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Why I Am Pro-Choice and How That Is Pro-Life

Roe Versus Wade Must Not be Repealed

By Sai Marie JohnsonPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 4 min read
Respecting another person's autonomy is a basic human right.

We are presently facing a formula shortage and parents are having breakdowns due to being unable to feed their infants, and we are now making bans on women's bodies and choices when we cannot feed the babies that are already in existence.

So...I am really worried about the idea of #RoeVsWade being repealed as both a woman, and a mother of an adult daughter, and a woman who believes in the empowerment of other women.

I know that RBG would not be happy about this and it's a touchy topic but I am inspired to share a bit about my experience...

Now, I got married at the age of sixteen after my stepfather had sexually assaulted me for three years.

Thankfully, I never became pregnant from that occurrence but when I finally got old enough to tell my family about it nobody believed me. I ran away and then my father came from out of state to take custody of me and that was when I met my first husband.

I became pregnant with my eldest child the very night I got married and I had her nine months later. It was a difficult pregnancy for me and it resulted in an emergency cesarean.

Afterward, I got on the Depo-Provera shot but then I ended up getting pregnant again anyhow. So, after I had my second child, a son, I determined I was very young at 19 to have both a girl and a boy and I didn't need any other children as it was incredibly evident my husband and I were a very fertile couple.

So, I got on the Ortho-Evra patch and then I moved out of state and no longer had the same insurance but needed something because I had a 3yo and a 1.5yo and didn't need another pregnancy.

So, I went to the local Planned Parenthood and got my pap smear and gynecological checkup, and birth control! Two and a half years later, back in another state, I got pregnant with my third child, and after he was born once again needed health care services for family planning so I went to the Knoxville area Planned Parenthood and got my services. I also took my younger sister so she could also get them as she was involved in a relationship and needed low-income services.

This kept my younger sister from having any unwanted children until the age of 19 when she had her son. Moving forward a few years, I finally got pregnant with my youngest child at the age of 26 and had him in the same year but, because of my many healthcare problems previously I had to have c-sections every pregnancy, and that caused me to develop a rare complication - I went to a perinatologist for this and they recommended I abort my son. I was five months pregnant and I am and always have been pro-choice, and I looked at the genetic counselor and specialist and I said,

"What you are suggesting is a partial-birth abortion and while I am pro-choice, I am too far along to do that as it would be murder. We are nearing the last trimester and my life may be on the line but I am making the conscious choice to CHOOSE life for my son over my own, of my own accord and autonomy."

The specialist's jaw dropped and my spouse at the time and my child's father looked at her and said,

"Whatever my wife decides to do, is her choice. What are the other options?"

In the end, I suffered from hemorrhaging, an emergency hysterectomy, nearly died in the process, and needed 25 blood transfusions. Then I went on to spend nearly three weeks in the high-risk maternity ward after I delivered my youngest.

Today I have a beautiful eleven-year-old child who I chose to bring into the world though recommended by doctors to abort and I put my life on the line and lived to see through it.

I am still pro-choice, but being pro-choice does not mean pro-murder, however, I sometimes wonder if those who spout they are pro-life actually aren't just pro-birth with no regard to what happens to that life after it has been born.

Also, a genetic disorder (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) had played into my decisions with this, and since I don't want to get off track with another anecdote, I will simply say that most are already aware that two of my sons carry this terminal and devastating disease.

#foodforthought #womensrights #dontlegislatemybody #prochoiceisprolife #womanempowerment #formulashortage #babyformula #feedingbabies


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