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Would you have chosen to be born?

If you had a choice, would you have chosen to be born?

By GazakPublished 6 months ago 9 min read
Would you have chosen to be born?
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you had no concept wherein you were or what

you had been

you appeared around it became white

anywhere as far as you can see

near you seemingly looking forward to you become a

determine a indistinct translucent determine that

seemed to nearly drift as it moved

nearer and closer towards you

you were not scared handiest unaware an

empty reservoir of natural focus

the time period of your punishment has now

concluded the figure unexpectedly stated to

you you had no reminiscence of a punishment

you had no memory of whatever in any respect

what punishment you requested the determine not

essential right now the figure replied

you wouldn't apprehend yet besides

what's critical is what you pick to

do now

the figure moved even closer to you currently

soaring next for your side you can

experience a light Breeze emanating off of

them they pointed forward and all at once

the gap in front of you commenced to

fragment and open up like it was an

invisible cloth being torn open on the

internal there was color and light

collections of debris and kinds of

shapes and gadgets that seemed

acquainted to you but which you could not

quite region what is which you asked the


in which you had been the parent responded

in the establishing bodies of figures

commenced to stroll via some stopped and talked

with each other too hugged their faces

started out to cry

you approached the outlet and seemed


you switch again to the discern

what did I ought to do there

not anything the parent answered you have been

free to do anything you desired you appearance

lower back at the hole once more the two human beings

were long gone now the putting had changed

the figure gestured their hand on the

commencing once more sequences of scenes started out

to head by means of every scene seemingly containing

the equal figure

is this is that me you asked after

looking for some time

yes I do not recognize what did I do who

become I

your name was Giannis you have been a human

being you existed in an area with many

others like you all being punished for

extra or much less the identical factor

there has been a silence

then the determine continued

you had been raised by means of your mother you were

extremely near together with her you loved her

and she loved you extra than some thing she

taught you a way to love a way to be the way to

end up you made plenty of friends

for the duration of your time you did all kinds

of things with them and had all sorts of

amusing you skilled laughter and inner

jokes secrets and techniques and mutual care you had

relationships with beings you were

attracted to he fell in love a couple of

times an unbelievable ecstasy and

excitement and comfort he were given married to

someone named renetta your lives

intertwined becoming lifestyles companions who

were there for every different for the rest

of every other's time

you had kids you cherished them like

your mother loved you and they cherished you

such as you cherished your mom they supplied

you with a experience of fulfillment and

cause unlike anything else you

experienced you felt what it intended to

genuinely care about some thing

you advanced pastimes talents and paintings

you work toward difficult achievements

and their difficulty made them worthy

while you eventually performed them you

became what you taken into consideration a hit

you felt the corporeal Sensations and

rich pleasures of having a body the

feel of man or woman autonomy and being

you tasted delicious ingredients you explore

lovely locations you revel in novel

studies as something someplace

you found matters and ideas you

contemplated and marveled on the thriller of

wherein you have been what you have been you shape

theories and ideals you lived

you stared ahead for a second then you definitely

stated I do not apprehend how is that a

punishment that sounds extraordinary

the figure gestured their hand on the

starting once more extraordinary but similar

scenes commenced to head by

well you began completely unaware hungry

and afraid your whole existence you sought

safety stability information and

reality at the start your mom made

these conditions appear possible and real

however time frequently pass forward and

you elderly and as you aged the sector

round you grew bigger and extra enforcing

and your mom ought to no longer guard

you or offer you these things the

illusions of consolation and actuality

shattered and suddenly became your own

responsibility which you could never put

returned collectively

during your time you misplaced your

friends one at a time both from growing

aside in physical area or in personal

pastimes humans you once relied on

completely who knew matters about you

that nobody else did who you spent all

some time with slowly became distant


some have become enemies

on every occasion you made new pals you

quietly feared the likely Prospect of

this occurring again making it tougher

and more difficult to hook up with others the

equal passed off with those you fell in

love with most effective the loss and separation

from them hurt a ways some distance worse beings you

saw your existence with devoted your life to

who promised to constantly love you stopped

loving you a few hated you all moved on

and changed you

you advised your pals and partners all

forms of matters that nobody else ever

knew about you but nobody ever truly

understood you no matter how tough you

tried and how much you stated and also you knew


when you fell in love with renetta and

you made a decision you had been equipped to settle

down and decide to her you constantly

doubted your choice which only have become

worse when the preliminary smoke of lust and

romance cleared and that spark of love

that had as soon as ignited a fire within you

have become a mere Ember which you continually had

to attend to to keep lit the conflict to

preserve your relationship along with your

kids was not plenty different due to the fact

you could do anything the opportunity

that you did the incorrect factor always

loomed over and haunted you it changed into

difficult to get relaxed you were

constantly almost there almost within the right

position nearly satisfied nearly glad

but by no means pretty you in no way knew exactly

what you were operating in the direction of but you

simply kept operating and doing you spent

maximum of your days in repetitive tedium

doing the same things time and again it

all exhausted you and it all went to

nothing however you had a robust slump approximately

the whole time

you wanted to apprehend in which you have been

why matters had been the manner they had been however

delusions and truths seemed in equal

percentage you form beliefs but you knew

every perception become more like a hope a desire

that you may apprehend and that the

international round you could make experience however it

never did and it in no way ought to

eventually you think your mother age

into an unrecognizable version of

herself that even she not

recognized she forgot who you have been who

she become then you definately watched her die you

knew this became going to take place the complete

time you knew it become going to manifest to

everyone inclusive of you

and it did

your buddies your wife your youngsters

you suffered you shriveled illnesses you

skilled the acute ache of having a

frame and a mind

you clung to the whole thing and misplaced it all

then you died

the determine gestured their hand on the

open portal once more this time it closed

you felt a deep excruciating

sorrow all of it got here back to you

the whole thing the ache and pride of an

complete lifetime unexpectedly the meaning

and the absurdity of all of it

I still don't recognize you said what

turned into I being punished for

the discern stared again at you for a

moment then they said

preference passion judgment attachment for

seeing existence as a plurality of

gadgets cut loose you and not a

single unification in which you return from

in which we come from we do not try this

you are quiet for a second chill out the

discern said as they reached out and

grabbed you via the shoulder they

gestured their hand out again this time

two openings regarded in the front of you

and one there has been a bright warm mild

with colorations and fractals of blurred

indistinct gadgets reminiscent of your reminiscence

and the alternative become Darkness with a light

mist and low hum emanating out of it

for the display of preference and ardour

and attachment you've got now seen and

experienced their ache and suffering but

your time period is now whole you can step

out of the cycle of beginning and rebirth

you may return to in which you got here from

in which the whole lot comes from in which all

questions have solutions inside the form of no

questions in any respect wherein no Hearts wreck

because there aren't any Hearts to be broken

in which no hopes may be crushed because

there is not anything to wish for and where

there may be no loss because there may be

not anything to connect to

Heaven Nirvana Moksha liberation

or you can continue on in the cycle and

go back to in which you have been you won't understand

any of this occurred there may be no

lesson found out here for you to follow to

your next existence you may not be who you had been

you'll be reborn as a person else

a person destined to all of the equal

capabilities and studies of corporeal



what will or not it's

you stared at each openings as they

stared again at you

the eyes of being and non-being the

Absurd cycle of futile passions and

desires and stories stood subsequent to

the everlasting Bliss of nothingness you

checked out the discern then returned at the


in that moment in the face of

nothingness the pain of everythingness

felt comforting

if it truly is heaven supply me hell

you said

you approached it


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