Why You Should Never Say The "B" Word During An Argument

Here is the best time to call it quits.

Why You Should Never Say The "B" Word During An Argument
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What i'm about to say is going to mold your character and challenge you to evolve as an individual and as a partner. 

At times, your relationship can be paradise but in other moments, it can feel like troublesome waves are crashing into this beautiful thing you've built together. Like with everything, relationships can have their ups and downs.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone needs to hear this.

One day, your partner is going to piss you off if they haven't already. You might get upset and in the thick of your emotions, you say the magic words. 

"Let's Breakup."

This might feel like the right thing to do in the moment. However, I don't recommend ending a relationship during an argument. 

I know. It sounds crazy but hear me out. 

Feelings of unhappiness or anger can be temporary. Deciding to break up in the midst of an argument can lead to regrets and a lack of closure. 

Is there a right way to end a relationship? No. There is no pain free way to say it's over however, i do think breaking up during a rough patch is generally one of the worst. 

This piece of advice only applies to relationships that are not toxic, unhealthy, or abusive in anyway. 

Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation. - T. D. Jakes

I realize this is easier said then done, so here are three tips you can do to avoid making any potentially rash decisions. 

1. Shut your mouth

Don't go around blurting whatever you feel like saying in the moment just because your upset. Saying, "I didn't mean that" or "Sorry" doesn't always repair the relationship. 

Wait and think about what your going to say next because words are like toothpaste. Once its out, you can't take it back. 

2. Vocalize your frustration

I am aware that this is the complete opposite of my first tip. I have my reasons. 

By now, you have more control of your emotions and can express yourself in a healthier way. The chances of you wanting to end your relationship out of discontentment are lower simply because you have thought about what your going to say and the future impact of your words. 

Talk about the issue and try searching for a solution instead of throwing in the towel. 

3. Get some space 

Still fighting the urge to say the "B" word? (Breakup)

Its time to get some fresh air. Its okay to leave the room or even take a break from the conversation. Come back and revisit it when you are ready. 

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The purpose of these three tips are to ensure that your in the right head space to make decisions that can affect you the rest of your life. 

The best time to decide when a relationship lives on to see another day is when your at peace within yourself. Disagreements and disappointments are going to happen one day. Breakups shouldn't be your first option when things get hard. 

Take your time when making decisions and you will see that the downhill may not have been the end. Maybe things will look up for the two of you or you may decide to part ways. 

As long as your next move for yourself has been decided with a clear mind, then that's all that matters.

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