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What Do You Enjoy Most About Halloween?

by Carbazel MMA 8 months ago in humanity
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This question was asked on Quora and my answer had me write my love letter for my favorite time of year.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Halloween?
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So here's my answer:

There are so many things I enjoy about Halloween for a lot of reasons.

First, the time of year is pretty great. Not too hot, not too cold, perfect temperature to not be uncomfortable in a costume. Plus, people seem more sociable at Halloween and not grumpy like around Christmas time.

Second, the flood of horror movies lets me watch old favorites and find some new ones. I love horror movies and if I did not have to keep up with my writing for the sport of mixed martial arts so much, I would probably do more horror movie reviews. Horror is actually what got me into blogging and the reason I started The Blogboard Jungle. I wanted to review horror movies, books and video games when I first got into writing but martial arts has also been a passion of mine. Probably as long as horror has although I couldn't tell you which has been in my mind longer.

Lastly, the costumes. Some people are just so creative with their costumes. I haven’t dressed up in a while but I wear Halloween colors when I work in the office. I love seeing folks do their best to dress up, I wear more subtle things in my old age. I don’t get invited to much these days but with advance notice I would plan for something pretty grand.

I think above all, Halloween seems to be the most social and giving holiday that is not officially recognized as a holiday.

I mentioned grumpy people earlier, folks just seem happier from what I have seen during Halloween. To me, the spirit of giving is more prominent and joyful than it is at Christmas. I don’t get Trick or Treaters but my parents do, so I’ve been making it a point to go there every Halloween to help give out candy to all the kids that come trick or treatin’. Seeing their costumes and doing something nice actually feels good. Buying candy to give out to kids is a selfless act and when I do it, I get a kick out of it.

I remember when that movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas came out I was a kid and didn’t get the point of it. Maybe I still don’t and should give it a re-watch but I do remember Jack Skellington looking to bring his brand of Christmas to change things up. While his character may have been bored with Halloween, I think his spirit and eagerness to do something new and fun is present in every Halloween that passes. Christmas just seems like people go through the motions of buying gifts because that’s what you’re supposed to do. There's always something sad around Christmas and I never got that sense of melancholy for Halloween.

Halloween is just happier to me. Even with the scary stuff. Go to a haunted hay-ride, get a little scare than laugh about it afterward over a few Fall flavored beers. Watch the kids make believe they’re some sort of monster or their favorite hero and spend time with their friends grabbing up candy and counting it out afterward. Then, you close out the night with a good horror flick or even a game.

Most of these things are just positive things to do with other people, but the spooky stuff just makes it more fun. The overall mood is what I love most about Halloween.

People just seem happier, more giving, and care-free for one day out of the year. What's not to love about that?


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I write often about combat sports (MMA, Boxing, Grappling), co-host and produce the Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour podcast and love horror films. Follow me on Twitter: @Carbazel

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