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Valentine's Day: encourage you to keep the state of love over time

There are certain ideas and strategies that can help you stay in love with the same person over time

By Ninfa BiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Infatuation can be preserved if you have the will to achieve it

Falling in love, from the biological and biochemical point of view, has its origin in the cerebral cortex, continuing its journey through the endocrine system and secreting dopamine, a hormone responsible for generating changes in the hypothalamus whose manifestation is purely physiological.

Being in love is manifested in the manifestation of emotions and gestures.

There are two types of falling in love, external and internal. The external infatuation consists in falling in love with what one appreciates visually, that is to say, with the physical aspect of the other person. Internal infatuation arises when the individual falls in love with the personality of the other person.

The process of falling in love begins through physical attraction to another individual, different from the others. Infatuation is established between two individuals of different gender or of the same gender. Secondly, the subject feels a strong personal attraction that becomes strongly present when it is suspected that the other person feels the same, is attracted in a physical and personal way to the other subject, i.e., the attraction is reciprocal.

In the first stage of falling in love, this process is basically a chemical reaction. The brain produces a substance called phenylethylamine, whose function is to secrete dopamine, which generates a state of natural joy and euphoria in the presence of the person in question.

How to keep the infatuation

Falling in love is an incredible state and can be maintained over time, even if it seems extremely difficult. The prestigious American psychologist Kimberly Key reveals that certain ideas and attitudes can maintain the state of infatuation over the years.

First of all, she says that in order to stay in love, each partner must have the capacity for wonder. Key stresses that you have to see your partner from every possible perspective to keep liking him/her. Another key to maintaining the bond is to have intimacy that encompasses emotional and intellectual as well as physical intimacy.

Key also reveals that if a couple wants to stay in love over time, each partner must eliminate ego, pride and ingratitude within themselves. One must seek the well-being of the other as well as one's own. The psychologist also proposes to maintain a certain individualism within the bond, that each one has his or her own world because that will make him or her more attractive and interesting. She assures that two individuals who are well grounded in reality will get along better and have a stronger relationship. Finally, Key advises to maintain a positive predisposition towards a lasting love affair, that is, to believe that it can be achieved.

Falling in love improves mood

You already know that falling in love is a great state. What you may not know is that this state can enhance several areas of life and therefore evolve in every way. This state involves twelve areas of the brain that provoke neuronal alterations that cause positive effects on the body and mind. Several studies done by the University of Barcelona reveal that being in love strengthens the immune system and, consequently, improves the state of health. The research also revealed that the mechanisms that are set in motion during falling in love are the same as those that act when an individual becomes addicted to a substance.

The university study asserts that falling in love has a highly positive effect on the physical appearance of women and men. The skin becomes smoother, a youthful appearance is acquired and the body looks more harmonious. During falling in love, the effects of training and good nutrition are enhanced, resulting in a fit body.


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  • Naty3 months ago

    Infatuation is an awesome state 💖

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