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Why do I "always dislike" other people's thoughts?

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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Why do I "always dislike" other people's thoughts?

Why do I "always dislike" other people's thoughts?
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Why do I "always dislike" other people's thoughts?

There is no right or wrong in measuring and evaluating other people with their standards because people evaluate external people and things based on their ideas and experiences. Everyone has the right to evaluate, but some people use it to the extreme and look unaccustomed to it. People are called gangsters, trolls, and negative energy, but I don't like to give people such rude characterizations. Behind all this, their psychological problems are at work. We are disgusted with how they speak and the condescending, pointing, and pointing, and if they don't like it, they will ask others to change it. They never reflect. If a person asks the question - why do I always dislike others? I think he is someone who is trying to solve problems and want to change himself. I would also like to applaud you.

In reality, some people are disgusting. If you feel that everyone you meet is someone you despise, you likely have a problem with your attitude towards people and things. Dislike is that you and others' thoughts and behaviors are not on the same dimensional level. To sum it up in one sentence, don't use personal standards to measure everyone.

Many people don't work hard themselves and despise others for working too hard. They ridicule others that they only know how to work hard and don't know how to enjoy life; Neither strive for it.

Some people like to live a peaceful life without competition from the world; others like to explore the future happily and live every day full of energy... If it doesn't interfere with anyone, it's purely personal. Choose.

There are always some good people who interfere in your life and point fingers at your choices under the guise of being for your good and your sake. Not only do they comment behind their backs, but they may also comment in person. This seems to be the greatest joy in their life, enjoying it.

Not to mention whether one person's comments can change another person, it is said that such blind comments are like a frog in the bottom of a well. To absorb knowledge as much as possible, only those with a big pattern can be fair and have the meaning of knowing, not what I think, I think...

A person is so keen to observe other people's lives every day, even down to the details of how much toilet paper is used to dress, eat, and go to the toilet, how much time can be used for self-enrichment, study and improvement? Are you also a prince and aristocrat? Even real princes and nobles would not judge others' lives like this. Doing so can only show that you have low character, little knowledge, and lack of quality.

If you have a tolerant heart like the sea, you will not always dislike others. How big the heart is, how many people and things can be accommodated. What is in your heart, you will feel what others are. Everyone has more or fewer glitches; it's normal. When you can't stand someone, it's you who is really uncomfortable. Whether you complain or roll your eyes, it's all the negative energy in your heart. On the surface, you vented it, but the essence is that your heart is not strong enough, and there will be other people and things that will make you uncomfortable next time.

Whether it is a person or a thing, the difference is, in most cases, the same is rare. It is normal to be different. The difference lies in wealth, in the attitude towards life and the way of choosing life... In short, it is different from you, but this cannot be a reason for you to dislike it unless it is a moral issue.

The story of Su Shi and Foyin tells us: You see me as a piece of shit, I see you as a Buddha. The truth is the same. People with low realms have "shit" in their hearts, so they think they are "shit" when they look at others, while people with a high cultivation base have beautiful Buddhas in their hearts, so they see others as Buddhas.

Your mentality determines the way you view people and things and the level of your cultivation. How to maintain a good attitude? Focus on your own life and keep your eyes on the distance. There is a belief that the heart and the body are in action, so there is no time to care about what others are doing. I don't even want to waste time playing melon eaters, being an audience for other people's lives, and wasting too much time and saliva spraying others. Whenever you have an idea that you are not used to, think about the story I just told.

And why do I say that disobedience is self-need? When do you realize we always have people and things that I don't like? Congratulations, you are already introspective. A person who starts to reflect is to want to grow; your instinct tells you to want to improve, to leave the level of the moment. What to do next? I believe you will find the answer.


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