Word Travels Fast In a Small Town

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You might be from a small town if...

Word Travels Fast In a Small Town
Downtown Bremen Georgia

Living in a small town means you’re most likely in the place where your great grandparents, grandparents and parents grew up and went to school. We all know the typical small town saying of “Everybody knows everybody” because it definitely holds truth and we mean it. You’ll probably have many run ins with your parents old high school buddies ready to tell you all about growing up with your Momma and Daddy.

In a small town when you have a run in with the law, the cop will let you get off with a warning because your Pa helped him out with something awhile back. Parents also don't really seem to worry so much about what their kids are doing as long as they make it home in time for dinner or before dark.

In a small town a typical day on repeat for kids would be to get off the bus, run down your long dirt road home jumping straight on our ATVs riding until you ran out of daylight, because if you’re not home when the sun goes down, momma will have a switch waiting for you. As kids if something needed a fixen on your toys, we had to figure it out or wait till Daddy got around to it. As small town kids you’re also taught if you kill it you eat it. That talk will usually come after you got your first Bebe gun in elementary school.

In a small town you will most likely live on home cooked meals because the closest restaurant is probably over 30 minutes away. When you do go out to eat, it’s probably going to be at the finest Cracker Barrel around.

In a small town you’re raised to respect your parents, teachers, coaches, and Jesus most importantly. If you don’t, well Mr. Marlow down the road might give you a sit down when the news travels to his ears. Everyone looks out for everyone. It's called working together to build a better atmosphere for future generations, being there to raise each other up, build each other up, and pick each other up when someone is in need. A small town community is full of endless love and support whether it be after a tragedy or the loss at the hometown football game. As any small town you have the chatter, drama and all the in between, but at the end of the day when someone needs something, everyone comes together making it happen.

In a small town we love visitors. Again, visitors. But if you choose to stay, I hope you know you’ll probably go through the ringer before you’re officially apart of the town. Which usually consists of being the new topic until you’ve stayed longer than a few years and have a few generations planted. We are content with the closeness, local business, and our piggly wiggly. We don’t care for all the fancy things the city brings and never will.

In a small town you value traditions. And sometimes traditions seem like a silly thing, but the fact of it is that it's part of who you are in your town. You grow up this way and so did your parents. It is something that is part of your family history and that is more important than anything. A lot of people wish for the days they can get out and plant roots somewhere else, and some may do. But that’s the thing about small towns, you’ll come back before daylight ends.

Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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