We Practice Our Crafts

Why not practice communicating?

We Practice Our Crafts

The word “communication” is seriously over used. It plagues every relationship quote—along with “trust, love, faithfulness” etc. The thing is though—with trust, love, and faithfulness comes maturity and understanding—not practice. These three words mentioned cannot be practiced in the way communicating can. In fact, it’s only by communicating that we can show these three attributes. That’s deep, I know.

Through my long journey of emotional destruction and lack of maturity I continued a cycle of “putting up walls” and running from my problems. I struggled in a ferocious battle every day with who I was and who I wanted to be—but a fearful, broken girl was not who I had in mind.

It wasn’t until I met Mr. Right that I discovered I was okay and that I just needed practice. More than that, I needed the millennial “safe space” to discover these skills. That was all. I’ll be honest it isn’t easy but if you’re with the right people (friends, family, community) you have the limitless ability to blossom.

“You are who you hang out with.”

Here’s what I’m saying—I sucked at communicating my emotions, opinions, and ideas into the world. I would often be too aggressive about my opinions and extremely passive about my emotions. I had no equilibrium, and I often embraced different views or criticism with C L O S E D arms. I didn’t want to hear it because I “HAD” to protect myself.

So, the trick to embracing self-development is crucial to the people you surround yourself with. I say this reiterating that it’s not the support system necessarily driving me to my current destination. I believe eventually I would have gotten to this point regardless, but also believe that meeting Mr. Right expedited my journey to a quicker healing. In-turn, it allowed me the confidence to become vulnerable in exploring my communication.

What exactly do I mean by “Mr. Right?" It’s not just a significant other, I have been so blessed by the universe to find compatible friends that envelop me in unconditional support, affirmation, and blank canvassing to explore myself without judgement. The Mr. Right is an added bonus that sleeps next to me every night—further locking my stability in place. Find whoever OR whatever this is for you.

4 Key Elements to My Mr. Right (Mrs. Right or They): Communication doesn’t discriminate!

Someone who:

  1. Offers constructive criticism—not judgment
  2. Affirms your dreams
  3. Supports your journey
  4. Makes you feel empowered to take action in becoming a better you

The only catch... You HAVE to offer these in return—a mutually beneficial partnership. These four key elements are broad enough that it should guide you without too much restriction.

....Back to my point of ALL of this—THIS is what eventually led me to my passion for communication. It’s an art that we use everyday (talking, body language, art). Yet, like we practice other forms of art we seem to underestimate and under appreciate the power that comes with savvy communication skills. In studying communication I have concluded that there is no “one way,” BUT there is "A" way to receive consistent results.

It’s a social art—and it requires a ton of self development. It’s cool to communicate - but insanely destructive when we do it improperly.

Feel me?

I started a blog page www.savvydescant.com which I hope to elaborate on my findings, encourage openness, and incorporate the trends of social fashion throughout.

Communicating may seem boring, but Savvy Descant won’t be.

Join me on this journey.


Ashley R.

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