When You Control The Demon

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When You Control The Demon

My name is Perqwaila, yes Perqwaila, weird huh. You know I am still searching for someone with that name, fifty dollars to the lucky one who find me this person. Well I am twenty nine years old, I have a six year old daughter and a soon to be two year old daughter, and I am a current student at GRCC in grand rapids Michigan. I live in Detroit, my roots are in Baldwin, and I found my place in Petoskey. I was born in Ludington considering their was no birthing place in Baldwin.

My passion in life is children, I love children and I major in Child Development. Through my classes I was offered a job at Grand Rapids Early Discovery Center as a TA and was promoted to primary teacher. My time at this job absolutely had me fall in love so my long term goal is to finish school with the knowledge to run my own home daycare. Offering children counseling and mentoring. Enough about me you know everything, except my laid back attitude, always smiling, always good energy, and I have a huge problem I am a Libra who always put others happiness before mine.

Well I decided to start writing because though I am crap at it, I love English and writing its one of my favorites. I hear a lot and see a lot from people who has nothing to people who has everything while their is those in between. I sit miserably thinking how I feel could get across and maybe it could help someone higher up that will cause an effect to change for all who suffers, to make us better. I am here to give my opinions on some big debatable issues going around social media today and in my writings I will quote minorities all the way up to wealthy. I am a firm believer in everybody voice should be heard because a quiet voice could have all the true answers for peace and no confusion.

So my stories will be about racism, power, pedophiles, religion, abortion, marijuana, laws, old ways vs new, music, social media, etc. I will also take breaks and write about relationships, families, and love. I am finally getting off my procrastination stool and feeling bad for myself. I always feel alone which in turn make me feel like i'm not appreciated which make me depressed and have anxiety, I start to feel like I am doing something wrong. I fight demons everyday and I have been through so much mentally its traumatizing.

Even though I go through this pain, love over powers. I am able to still have a peace of mind majority of my time nobody even suspects a thing when I go through it. I am always smiling through everything even I question my strength sometimes it amazes me how positive I can be yet go by negativity to live peacefully. What does that mean? It means I expect the worse, that way if the worse happens I am prepared and if the best happens then I am happier because the happiness was unexpected. If I expect good all the time or even most of the time and it ends up being bad I will be more upset compared to me not getting my hopes up. If the good does happens its what I expected so I will just be happy. So this is how I live my life. This is how I control my demons and it works. PEACE.

If you read this thank you so much for your time it took a lot of courage and I hope to have your eyes on my actual pieces I will be writing about as this is just a intro on Perqwaila Jovonne Williams aka Jovie please come back for more. My opinion may catch the eye of someone who needs to see the words.

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