Unpopular Opinion: The Gay Agenda

by Saint Will 6 months ago in lgbtq

from sinners to brainwashers, what exactly is the Gay Agenda?

Unpopular Opinion: The Gay Agenda

“They don’t know God, the devil is possessing gay people.” I was 15, sitting in the middle of a discussion about homosexuality. What’s sad about that statement is that at this time, I was a teenage boy coming to terms with my own sexuality, scared, clueless, young, listening to people you would think at their adult ages would be more wise beyond their years, and the punchline? They were my family. Growing up, I watched how much hatred for gay people plagued the world. A lot of hatred stemming from what I know now as the following of a false God, confusion of sexual desires, denial of the nonconformist, and the misunderstanding of humanity. No thanks to religion that formed the cult belief that the homo species are nothing but sex demons polluting the earth with sodomy and fairy dust.

To put it in simple terms, in my culture, the hate for the LGBT community stems from the words of a man-made book. Since the beginning of time, growing up in black christianity, a lot of us have been scared into the belief that In order to get into those pretty pearly white gates in the sky, you must live by the word of a God who will forgive every other sin except one, being gay. As a kid, I never liked going to church, I mean what child did? Sitting for hours listening to loud banging on drums, people singing at the top of their lungs, and the women with the overly large hats falling all over the place did nothing to appease me. As I got older, and finally able to think for myself, I began to ask questions. We’ve all heard the ‘we should never question him’ bit countless times, but for a young gay black boy, I had lots of them, and was never afraid to ask. This life I live, the one that I never woke up a day in my life to choose, why would the one who put me on this earth hate me for living it? Why does being someone I’m not hurt more than being who I really am? How do I pray this away? But as I became more observant, I saw the truth. Christianity, specifically black Christianity is filled with angels with dirty wings, the ’Sanctified Sinners’ is what we’ll call them. Being someone who prefers to love the same sex is far more worthy of hell than killing someone, molesting children or cheat on your spouse. Be whatever sinner you want, just don’t be gay right?

Religion has been at the center of the “Hate for Gays” campaign, generations of a passed down belief that homosexuality is punishable by fire, leading to so many broken boys and girls hurt and abandoned by those who are supposed to love and protect them. However, in my case, what was passed down to me was that boys like myself would never be men. In some families it would be severe, almost, but sometimes fatal consequences to be a boy who cries. Of course I’m not saying I was ever beaten for being gay, but I did feel pain where parents often forget needs nurture the most, emotionally. I’ve heard all the words; the faggot, the punk, sissy, bitch, fruit cake, etc. Bullied by the ones close to me, and sadly more than the outsiders who didn’t know me beyond the swing of my hips.

I’m 25 years into my life, half of it I’ve lived the Don’t ask, Don’t tell kinda life. I convinced myself that it's just no one’s business who I love, out of fear that who I love could cost me my life. Today there are actual countries where homosexuality is punishable by law and in some cases sentenced to death. Such despicable injustice is happening in our world, on top of the unjust in our own backyard, it’s enough to want to make anyone run back in and lock their closet doors.

In America, the murder rate for trans women and men increases everyday, majority being trans women of color. The number of children and teen suicide rate continue to rise, most of who are bullied for their sexuality. Gay club goers are massacred, and documentaries about 8-year-old boys who are tortured and murdered by their parents cause of their sexuality become Netflix specials. Our tragedies are seen all around the world, but the sad reality we live in is that the only time our kind ever matters is when we’re coming up with the next best gay lingo, designing the clothes they love to wear or playing their dirty little secrets.

It’s Safe to say we have many miles to go on this long road, many battles for true equality and justice to fight… I can say I am moved by how much the world has changed, and how much the LGBT community has been embraced and accepted. Our victory for marriage equality, stopping workplace discrimination, and the ongoing fight for trans rights. We are witnessing an era where victories for freedom and representation have been won, opportunities are reachable everyday, and voices of those who represent our culture are being heard. Each victory that inspires me to live my life more freely and honestly, even finding peace and acceptance with my own loved ones.

But apart of any new era comes new reminders of the simple truth, as warming as it is to see so much love and support from straight allies, the acceptance from the hetero species as a whole will never exist, and they will continue to influence their hate for us to anyone who will follow sheepishly. In this era, they are no longer able to silence us, the age of social and television media has allowed us to tell the truth about who we are, and our stories are being echoed throughout the world. They have Failed to push the narrative that we are earth’s worst sin, however, with the help of mainstream media, they have been given the opportunity to push a new narrative that our kind are brainwashers, and our targets are the children. It’s like the plot of some sci-fi movie, more of a comedy for how far gone off the planet the writer had to be make this kind of shit up. The homo demons have now taken over media all around the world, corrupting children’s favorite movies and shows with their gay powers of mind control to create a homo demonic army, a true straight-to-video feature length called The Gay Agenda.

As alarming as the hatred for gays has been, it really is at times comical. Just look at the amount of so-called “Outrage” for two rats on a kids show getting married caused. It was a moment that proved exactly how they see us, of course all the madness was filled with the rhetoric statements like “Children are too young to know about being gay, let them be children” and the repetitive “I’m not homophobic or whatever, but...” beginning to an ignorant comment. Despite the disappointing negativity, even in that moment love still prevailed. I was proud of that kids show, that same show I grew up watching myself. It was a moment that reminded us all of the idea that love isn’t just in mankind, but it’s in every living thing on earth, and marriage isn’t just between a man and a woman, its two people standing before their God that accepts true love and happiness, not one that denies it. So if two little cartoon rats getting married to teach our children that love is love no matter who or what you are is brainwashing, then let them brainwash away.

In the end, It truly doesn’t matter what age or era we live in, to them we are dirty, explicit, no matter how many of us are the doctors who save their lives, their lawyers, their favorite sports player or musician. I am optimistic that one day the world will break out of its conformity and we’ll see true acceptance and unity. Until that day comes, we as a community will continue to fight for our freedom to live, love, and show the world that we too are human, and in my opinion, that’s the true Gay Agenda.

Saint Will
Saint Will
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