When I First Met Her

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When I First Met Her

When I first met her, I was walking into my friend, Jackson’s, party. Heading towards the living room where the music was playing, and that is when I saw her. Everything froze around me and all I could see was her beautiful hazel eyes, gorgeous smile, and enchanting brown hair. "Girl on TV" by The Vamps was the song playing that described her perfectly. To my surprise, she looked right at me, and like some kind of spell, we began to walk to each other. Eventually we met in the middle of the room.

When I first met him, I was dancing. My best friend, Amie, dragged me to her crush's house for a party. We then heard The Vamps, which is one of our favorite bands, so we began to dance when I saw him; a handsome guy with jet black hair, deep brown eyes, and for some unknown reason, he was looking right at me. Like I was put under a spell, I walked towards him without breaking eye contact. We met in the middle of the room.

What came next still shocks me today.

“Hi, I am Demtri but my friends call me D.”

“Hi, I am Cathie and my friends call me Cat.”

“Nice to meet you, would you like to go somewhere a bit quieter?”

“Yeah, sure.”

We then talked all night. The next day, we met up again.

I asked her to go to the movies with me and she agreed. Another time we went out for lunch. Soon we began to go to school together. I saw her every day and it was like I saw her for the first time all over again. I walked her to each of her classes every day. All I wanted was to make her feel better. As we got closer, I found out she was in a bad foster home in a bad part of town. She took care of me and I took care of her.

D and I went to the movies and we went to lunch together many times. We continued to date even through school. Every day I saw him it was like I was seeing for the first time all over again. He walked me to my classes every day. All I wanted was to support him. As we grew closer I found out both his parents had died in a car accident and he had to be raised by his aunt. He took care of me and I took care of him.

I was so happy, but as life goes on, any light will eventually be crushed. Little did I know it would end this way.

She had called me because she got in a fight with her foster dad. As I was sitting in my car, I heard a car tire squeal. I looked over and saw it barreling down the road and, as time froze, like when I first saw her, I saw her get shot. I ran to her and held her in my arms and said, “It will be okay. I prom-" She cut me off and the final thing she said was, “I am so sorry. I lov-“ She died in my arms. I later found out they were fighting because she said she wanted to live with me to be safer and he gambled her college money away and owed some people. As payback, they killed her in an attempt to hurt him.

“Why can’t you understand?! It is so unsafe for me and I needed the money to get away! I could have had a normal life with that money and you stole it! I am leaving and I will be back later for my stuff,” I fumed at my foster father. He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back. I had already called Demtri to come and pick me up and he was waiting for me. I stormed out just as time froze like when we first met, and next thing I know, I see a car speeding by and I have a pain in my chest. I lose all ability to stand and I see D running towards me crying. He says in a worried tone, “It will be okay. I prom-“ I cut him off and begin to say, “I am so sorry. I lov-“ and then it went black.

I missed him/her so much.

I was in a dark place when she was gone and my aunt wasn’t exactly stable.

I watched him fall apart and I just wanted to help him.

It eventually got so bad I stopped going to school and just locked myself up in my room.

I hated to see him that way, but what came next was worse.

I couldn’t believe that she would go that far. She went into the/his room while I/he was sleeping. She rambled on about how it was my/his fault she had no family left and why her husband left her. I/he was sitting in bed silently and I/he no time to scream before she took the remaining life from my/his body by smothering me/him with a pillow.

I was finally, once again, with my love. It was some terrible circumstances, but time froze as I met her/him for the first and last time once again.

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