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What is the mutual attraction of the two emotions

by liqiang 4 months ago in marriage
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Men's emotions, women's emotions

In fact, in most men's idea of women is a kind of temptation to men, is the so-called; Hero sad beauty pass, this is such a meaning, since the women in the eyes of a man this is unspeakable sense of magic, this is what is called a magic charm, is a kind of from the inside out to attract a man's temperament, both in terms of appearance, dress, or inner knowledge learning, culture connotation, even the existence of these are the unique woman, In turn, it helps to maximize the attractiveness of men.

Of course, the biggest attraction to men is the external image, such as; To make a dish, first of all, we should first see the appearance in people's hearts, so as to taste, first of all, we should see the Lord. Back to the point, to the woman's external characteristics if a word to describe, it is often in the mouth to miss the 'sexy' word.

As early as in ancient times, women first can attract the opposite sex of sound or signal, this behavior has already gradually up to now, for this kind of behavior in men today are unable to resist, this is a way of a kind of biological evolution, but also in the sexy women is their nuclear weapons, the power can't resist, Equally ubiquitous and powerful, there is almost nothing in a man's world that does not like a sexy woman, and once attracted to this kind of sex, most men will be unable to extrude themselves and yearn for it.

The differences between men and women exist in many aspects, which have objective and profound historical roots and are formed by long-term social development and historical changes. All these signs are the most significant differences in dealing with problems in the relationship between men and women. Research shows that women have almost the opposite characteristics of men, such as men are strong, women are soft; Men's character is angular, love and hate clear, while women's character is rounded, a great opportunity to have a good popularity.

Men care about the huge interests of the emotional relationship, but also make the personality rough, while women are delicate and sensitive, so in this aspect of women, it is easy to find that they like to care from the delicate aspect, considerate people. So a woman can attract a man, in addition to the external image is the grasp of emotional subtleties.

Also the expression of women than men usually take a lot of rich, of course, women more articulate their feelings, also good at disguise themselves, although such that some derogatory sense, because that is the woman for a long time, one of the necessary skills to get the favour of their favorite people, in the modern society, This emotional cover often focuses on showing men their noble, elegant and gentle side, so in many emotional exchanges, they are more in control of the emotional advance and retreat.

Women instinctively know how to express love for oneself to like, to attract the one party that oneself like, first of all, the most obvious is their dress appropriately, and the desired look, let the other side to fall in love, in a nutshell, that are unique to women, the external beauty, temperament, connotation, temperament, in the eyes of a man is a kind of irresistible charm, So most men are attracted without knowing it. So in ancient times there is a famous saying handed down to this day, women chase men between layers of yarn. The end result is a clear success.

Coexistence between men and women, of course, when there is jealousy and envy roots basic of a woman is for love to hate, because of envy hate, hate into the heart, that is what is the woman beside the word "jealousy" two words, of course, men also have envy of heart, objectively speaking man is more rational, they will use other ways to transfer his jealousy. So be good at controlling their own jealousy psychology, after all, this is a double-edged sword, after all, jealous mind to have to take up the great wisdom, after all, jealousy burning in the fire, not to burn to others, accidentally burned their own gain outweighs the loss.


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