What Is a Sugar Daddy?

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And What Does He Want From You

What Is a Sugar Daddy?

According to Urban Dictionary, a sugar daddy is a boyfriend that comes with financial benefits; and while that's true, it's the most simplistic explanation for a very complex relationship. And it is a relationship, by the way, not a financial transaction; if you seek a sugar daddy, you should expect to give something in return.

Of course, it's not necessarily a sexual relationship (no matter what people tell you).

Sugar daddy arrangements, as they are sometimes called, come in many different forms. Here are the basics:

Types Of Sugar Daddy/Baby Arrangements

  1. Mentorship; This is a relationship based around the dynamic of an experienced sugar daddy and a motivated sugar baby who share a specific interest. This can be a romantic arrangement, but is most often not; these sugar daddies feel good about helping motivated young women get ahead in their careers, and are seeking someone that respects their experience and knowledge.
  2. Companionship; Pretty much what it says on the tin; a friendship or companionship arrangement is non-sexual and is based around the need for an uncomplicated, honest relationship. Sugar daddies seeking companionship arrangements tend to be busy and lonely; they want someone to listen to them and make them feel special.
  3. Travel Buddy; Many sugar daddies have busy jobs that require them to travel often; travelling alone can be very lonely and boring, and so many will seek a sugar baby who is willing to travel with them. The exact parameters of this arrangement can differ, but it is not necessarily sexual in nature.
  4. Online Only; A more common arrangement than you might think. There are sugar daddies out there who want someone to talk to and video call with (busy, continually travelling men, for example). A purely online arrangement might involve sending pictures, but once again, you are in total control of what you choose to send.
  5. Romantic/Sexual; Some sugar daddies are seeking a romantic relationship, but don't worry! Firstly, this is not illegal because sugar babies are not paid for sex, they are entering into a relationship in which their partner wishes to take care of them physically and financially. Secondly, you are not obligated to enter, nor should you be pressured into a sexual arrangement or interaction. A sugar daddy/baby relationship is, first and foremost, just that; a relationship.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

There are a number of sugar daddy dating websites that specialise in connecting sugar babies and daddies of all ages and persuasions, so it's not too difficult. However, you should research any site you come across well, and look into forums to talk to active sugar babies that are willing to share their experiences. Never, ever pay to sign up to a sugar daddy arrangement site however, as this is a sure sign of a scam!

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that sugar daddies are often seeking a certain kind of sugar baby; you need to pick your angle and stick to it. Are you seeking a mentor or a romance? Are you an athletic golden girl or a girly glamour puss? Do what seems natural, because you need to be consistent, but be very aware of what image you curate if you want to attract someone interesting!

Finally, be open and honest about what you expect from your sugar daddy; what is your expectation of allowance? What are you willing to give in return? Set your boundaries and stick to them!

After all, you're in control here!

How does it work?
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