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Why people underestimate

by Maariee 2 months ago in humanity
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What you should do about it

It’s your summer break and you’re home from college, catching up on sleep, trying to start reading novels again so you’re probably on the fourteenth page of a classic Dan Brown when your phone blings with a text from someone you barely talk to. For the purposes of this article, we’ll name him Carrot.

I wish this led to a thrilling scene , it doesn’t. That’s right, no one asked me if I wanted to quit college and join film school. Manifestations take time.

But, without further ado I would like to tell you that the first thing that popped in my head when I read his text asking me how I’d been was , ‘What favor could he want?’ To my surprise, Carrot didn’t need any favor. All he did was try to engage in small talk and I pretended to be interested. Fun!

What I realized in all of my two minutes of texting back and forth with this guy I barely knew was how much of an attempt he’d made at figuring out who I was, what I was doing in law school and how I should be admiring female advocates because I read Rupi Kaur. He knew I read Rupi Kaur, I don’t remember his last name.

When you’re content with your life and your goals, no part of your brain goes, “Well now, let me see how smart this random girl from my class is who I’ve never had a conversation with but would love to give unsolicited advice to.” I know I’m good at making people sound dumb. Truth of the matter is, it’s actually sad. It is sad that our insecurities fuel us so much that in order to make ourselves feel better, we put other people down. Best part being, it doesn’t benefit us in any way.

Any person you ever look up to is doing something for other people.

Make a list of all the people you admire and aspire to be like, I bet that all those who top your charts are the biggest empaths and are significantly contributing to doing good for other people. That’s the key.

All people worth writing inspiring books about are humble, compassionate hard working human beings. Talk to a winner, she’ll tell you all the things you’re capable of, not what she’s capable of. This is the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurity, they create lies that we believe.

I didn’t write that quote, I just can’t remember the author. Point being, we feed ourselves lies to compensate for the lack of value we attach to ourselves.

I think that a girl from instagram is super fit but I say that she acts entitled because she has a long list of followers and she’s not even “that fit”. The underlying truth that I’m consciously trying to deny is that I want to look like her. It’s no secret that that would take work. But what’s the easier way of making myself feel better about this? Putting her down.

We do this all the time. But I’m not writing this article from Carrot’s perspective. I’m writing it from yours, dear reader. So , why did Carrot try to make me feel bad about myself ? He’s probably insecure. Better yet, he literally devotes his time to doing this.

What should I do about it though?

To tell you the truth, I let him believe whatever he wanted to. He told me he refers to different research sources, I told him I’d never heard about any of them. He asked me if I knew about some famous women in law, I told him I didn’t.

Being underestimated can be your superpower.

You’re the only person who truly, genuinely cares about you. How much time from your day would you want to spend on insignificant people then? There really is no non motivational speaker way to say this but, nobody’s opinion on you is a value added or deducted from your life.

My favourite analogy is the empty pipe analogy. If you’re a Gary Vee fan you’d know. Think of yourself as an empty pipe, whatever somebody tells you or says about you, it goes through and ends up nowhere. Let that sink in.

Hence, carrots do not deserve your time and energy. Let them underestimate you. The only important question remains, How much do they matter in your life?


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