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What We Take for Granted

by Michael N. Chin 2 years ago in advice
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Little things matter.

When we feel overloaded we often don't notice the things the others are giving, especially within romantic relationships more so than are platonic ones. One of the things is - stop doing what is not absolutely necessary, give yourself what you need and stop worrying about others not giving what you think they should. I have often noticed that when people are overburdened and part of it is mindset, not the reality, people tend not to see the many kindnesses people that have to offer. Romantic relationships, it may be that longing for a deep romantic kiss (not just a peck because anyone can do that and you don't need a romantic relationship for that!), longing hugs, cuddling on the couch or bed, spooning each other to sleep, holding hands in public, an act of kindness, an act of service, a loving note, a simple token of giving, the giving of precious time, or just an active listening ear.

It may be a colleague's kind gesture, a stranger's smile, a funny joke, an encouraging word of affirmation, acknowledgment, assurance, a hug from a friend, a peck on the cheek, a token of appreciation, a phone call, text, or email. There are so many things that we take for granted over time that becomes a deadly bad habit, but actually we should be appreciative and grateful for these things rather than being overly self-centered or indulged in our own self or world.

It takes constant work and tons of focus; 150% to 150% on both sides. One of the biggest lessons is no matter how overloaded we are, no matter how distracted, if we don't have the art of intimacy of having our significant others on the back of our minds, it's going to slip day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year and it starts from Day 1 of the encounter. Many lack the longevity to make it work and rarer still can many make it last for years, decades. Most won't even last but a year or a few more. Eventually it will cause a huge red flag and strain on a relationship once it dwindles and diminishes.

It is the breakdown of the little things that causes a cataclysmic effect on both the most and least romantic and platonic relationships. Are you constantly the giver or the taker? Can you balance both or be most one way or most the other? Day to day with our platonic encounters for many people this is found easier to accomplish. Why is that for our significant others? That question I leave up to you because that answer is quite simple. I'll give you a hint, go back and think about your own human mindset and self discovery.

The little things that matter are often and easily taken for granted in the long term. You can starve a soul to the point of non-existence when it's their own art and language of communication to give. Be grateful when its given. Obtain the heart and soul to give it equally back. Do not take for granted of the the rarest of life's gifts because you never know when it'll be your last time.


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Michael N. Chin

Welcome to my collection poetry, prose, and writings. My base writings are of life, love, stories, philosophies, and inspirationals to bring my life's experiences and thoughts to the forefront. Life is too short. Don't miss its adventures!

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