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Winter solstice: spiritual significance and how it can improve quality of life

December 21 marks the beginning of the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the entrance of the sun in the sign of Capricorn, marking a season that could be successful if well used

By Ninfa BiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The winter solstice is a time of spiritual upliftment

December 21st marks the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, being the shortest day of the year and also the longest night. The low temperatures encourage reflection, critical thinking and the planning of big goals for the coming year that is about to begin. The arrival of Christmas encourages inner peace, introspection and the strengthening of interpersonal relationships. Thus, spiritually, the stillness that characterizes winter can help you create an inner space of connection with yourself, to meditate, reflect, take stock of what happened in the year, analyze the lessons you can learn from your mistakes, thank for your achievements and all the good things that have happened and set goals for the future.

December 21 marks the entry of the sun into the sign of Capricorn, which remains there until January 20. It is convenient for each individual to develop the virtues of this sign even if he or she does not belong to this sign. Capricorn is characterized by enthusiasm for work, the pursuit of goals, the building of great fortunes, patience, perseverance and persistence in the face of obstacles. Anyone who develops these characteristics will achieve good results in whatever he or she sets out to do.

During this time of the year it is recommended to practice meditation so that you have more control over your life and can apply accurate changes where necessary.

A special energy

The change of season represents a particularly powerful period. Now that the sun marks the beginning of winter, you can take advantage of this time to improve your quality of life.

The winter solstice is one of the most powerful points of the year, as the Earth's axis stops, shifts and moves in the opposite direction. For three days around the solstice points, we experience the power of the stopping point and the change of direction.

The stopped sun is a powerful metaphor for the energy available to us at the winter solstice to change the direction of our lives with intention and build upon this energy as the new year unfolds. After experiencing the longest night and darkest day, the nights grow shorter and the days grow brighter until the summer solstice.

The key is to rest in the peace of darkness, knowing that the change of seasons and the return of brighter days are coming.

Don't pressure yourself to make major changes right now. Allow the energies of new life and inspiration to slowly build up within you, When spring arrives you will be full of new energy. This is how nature expresses itself, the cycles and rhythms of growth. Take advantage of rest and reflection, for great joy will manifest next year.

An ancestral celebration

The duration of the winter solstice is ideal for meditating, reflecting, taking stock and recalling the year's learnings. Some experts in esotericism assure that, in the winter solstice, people "are reborn just like the Sun. Also, the winter solstice is the best day to close cycles and open new beginnings. Many civilizations throughout history have associated it with the idea of rebirth and renewal. The monuments Newgrange in Ireland and Stonehenge in England were built in honor of this phenomenon. In the Roman Empire the Saturnalia festivities were celebrated.

Several ancient cultures used the winter solstice as a reference to worship their gods. Mithra (Hindu god), Horus (Egyptian god) and Marduk (Mesopotamian god), for example, during the winter solstice, the image of the Egyptian god Horus was taken out of the sanctuary to be exposed to public worship.

The winter solstice is celebrated in various parts of the world to renew energies and purify the spirit with the intention of becoming better individuals.


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