into a good family, or complaining about social injustice, competition being too fierce, and too many subterfuge rules.

But the problem is, how many people are complaining, not reflecting on whether they have a little bit of effort?

How many people would rather gnaw on melon seeds watching whole episodes of a series, brushing most of the undernourished microblogging information, spending the whole afternoon in the brush a treasure, and girlfriends shopping street all night to plunder those discounted so-called luxury goods, and how many boys would rather stay up all night addicted to online games, but are not willing to put so little courage and determination to do some changes?

Of course, you can not try, you can not try to change, you can not try to make yourself a little better, because frankly in today's society is very difficult to starve you, you can always find a job to fill your stomach.

But have you ever thought that the current state of life is not what you want inside?

Have you ever thought that you could have made your life more exciting and meaningful, you could have had the ability and conditions to do more of what you like to do, you could have left a greater value to others to society ...... but because you did not work a little bit harder at the beginning, the end can only become "I can't say that I can't.

Just like when my major was not my favorite, I could have tried hard to change my major or like my male classmate who was forced to learn English, find a field I like to study on my own, but I chose to give up on myself; there are many temptations in college, and many choices for girls, I could have found one I like and then carry out a heartfelt love, but I was always double-minded The university life learning freedom, I could have tried to develop some of their interests to read a few more books, but I almost all give time to the game, play day and night.


And who among us does not have dreams, big or small? But if at the end of your life is about to reach the end of time, you find yourself not only with your dreams, but also because of their own at the beginning to get by, self-loathing, perfunctory attitude to life has turned itself into a a vulgar and unpleasant, led by the nose by life, then at this time you may suddenly realize: the original life's most painful thing, not failure, but I could have, but did not The most painful thing in life is not failure, but I could have, but did not.

And this is probably the reason why people have to work hard in this life.

Of course, you can still not try hard, but the final fruit should be rightfully yours to taste!


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