Unrequited Love

by Lyndsey Majtyka 12 months ago in advice

"It's like you're burning alive, but you just won't die."

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love: One-sided love. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Basically hell.

How can you give your all for someone just for them not to love you back?

You sit there and continuously give your all for nothing in return. You find the one person you would do absolutely anything for and they treat you as if you are not there. You can spend an eternity falling in love with someone thinking that the whole time they felt the same way and it turns out that they didn't. It's in that moment of realization you lose yourself, nothing makes sense anymore.

The worst feeling is giving your love away for nothing in return. You waste all your time and energy for someone who is not even close to being worth it. It drains you mentally and physically, it takes a HUGE toll on you and your daily life. It becomes exhausting loving someone who would never love you back. You would do everything for someone who would never do the same for you. It is simply the worst kind of heartbreak.

You sit there and start to wonder...do they even acknowledge that I love them? Does it even matter to them? Would they care if I up and left? What if you stopped giving your all and treated them how they treat you, would they still be there? You basically sit there and overthink everything. You know the answer to all of your questions is “no.” You think of any other possible answer and try to make up excuses for them, but no matter how hard you try there is no perfect excuse.

The person who is on the receiving end of your love and passion does not understand how lucky they truly are. They have someone who has stayed for SO LONG although they are not getting any of the love in return. No one on the receiving end understands the pain that they are causing. You can waste your time trying to explain it, but I guarantee that they will not truly comprehend the pain unless they have experienced it themselves.

And as I’m writing this I am in tears...as this is what I’ve gone through. I am sorry for anyone who has to experience this kind of love. It will get better and you will find someone who is worth the amount of love you have to give.

I know how you are feeling...you probably think something is wrong with you, right? You feel as if you did something to cause them not to love them the way you love them, right? Well let me be the first to say, nothing is wrong with you and the feelings you’re having are natural. The feelings you had are real and so is the hope you had, you are allowed to grieve. It’s okay to cry, let it all out. I’m not going to lay down rules and tell you that you need to stop seeing the person, but it would be best to distance yourself. It helps to create distance and it gives you time to heal, give yourself space. It will take time to heal. It could takes days, weeks, or months, it all depends on how well you handle things. You just have to sit back and realize what happened and what is happening. You can’t sit back and wait for them to love you back, so keep your mind busy and do other things, but don’t completely ignore your feelings.

Let your feelings inspire you. Take those feelings and put them into use. Look at it as an opportunity to build yourself up to an even more amazing person. Say, “I want to a better me” and turn it into, “I am better than I was before.” Just as I turned, “I want to write another article” into this.

You’ve got this.


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