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Why do really good people respect others so much?

by heisnxc 4 months ago in humanity
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I thought people respected me because I was good. Slowly I understand that others respect me because they are excellent; Good people respect others more. To be respectful is to honor yourself. -- Central Warehouse Gyatso

High-level people, they know more about "empathy" and empathy, know that everyone is not easy, know how to respect others


Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati once created a painting based on a realistic theme - "You never know who you're playing with!"

The cat in the painting, mistaking the tail of the snake for that of a rat, unflinchingly clawed at its tail.

The meaning of this painting is: you never know who you are playing with, respect everyone, and don't look down on and underestimate anyone easily. What you see may be a little bit, but others have already seen you, just consider whether to hurt you.

Respect for others, in fact, is solemn own. Knowing how to respect others is also the greatest embodiment of a person's upbringing.

True respect is actually a kind of equality, neither looking up nor overlooking, neither servile nor overbearing. The higher the level of people, the more understand that respect means equality, value, personality and cultivation. The lower-level people, on the other hand, tend to be selfish, short-sighted and self-righteous, taking the moral high ground to blame others.

Dostoyevsky also once said: people who do not respect, first of all, do not respect themselves.

I remember a hotel management major told me a story about his interview:

That time he went to apply for the assistant of the hotel general manager, after several rounds of second interview, finally left him and a girl, to see the general manager of the final stage.

On that day, the two of them were informed to go to the general manager's office, on the way to meet a cleaning aunt cleaning the glass, her cleaning car beside, turned around accidentally hit the girl, the bucket of water spilled on the two people. The girls had water stains on their shoes and skirts, as did my brother's trousers and shoes.

The girl instantly angry big say: "YOU THIS cleaner have long eyes, know the back of someone to come, you are not intentional. I will have an interview later, now you see how I go to see people like this, can you be responsible for delaying my interview? What bad luck."


When my brother heard the girl talking like this, he lost his good opinion of her. The elder BROTHER said to the cleaning aunt: "Aunt, it doesn't matter, is a splash of water, you don't blame yourself, next time pay attention to it."

Then help cleaning aunt to clean the water on the ground, waiting for the girl, while chatting with aunt, while helping cleaning clean the high glass.

Finally, the two of them went to the general manager's office. The general manager held out his hand to his brother and said: Congratulations, you have been admitted.

Originally, the so-called last interview, is just cleaning aunt that test. The general manager said: We are a service industry, have others in mind, know how to respect others is the most important.

Therefore, respect is an important embodiment of one's upbringing; Taking into account others' feelings and understanding of empathy will win the trust and support of others.

A person's level, often in a small quality can be seen.

I have seen a video before. In the corridor of the office building, food delivery will inevitably be slightly delayed because of the rain in winter. When the female customer saw the food delivered by the delivery boy, she got angry directly and poured the food on the ground in front of him.

The customer's anger was not only due to the late delivery, but perhaps more important was her subconscious disdain for the food delivery industry. In a different scenario, if her boss is late to deliver a file to her, would the customer dare to throw the file on the floor in front of the boss?

The level of a person's self-cultivation, often not in his treatment of superiors, friends, colleagues on the attitude, but to see whether he respect "lower than his status" people.

No matter between people, or between industries, there is no distinction between high and low, they are all equal. Respect for others, is to respect yourself.

The level of a person has nothing to do with his educational background, wealth, social class and so on, and his vision, cultivation, pattern.

The higher the level of people, often have high emotional intelligence, the more know how to respect others. At the same time, a person who knows how to respect others is often a "good" person.

They have long horizons, experience and scope; Mature and full inside, don't need to belittle others and show off their dignity; And know more about "empathy" and empathy, know how to respect others' hard work and efforts.

Extension: The three realms of respect

In front of a busy cake shop stood a beggar in shabby clothes who smelled bad. The guests were frowning in disgust. Guys were yelling, 'Get out of here, get out of here. 'The beggar, however, took out some small, dirty bills and whispered,' I'll buy the cake, the smallest one. '

The shopkeeper came over and enthusiastically took a small but delicate cake from the cupboard and gave it to the beggar. Bowing deeply, he said, "Thank you very much for your attention. The beggar left, flattered, knowing that he had never been so honored.

The shopkeeper's grandson was puzzled and asked, "Grandpa, why are you so enthusiastic about beggars?"

The shopkeeper explained, "Although he is a beggar, he is also a customer. How can I be worthy of his kindness if I do not serve him myself?"

The grandson asked again: "In that case, why should I take his money?"

The shopkeeper said, "He is a guest today, not a beggar. We must respect him. Wouldn't it be an insult to him if I didn't take his money? We must remember to respect every one of our customers, even if he is a beggar; Because our customers give us everything." The child nodded thoughtfully.

The owner of the shop is the grandfather of Yoshiaki Tsumi, a big Japanese entrepreneur. Tay admitted that his grandfather's behavior toward the beggar was deeply imprinted on his mind, and he later told the story in meetings many times, asking employees to respect every customer as his grandfather did.

It can be imagined that the "respect" here is not the politeness of social occasions, but comes from the deep understanding, love, consideration and respect of another life. Such respect does not contain any utilitarian color, nor is it affected by any status; Only in this way is the purest and most simple and most worthy of return.

Respect for others can be divided into three levels:

The first state: respect relatives

The second state: respect passers-by

The third state: respect the enemy

When we can respect the enemy, we actually have no enemies, this is the real invincible.

Respect for leaders is a kind of duty, respect for colleagues is a kind of duty, respect for subordinates is a virtue, respect for customers is a kind of common sense, respect for opponents is a kind of generosity, respect for all people is a kind of education, it can be said that the charm of respect is infinite.

No one can be perfect, we have no reason to look at others in the eyes of the mountain, also have no qualification to use a dismissive look to hurt others' self-esteem, if they are not as good as others in some aspects, we do not have to inferiority or envy to replace due self-esteem. Only by learning to respect others can you earn their respect. In fact, to respect others is to respect yourself.

A foot wide, open to all people. Whether you like or hate, whether your friends or enemies, respect them, this is a kind of courage is a kind of wisdom!


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