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What All I Neglected While Growing Up

Everyone talks about passion, achievements, and growth in life. But they are never concerned or regret what they have neglected while growing up. In the search for silver, we tend to lose gold. Indeed, time never comes back. Still, there are many things one can achieve that they honestly value.

By Aditya DhanukaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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I have been following the same daily routine for the past few months- thinking about my job, having food, working out, and waiting for my day to end. Boom! Like every day, today is no different, except that nowadays, I feel restless and blank.

I remember the time I used to write topics that I felt like writing. I am a content writer and have been working for the past 24 months.; writing in all sorts of niches for different companies. But in these months, I didn't write a single copy for myself!

It's not that I am complaining now. Writing has always been my passion and makes me feel rejuvenated. But, in the midst of following my love, I forgot why I started writing in the first place. I take breaks, go for a long weekend, and fulfil my wants with my hard-earned money. Still, I feel like I am missing something!

Even though we have different responsibilities and approaches to life, one thing is sure common, i.e., satisfaction. For many, life satisfaction is associated with a better physique, perfect work-life balance, and six-digit never dwindling bank balance. But, these elements never last in the long run.

In search of this materialistic happiness, we miss out on the true essence of wellbeing, which might genuinely evaluate our lives. After giving some thoughts, I have listed down 5-simple activities that I neglected while growing up:

  • Admiring the Beauty of Life

Nature is splendid, starting from the tiny butterflies to the enormous seashores and mountains. All you need is a small break from your day-to-day routine to luxuriate in.

I remember the times when I used to visit beaches and sit on the rock. The slow and swelling sound of waves made me feel calm, soothing, and very relaxing. I took my bike and went for a long ride at times, especially during the morning hours. Mornings are peaceful and pleasant for admiring the beauty of nature.

Technically, days are the same. The only change is the preference!

  • Accepting Mistakes
  • Learn from your mistakes has become just another cliché that I write in a few of my articles. I have lost its true essence after stepping into my adulthood.

    Earlier, I used to accept mistakes over small things, from breaking glasses to being arrogant to my dear ones. I remember an incident when, for the first time, I abused and kicked my big brother over a stupid game, which meant a lot to me. Later, my dad made me realise my mistake, and I promptly apologised to my brother, and he hugged me.

    Accepting mistakes is a sign of maturity, but we stop admitting them as we age. How Ironic!

  • Only Finding Happiness in Materialistic Things
  • Childhood is amazing. A kid will simply smile at you for no reason and make your day. Spending time with family, meals at regular intervals and a positive environment were all I needed to stay happy.

    While growing up, we were bribed with chocolates and ice-creams that eventually led us to ask for more. Slowly, this bribing turned our heads in getting materialistic things we see and desire to own. Luxurious, comfortable, and cosy things always attracted me to work hard. But they never satisfied my hunger to urge for more.

    After all, happiness from within, not things!

    • Learning Something New!

    After graduating from college, like every individual, I started working. During my initial days, I religiously used to summarise all the things I learned at the end of the day. After a certain period, my focus diverted, and I stopped taking notes.

    This was the changing course of my life, where I started acknowledging myself as an experienced professional and stopped learning. I utilised my time in binge-watching or searching different sources of income, which are neither progressive nor exciting.

    Back to square one, I will start writing my learnings and prepare myself for the future. Because life never stops teaching!

  • Finding Time for Myself
  • To be honest, I procrastinate on my work and make excuses when I need a break. I feel guilty, but I convince myself it's for my own betterment.

    Earlier, I used to go out for a ride, meet my friends, or side near the seashore. It was productive and relieved my stress. But now, instead of taking breaks from my routine, I indulge myself in activities that revolve around work. I surf the net, watch shows, or randomly check my social media account in the name of break.

    Nothing is constant except changes, so I will make it for my better good!

    I will be Honest!

    Honesty has its own way to show you the path to success. So, let's agree to be honest from the start!

    Every time I was upset or had lower morale, I created roadmaps or noted down my problems. It used to suppress my negative emotions and helped me tackle my issues with positive notions.

    From now onwards, I will never neglect my source of happiness and stay focused on what really matters to me.


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