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When Will We Get It Right?

by Casey Promise Thompson 10 months ago in humanity · updated 8 months ago
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The war of love & humankind

Art by Author

It isn't that time evades us, but that we evade the endless possibilities of ourselves and what we are capable of. We, as humans, are at a standstill.

A fork in the road.

Delusions meets sanity.

We, some sort of evolved flea-eating monkeys corrupting ourselves with mindless theories of how society should or shouldn’t be.

Social media, like hoards of trampling animals, preying upon one another over different views as if they were some lost leper drenched in the markings of their supposed sin. The sin of being different than what we allow in others.

Are we agreeable enough, devoted enough, good enough.

Yes or no. That’s what we’ve come down to.

Swipe left.

Swipe right.

In two seconds, we make our judgments about the entire whole of someone else’s mere existence and we do so on a device no bigger than our hands.

Now, we are even more separated by beliefs.


The marks of society are often the symbol of war, not love. Religious icons. A symbolic indention that has been on countless shields and around the necks of soldiers as their fingers pull back unto metal sending bullets into the beating hearts of their own earthly brethren. These icons of our beliefs have failed us.

We all raise our hands, our hearts, our willingness to surrender in countless ways, but our own man-made rules of how one in society should behave has swallowed us into the dissolving fluid of the belly of said beast.

A worldwide sociopathic ulcer gnawing away at compassion. Churning and burning against another as if somehow only a true believer of one’s own beliefs might see the light and he had nameth it God, Buddha, Krishna or Allah and that Spirit shall save his own immoral soul for seeing beyond the hallowed esophagus of his own personal demons.  

Hypocritical words strangle the tongues and the tangled bowels of our own flesh and blood spilled by each other's own ripe and willing hands.

“You do not believe what I believe, therefore you are wrong.”

This one-sided reality, fact or fiction, are merely beliefs of a thousand hopes and a thousand lies and a thousand endless riddles that hides itself as passive aggressive comments and bumper stickers and the occasional laughing emoji.

Words as tiny bottles of poison placed in each others pockets.

How wholly is holy and how water would be wine.

If only water could be wine.

If only the warming seas could part our wrongs from right and our love from hate.

You, who praises a lie and who condemns the act of love if that love isn't between man and woman, if a temple is not of your own, if you have less followers, less friends, less devotion.

Humans will fail each other by sword or plague or fiery brimstone, not some fortuned unseen all-knowing force.

They shall have us tear each other limb from limb in protests, in wars… comment sections. But, we have the choice to love and do so undeniably and with conviction no matter the skin color or prayer or vote. It is built into our souls.

If at a cliff top you hear someone scream “help” and find their hands grasping an edge as they dangle below, you would not stop and first ask “who did you vote for?”, before rushing to grab at them in desperation to save their life.

Nature versus nurture.

Their experiences versus your experiences.

We, so beautiful in our colors and cultures and love and languages and desires and creativity. We’ve forgotten the meaning of being human. Of brother and sister.

Of right and wrong.

How we end the chaos within ourselves and our communities is the holiest of questions. Maybe time. Maybe a disaster.

Maybe love….

It’s now up to all of us to figure out how and only we can take responsibility for ourselves.

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About the author

Casey Promise Thompson

I’m a Visual Artist, Omnist, Wordsmith and Chronic Daydreamer. Most of my work is fictional/fantasy short stories and poetry. See more below:


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