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Why can't I concentrate?

Why can't I concentrate?

By M. F.PaulPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Why can't I concentrate?
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If you often lose the thread of a conversation or stop doing your work to imagine what your next vacation would be like, and if the question , why can't I concentrate? goes around your head constantly, this article is for you.

Next, we explain what the lack of concentration could be due to and what to do about it. Take note!

Why is it difficult to stay focused?

This question is so common nowadays that it is worth analyzing it. Lack of concentration or attention becomes a problem when this influences daily activities and the achievement of work or academic goals.

To address the lack of concentration , the first thing to do is recognize the reasons that cause it. In this way, it will be easier to find how to treat it or develop some technique to overcome the triggers.

Among the most frequent causes are the following that we are going to comment on.

Work overload

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Maintenance insomnia occurs when we wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

The more things on your to-do list, the more difficult it is to focus on one thing in particular. If you concentrate on the tasks that you have left to do, you will not be able to pay attention to the one you are doing at that moment.

On the other hand, long working hours , of more than 8 hours, are counterproductive, since they do not leave time for the body and the brain to recover.

Little rest

Extra activities are added to the daily work hours, such as study, exercise, personal relationships, housework, entertainment, etc. So when do we rest?

Nowadays, it is almost a utopia to think about resting 8 hours in a row every night . This, according to a study published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience , can affect attention and concentration due to increased sleep pressure.

Lack of motivation

Having a job that you do not like, doing activities that are not pleasant at all, not having a specific goal, or not receiving congratulations or thanks, can be frequent causes of concentration problems.

Apparently this is because the mind needs something to drive it into action and to require it to automatically change everything it does. When there is nothing new in the daily routine, the brain is more likely to want to escape from that situation and start imagining a beach, a movie, a conversation with friends or a shopping trip.

You can improve this situation by doing your activities differently.

  • Start last on the list instead of first.
  • Relocate the desk.
  • Decorate the office with flowers.
  • Find new programs or ways to do your job.

Excess of technology

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All technological objects are a great source of distraction. If you are dependent on social media or your phone, it may be difficult for you to focus and maintain attention on a specific task.

Some ideas that can help are: put the mobile in a remote place, do not leave the Facebook or Twitter tab open on the computer and determine specific times to check your emails. In this way you will have fewer temptations and you will carry out your tasks in a more efficient way.

Lack of exercise

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Lack of physical activity could be related to concentration problems, since it improves mental ability and memory.

In relation to this, a study conducted with children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, published in Plos One , suggests that exercise can be useful for learning , since it provides greater impulse control and improves concentration.


Did you know that if your desk is messy, dirty, or cluttered, it will be harder for you to concentrate? This is because the mind puts its attention on any object and not on what it should focus on.

To avoid this, do a good cleaning of your work area, remove everything that can attract the attention of the brain and leave only what you need to accomplish your tasks.

The same can be done with the computer desktop. Don't have hundreds of shortcuts on the screen!


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Anxiety is one of the causes of inattention not only in the office, but also in other areas. Being so worried about what is going to happen in the future does not allow you to focus on the present and enjoy it.

When to seek help?

If you think that lack of concentration is one of your day-to-day problems, keep in mind these possible causes that we have exposed to you. So you can request the help of an expert to remedy them and start improving your concentration and, of course, your day to day life. Cheer up!


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