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Why Men Must Know Their Worth

by Christopher J. Banks, Sr 2 months ago in advice

Why every man must know his worth. Every man should know his value. Every man should know what he brings to the table.

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Do you know your worth? Do you know your value? Every man should know his worth. Every man should know what he brings to the table. Every man must evaluate himself as his peers —and society— are constantly evaluating him. Every man must have a realistic evaluation of himself. He must also constantly re-evaluate himself to stay competitive. Fellas, we have to stop settling for less than what the market can provide for us. Gentlemen, we have to stop being content with what we have and stay competitive —and ambitious.

Think of all the men out here who do not know their worth. Men who are undervalued in their life and relationships. I see a lot of men accepting things from women that do not deserve them. I see a lot of men that tolerate women —and compromise with them— to maintain the relationship. I see a lot of us guys submitting to women to keep their sexual access. I also notice a lot of our men are settling. Some men settle, unknowingly, thinking they cannot get anything more valuable from the market. Some men settle, knowingly, possibly thinking they do not deserve anything better.

"A man with low self-esteem —who does not know his value— will accept less than what the market can provide. By undervaluing himself, he undervalues what he can get from the market."

- Christopher J. Banks, Sr.

“Any man that does not know his value can easily be undervalued.”

- Christopher J. Banks, Sr.

“A man that does not know his self-worth will be more likely to accept being called worthless.”

- Christopher J. Banks, Sr.

In this article, I will be discussing with you the importance of knowing your worth. As a man, it is very important to know your worth. To know where you rank. To know where you stand against other men. To know your competition and how you place against them. To know your strengthens and weaknesses. To maintain your strengthens and strengthen your weaknesses.

So, what's your worth. Because you have value. You have rank. You are worthy. Know that you are not worthless. If by chance you are, you don't have to be. If you are not worth as much as you want to be, then level up. If you are not as valuable as you wish to be, then level up. Increase your rank. Level up your worth and value.

Evaluate yourself. Your looks. Your style. Your swag. Your personality. Your social skills. Your providing skills. Protecting skills. Your masculinity level. Your charisma —charm. Your conversation skills. Your relationship skills. Your sex game, or lack thereof.

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Point is, evaluate yourself. Every aspect of yourself. All your characteristics. How do you perceive yourself? How do others perceive you? Determine if you have average looks. If so, how can you level up.

Determine your confidence level. Your self-esteem. Your amount of swag. Do women tend to give you a chance —or blow you off? Do you feel uncomfortable talking to women you do not know?

Point is, know where you stand. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Maintain your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Determine your social skills. Your verbal, oral, and communication skills. Your conversation skills. Can you hold a conversation? With men? With women? Can you get and maintain a woman's attention? Knowing where you are can let you know what you need to improve on. It lets you know what you are good at —and what you need to work on. Consistent practice can lead to expertise. Know your sex game. Are you a minute man? Have a weak or strong stroke game. How's your mouth game. Your tongue game. Your pipe laying skills. Your tongue play skills. Etc... Are women left feeling satisfied after sex or disappointed?

Point is, know where you stand. There is always room for improvement. But knowing where you stand, can boost your confidence. Boosting your confidence can bring more sex.

Are you a protector? Can you defend yourself and those you love? Do women feel safe around you? Are you willing to die for those you love? Know where you stand. Know where you need to improve. Know what you are good at and maintain it. There is always room from improvement. Live, learn, and grow. Improve what you must, so you can be the best man you can be. Be what you desire, and what women desire. Be like the men you wish to be like. Learn from them.

Are you a provider? Do you handle your money or let it handle you? Can you handle your finances. Can you provide for yourself? If you have a family, can you provide for them? Can you provide the basic necessities? A place to live. Clothing. Food. A car. Can you pay all of your bills? Can you maintain a car —a home. Can you make ends meet?

Are you financially stable, secure, and literate? Are you a good saver? Investor? Point is, know where you stand financially. Improve in the areas that you need it. Be the best and most financially successful man you can be. Men are judged on looks and their ability to provide —and there is not anything wrong with that. If women want looks, look your best. If women want money, then chase the bag. Be what other men are that live the lifestyle you want. Like men that have the money you want. Men who have the women you want. Learn from those men. Pay attention to what the women you want value, and be valuable to them. If you see men chasing the bag, then compete. If you see women chasing men with the bag, then chase the bag.

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Know your worth. Know what you can provide for yourself and others. Know what you bring to someone's life. Know what the people you love or want value. Know that you are valuable —but know your value. Determine what you value, and what the men you desire to be like and women you desire to have value as well —and adjust accordingly. Know how you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you. Know your value. Know your worth. Know what you provide. Know what you can bring to someone.

Evaluate yourself. Allow critique. Let others evaluate you as well. Seek out advice from those you aspire to be like. Rather a father, uncle, cousin, friend, colleague, etc. Seek advice —and game— from men you respect. If you cannot find anyone you know, seek out a dating or life coach. Pay for a consultation. Hire an image coach. Etc. Determine where you rank yourself, then determine where the men you aspire to be like rank you. Then where women you want rank you. Then adjust accordingly. Know the standard of beauty for men. Know how you compete against other men. The standard of beauty, being what most women prefer. Which is a thin, toned man. A man of a healthy weight. A man with some muscle. A man with nice hair. A man with clear skin. A man with straight and nice teeth. A man who is well dressed and groomed. Point is, know the standard of beauty for men. A standard defined by women and society. A standard we must accept.

Most women love a masculine man. A masculine man who can tone down their masculinity for their woman. Feminine women want a protector and provider. They desire a conversationalist, with the ability to maintain a woman's attention. Someone with humor. Someone with the ability to make a woman laugh —and to make and keep a woman happy.

In conclusion. Evaluate yourself. Know where you rank. Know your worth. Know your worthiness —or your worthlessness. Know your value. Know what the women you want value. Know what the men you aspire to be like value. Be valuable. Be worthy. Be useful. Add value to the lives of the women you want. Add value to the lives of the men you aspire to be like and want to be friends with. I will end it here. Thanks for your time. But before you go, please tell me how you feel about the article. Tell me, what you think? Do you know you worth? Do you know what you bring to the table? How do you rate yourself? Can you take constructive criticism?

Again, know your worth gentleman… Good luck to you all.

Much love,

Christopher J. Banks, Sr.

Christopher J. Banks, Sr
Christopher J. Banks, Sr
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