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What Changes for Him in the Couple Life

by Mickey Castillo 4 months ago in advice
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What Changes for Him in the Couple Life
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

You met the ideal girl! Beautiful, skinny, modest, smart, and most importantly, who considers you the sexiest, the smartest, and funniest man on the planet!

He always told you that your belly makes you look more masculine, that if you happen to be bald, that will give you the distinction, that the hair on your back makes you look like Antonio Banderas! It enchanted you and the day came when you started your life as a couple. You got married, you moved in together, everything was even better than you expected until… something changed!

The cute and sweet girl seems to sometimes start to turn into a monster or, worse, into your mother! Why? And why does she complain about you when it is clear to everyone that she is unbearable? Will it be female hormones?

First of all, it always pisses you off: "Honey, what do you want to eat today?", And if you answer, say that logically, we don't have it! Why bother to answer him? was it made yesterday?…), why don't you put ketchup, why don't you eat carrots too

And that's nothing! Life as a couple holds more torment for you than Hell! Suddenly, you are no longer the sexiest and smartest! Suddenly you should go to the gym, as X does, at least once a week, and maybe you should take that training course because your salary is lower than Y's! You have to lose weight, you have to learn, you don't know what, but she?

She constantly asks you for compliments, as if she doesn't have a mirror: "Honey, did I gain weight?", "Honey, does this blouse make my belly grow?" She still wants to be assured that she looks gorgeous non-stop. And how do you insure her, if she put on 5 pounds in 2 months?

He complains about this and says that he doesn't realize how you would like to say "darling, it will be from the donuts you eat at midnight!", But Saint Elijah will protect you… Yes, life as a couple seems to be slowly losing its charm…

At first, it seemed like a dream that she would gather everything for you, that she would take care of you. But now you can't even find your panties, because she has her brilliant organization system, which she logically changes from week to week!

And you really can't change anything, you're just a man, what do you know? I'm on the third shelf on the left, behind my jeans, next to the wool sweaters!

You don't even want to remember your practical sun-blind blinds, which were suddenly replaced with a "trendy" red curtain, or your gigantic poster with Angelina Jolie being replaced with a "postmodern" painting with a baby and a flower, or in your inflatable chair that has disappeared, in its place appearing suddenly a "beautiful" beige leather chair…

You get tired from work and hear, "Honey, you haven't taken me out of town since I don't know when." What can you do, you have to take her out of town, but of course, in her favorite bar, the one with house music explodes your ears and cracks what's left of your brain, or the movie she wants to see, the one in that he falls in love with her, but she loves another, but he eventually conquers her, but she has cancer and dies! Wish you a married life!

When the world is dearer to you and you watch your favorite show, you see her sitting lasciviously next to you, you think for a moment that maybe tonight you're lucky, but no: she wants you to have a "soul to soul" discussion. ". What do you hate about these discussions, what is the point? It simply dissects your brain to bring out any hidden thoughts there.

How did you feel when you heard that I don't know who will have a child, have you ever thought about how many children we will have, when you say we will have a child, you think you will be a good father, how do you feel when you think why do you feel like that when you think about it… how do you feel How does she imagine it?

And when, after a month of feeling monitored by Big Brother, you want to go out with the boys, the party begins! How to leave her alone at night, you don't care that she has nothing to do, you don't respect her, what need do you have to go out with those who only talk about cars and computers, at least if you had announced it in advance…

You grit your teeth, somehow bribe her to stop her self-pity speeches, and put it in your head that from now on you make sure you announce it 10 days in advance when you want to go out. Until next time…

Yes, life as a couple can drain you of any energy and certainly makes you much less enthusiastic! But if with all the things that make you jump, with all her elbows, you can still honestly say "I love you", then everything will be resolved… at some point.

As long as you don't end up in therapy or another's bed, nothing is lost. Sure, you sometimes regret your bachelor's life, you compare it to life as a couple and it seems to you that the previous one was tastier, but would you go back? To be a bachelor forever?

And speaking of another's bed, better avoid the situation: a wise man said: when you have problems with a woman, in no case do not take another woman. You wake up with two problems!


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