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What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Some thoughts on the human experience

By Osana WasutPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

What does it mean to be human?

It's a question I have been thinking about for a while now, and I just can't seem to find a solid answer for it...

It means many different things I guess, but the one I seem to come back to all the time is Love.

To be human means to love, to be compassionate and kind to others, to love others, and to be loved in return.

So then, what does it mean to love, what does love mean?

This is another question that has been on my mind & heart for the last few months, because I am finally starting to open up my heart, and love again, after many years of pain & heartbreak; I finally feel like I can love again.

Love is an interesting idea though. We can think about love all we want, but we can't really define it using words, or really make sense of it in any way, shape or form. 

It's a complex feeling that is not easy to explain, and I am not going to attempt it here and now, but love is what I believe it means to be human.

Human beings were made to love, and be loved, but somewhere along the way we forgot this and started to believe that we were born to suffer, and through that very suffering we would do unspeakable things. Suffering is one common part of human existence, and it has been for thousands of years; however, I don't think it has to be that way forever...

I feel that in the decades to come, we as human beings will be shifting into a completely new energy, and with this, we will start to reduce our human suffering by taking care of those in need and by loving each other unconditionally.

Before now, we hoped and prayed for something outside of ourselves to save us, never realizing it was up to us to save ourselves, as we are all of it; we have merely forgotten that which we are, and this is happening all over Earth right now. We are waking up from the slumber we were in for many millennia and remembering the truth of our divinity.

Love will save the day, but it is the human being that holds the power to create heaven if we so choose, and I do believe that is exactly what we as a collective have chosen. We choose love, and the snowball is now rolling towards a more peaceful planet.

Being a human is not an easy thing to be whatsoever. It is painful and difficult for a lot of the population right now, however, as we evolve & transform the way in which we perceive life, I do believe that life will drastically change for many if not all of the human race. We are entering into a new time for humanity, and it was an era that was prophesied by the ancients, which is one of peace & prosperity.

Peace & prosperity is our divine birthright, and we have been robbed of that for a very long time, but that's all changing now as daily more and more people are remembering the truth and taking a stand for what is right. We will see a time when wars will no longer be on the agenda, and we will look at the past with compassion and understanding, knowing that we just simply didn't know any better...

Sure this will take time, it might take a lot longer than we think it will, as generations may need to die before we can truly enter this new era for humanity, especially those who are still invested in the doom & gloom of war. We cannot bring darkness into this new World, it just won't happen, so this might take some time.

But we are eternal beings, having a human experience, and even if we don't see it in this lifetime, we will in the next or the one after that. We aren't going to miss the party, we waited a long time for this.

So what does it mean to be human? It means to love and be loved. It means to be kind & compassionate to others, as well as ourselves. It means to forgive those who wronged us and to forgive ourselves. It means to be who we were created to be, which is infinite & magnificent! 

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed and feel inspired by it. 

With Love and Light, 



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Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

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