What Old People Can Learn From a New Generation

by Ambreen Sajjad 5 months ago in humanity

Information can be shared by both generations!

What Old People Can Learn From a New Generation

Young generations are growing at a much faster rate in today's era than they ever have before. With the advancement of new technologies, puberty is occurring much earlier than one can imagine. There is no doubt about the fact that old people have more experience and skills than young people. However, there are too many things that young people can teach the older generation. The young generation can teach them about new technology, a new trend in fashion, and many more things. Young people are more in touch with new digital devices, they have more information and knowledge about the planet earth and heavenly bodies. They can teach the old generation how to use these devices and help them to upgrade themselves.

The older generation has a different perspective about everything, every tradition, while young people do not like to follow old customs and traditions; the young generation wants to bring innovation to every tradition and custom. They have a more clear vision about life than the older generation.

Both generations can get benefits from each other by sharing their knowledge and experiences. The older generation should spend some time with the younger generation to learn how to keep themselves busy in different kind of activities—how to play new games, indoor or outdoor, how to play games on mobiles and laptops—these things not only help to keep them busy, but also make them learn how to enjoy themselves. Even they can learn how to do live conversations with their family and friends. When both these generations will sit together and share their information, definitely their relationship will get even stronger.

The older generation also can learn to accept things open-mindedly from the younger generations. It has been observed that old generation do not like to learn new things especially from their young people, they do not like their ideas and look down on the young generation; they need to shed their egos and try to learn new things, because young people no doubt have more knowledge than old people. They have more ideas to complete tasks in different ways and in a short time.

Old people can also learn how to dress up to impress. Young generations know how to dress up for different occasions. Old people need to learn dressing sense so that they appear fresh and younger than their age.

It has also been observed that if the younger generation does not interact with the old generation, they will never be able to know how they have spent their lives without using all the latest technologies and the many struggles they have had in order to bring comfort in the lives of the upcoming generation, while in today's era we have automatic devices to complete our tasks in minutes.

There are many more things that both generations can learn from each other. A lot of things are yet to be discovered in this world. Both generations can exchange their ideas to have a better life.

Ambreen Sajjad
Ambreen Sajjad
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