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What Puts A Bad Taste In My Eyes, Nose, Ears, And Mouth?

“The Bad Taste”

By Denise E LindquistPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
What Puts A Bad Taste In My Eyes, Nose, Ears, And Mouth?
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

I worked for the state government and tribal government. Not much different. What happened to work for the people, country, and tribe?

Burn books! Again? What did we learn from the last time? Oh no the candidate said in a debate. It is not the same thing. Our children are being taught about racism… equity and inclusion! Oh my! Is it just our schools that are teaching about equity and inclusion? Is it just our schools talking about fairness for all?

Did the candidate or the people voting for him even know what they were talking about or were they just throwing out words? The same words are used or spoken of as vile and something not wanted on their favorite television/media programs!

Now I know better than to pick a side and write about it as my brother commented on something I shared that came from a friend of mine. That is why this is Badform. My brother said my post was nonsense! Now, this is a brother that is on the opposite side of my political scene.

I was upset as I only posted one political message, and he commented, nonsense. He doesn’t comment on anything else I post, just this! I know what he thinks. I also knew that when the original poster responded to him about being abused by priests, he would back off or apologize as he is anti-Catholic.

Even though he went through 8 grades of Catholic school! Even though he was 18 months younger and at home with me when I was sexually abused at seven, our 10-year-old female cousin was also abused by the same sitter at our house.

Is it nonsense that a girl of 10 may need an abortion? I was menstruating when I was ten.

Why are men making decisions like this or talking about things they know nothing about? I know that women do it too. This isn’t about men only. My brother said that is nonsense as 10-year-old girls don’t get pregnant. That never happens he said.

It does and do your own research I told him. I remember wondering why that stat isn’t broadcast widely. I just wanted to cry, hearing and seeing how that 9/10-year-old was refused an abortion and had to travel to another state after being raped by an adult male. Then some children die giving birth.

Maybe if women were running the country, we could sterilize men, so that women would not be put in the position to need an abortion. Badform.

Not funny I know. I like that idea though better than telling a woman or girl that is pregnant due to rape or to save her life that abortion is illegal. What is the man’s part in this? It should be to support the woman in whatever she decides. Instead, many men will not support the woman or the baby.

Do these people that say no to abortion jump to raise a child put into adoption? No. Do they volunteer to support that child until they are 18? Do not be ridiculous, can you hear that right now?

It is about as ridiculous as religion getting involved in medical decisions between a doctor and their patient. Who was standing there protesting when I walked women into planned parenthood to get birth control?

Always an old white male with a huge cross necklace on his neck and another sign baby killer. Really? Going in for birth control?

Why is this a major point for voters? Is this as big an issue as it is made out to be? It is a dividing issue. My sister and her husband had two children. Got pregnant without planning to. Their children were grown. It happens. They decided as a couple to have an abortion.

No support from our family, except for me.

It was their decision and a decision the medical professionals could support. What does politics have to do with it? It became a political decision because some Christians in the United States knew that politics could make it happen.

They didn’t care how it was done until they had a champion in 45 to start the process. The leaders of this movement knew that they could make money on this topic, and they have.

Sometimes people mention politics is all about money and it appears it is!

Where were these people when Native American women were being aborted and sterilized without their permission in the early 70s?

I hear the rhetoric and will often say, have you done your research, not from the same old media, but from places that are not biased? They don’t but some will when I say that. We no longer have that conversation. Most people are not dumb, they are just trusting.

No medical facts, only stories that many watched on certain Christian programs and entertainment news.

Have I had an abortion? No. My mother taught me to use 2 methods of birth control when growing up. The Catholic rhythm method and another.

That worked until I was 23 and the second method didn’t work and I must have been off just enough on the first method. I knew exactly when I got pregnant because of that. The second child and last.

My first child weighed 8 lb, 15 oz. Then my second child weighed 10 lb, 6 oz. Who would want another baby after that? I know it happens and still, I was more protective than ever and so happy this hubby had his tubes tied. He had four children already.

Do I understand abortion? Yes. My mother-in-law aborted twins herself. She already had 8 children. She was divorcing her husband and abortions were illegal. She told me that she was willing to chance losing her life to give herself an abortion.

A professor told me that her family has doctors and that in her family if someone needed an abortion, they could get it. It didn’t matter that it was illegal.

The above are just a couple of reasons why I have “The Bad Taste” about politics. They weren’t meant to be the only items for my topic here. Sorry if you don’t agree or don’t see things as I do. Either way is not ideal.

I already know what this article can bring up for others and at the same time, I can say that politics puts a bad taste in my eyes, nose, ears, and mouth! If you don’t agree, fine. I accept that and hope you accept my choice too as like you I have my reasons and I have not given you all of them.


First published by Badform in Medium


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