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What is a Modern Human?

I think I have been born into the wrong era...

By Just DanielPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
What is a Modern Human?
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I think I have been born into the wrong era... When I was in my teens, I was told by adults that I was wise beyond my years and that not many people my age would think about the whole picture like I did. Well, that was an awfully kind statement. What they actually meant to say and what was masked, hidden in their spoken statement, was that I was a thoroughly depressed and mentally challegned child. No child that they know of would be as weird as me.

Well, it's not my fault that I love history, and math, and science... and languages... psychology too. Well to tell you the truth, I pretty much enjoy all subjects and I just can't stay focused enough to pursue just one interest. Everything new there is to learn about, I would like to learn about on my own. I don't really like structured learning such as spending endless hours a day in a classroom just going over the same lesson plan and reviewing past exercises. I mean, I see the point and it does help to build a concrete foundation of knowledge so that you could branch off of your existing knowledge and continue building upwards. But no, me, myself, and I, like the rest of the world, wanted to accomplish too much all in one go. We humans are vain, arrogant, and conceited. And the most important reality of the modern human is that we are excellent liars and we are fooling ourselves into believing that currently, we are doing more good to the planet than harm... HAH!

I wish we could exist in simpler times where we would not be driven by money, fame, and success, where it was working hard in your own specialization and then trusting others to do the same. Where each individual soul would do what they do best and so that when they come together, they can marvel at the splendor they created. Of course, that I means I would also like to keep all the social progress humanity has made throughout the years and especially in the past 122 years alone. We can always do more though. How I wish we could live in the olden days when I have much less worries and well, if I die, I die. If I live, well that's just another day to be thankful for. That cannot be though. We have already done too much. While flailing around, searching for a purpose in our measly lives, modern humans, like modern appliances, have a limited lifespan and more importantly, a limited use. We are programmed in such a way in that we have a very, very small window of time to achieve this "success" that we so dream of, and then it's back to the crumpled-up wastepaper bin pile we go. We get scrapped and it's off to the next new idea!

The fact stands that it really is not easy and there isn't much to be enviable about a modern human. Forced to eat all this processed food with poor and little nutritional value, forced to compete against each other at the bottom of the food chain while the ones at top are getting further and further away with more and more profits. Where most of us are spending hours upon hours on end on social media so that they could distract us from the troubles and numb us from the happenings in real life. The reality is dark and the human race is getting darker and darker as if we are becoming the black hole ourselves.

Yes, the current environment is getting better with more people becoming more awware about each of their own individual actions and carbon footprint on this planet. The question is, is it enough and is it too late? All around the world, we have seen new record highs and new record lows in temperature and places that have been frozen for hundreds if not thousands of years are now being unveiled; dark, black-clothed figures are now rising from each of those black, carbon-dense and toxic-dense mounds of lost souls into the world of the living. Whether we, the living humans, did this unto ourselves on purpose or as part of a chain of freak accidents, it matters not. The fact stands that the unraveling has begun and there is no way we would know how to stop it anytime soon. We may do some things here and there to try to stop the flow of the raging tide, but the era of the modern human is coming to an end.


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Just Daniel

I write short fiction when I have time. There are also elements of my life interwoven with fantasy that I incorporated into my writing. I also like the unknown, so enter into the dark, true, and mysterious if you dare...

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