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Twin Flame (2)

by Patricia Anne 9 days ago in marriage

Right This Ship

Penelope, Thomas Ehretsmann

© Twin Flame: A Narrative of Queen Penelope of Ithaca. and Her Husband Odysseus, Patricia Anne Reid, 2021z

Episode 2: Twin Flame: Right this Ship

Image credit: Penelope. Thomas Ehretsmann

. . .

Truly Odysseus you love me not. Let me weep now into my pillow. Call to the servant and away. I can speak no more of this tonight.

I can take no more from you Odysseus.

My heart aches from ten thousand little deaths and now this Odysseus I cannot. I cannot. I will not recover.

Away. Away. Servant!

Odysseus retired from Penelope's bed chamber deep in thought. I have truly distressed my wife with my tales of wantonness. I had hoped to regain my footing quickly.


Athena promised this with ease.

Athena said you Odysseus are the King of Ithaca. You are the husband. She will capitulate immediately. In truth Odysseus you really owe her no explanation. Think on this Sire. What has she to say about your exploits? Has she battled Cerberus? She here weaving and rending in the comfort of the castle with all her minions about her. Has she passed through the narrow strait between Scylla and Charybdis and survived? No. Only you Sire. She thinks you unfaithful and yet I know you have been resolutely devoted to her only, only to her Sire since the day you were wed.

Nay! Athena. Before! I have loved only Penelope.

Helen of Troy, she says. Bah - a mere dalliance. Unimportant. The silly musings of a not yet man.


These acts of lust mean nothing to me. The body only, not sacred love. It is only Penelope I love. Penelope I long for. Union with Penelope is hallowed ground.

Odysseus muses. She must know that. But how Athena? How do I demonstrate my devotion?

Odysseus Athena supplies clearly think now on her own words. She wants your child. Does she not? Give this to her. It is the barren womb needs seeding.

By Jove yes Athena. I will seed her womb.By Jove Yes. Yes. I will go to the apothecary on the morrow and speak to the master magician there and he will design me a potion, a salve for my use in penetrating the hallowed field of glory and I will say dear Penelope this is my manly gift to you my one true love and this gift will deliver divine agent into your womb and ready it for my seed.

I will bed my Queen.

Yes Odysseus Yes. That is it. Athena massages the great man's temples and Odysseus finally sleeps.

When morning comes Penelope rises from her bed and says I am ready to condole with my husband regarding his gross forsaking of me. Last night I was bereft barren of body and soul but this morning I am replenished again by my nighttime succor.

Alas I dreamt of him again in my sleep. It persists. Odysseus. Since childhood I have loved only Odysseus. Painful.

Penelope is at ablution now a light powder on her hair.

It is time for me to slay a beast of my own. This feminine jealousy should not thwart my passion for my husband's sword upon my field. I honor him with my body. We will conceive a child. Of this I am certain.

I will defy the time sent to befuddle me. I will vanquish it in due time. I will. Look at me now I am as yet young Odysseus says so. I feel it. His seed will renew me.

Now a silken robe and my lace shawl dear servant and I am away to my glorious unfaithful steed Odysseus. I love him so.

Penelope exits her bedchamber and traverses the wide expanse of hall to Odysseus' neighboring rooms. A soft knock upon the regal door and it is swiftly opened by manservant Philo.

Philo says fond morning greeting my lady my queen. I hope you have rested well.

Yes Philo I have and I am eager to greet my dear husband in the warm glow of this golden morn. Has he waked?

Not yet m'lady. I suggest you go to him and slip between the silken sheets. He will wake a happy man.

Philo. You amuse me so and I will do just as you say. Pray leave us alone for I have private counsel with my husband.

As you wish my Queen. I wish you again a beneficent morning and enjoy your bed travails too.

Philo you are an incorrigible flirt to me your Penelope. You take great liberty because you know I adore you as a brother and always faithful friend to dear Odysseus.

Philo he would never have managed without your brave fidelity and now you sacrifice your freedom to remain at his side.

God honors you Philo as do we. Now away with you you scamp and keep your mouth shut and don't tell tales of treachery in the kitchen.

Yes m'lady. I never speak wrongly of you my Penelope. I only indulge my mischief maker and throw soft barbs towards the King. It gets a laugh in the scullery and keeps the servants in a kind and jocular mood. I am watchful for the poison you know and my humor is a powerful antidote among the ashes.

Yes Philo yes. Now go. Make haste and tarry for my condole with the King is long and onerous.

You know of what we now must speak.

We will draw it to conclusion with our sensual celebration and we need no Philo interruption.

Aye Penelope Aye.

Now Penelope softly creeps into the main bedchamber as quietly as a sparrow hopping on leaf litter in the forest. And she reaches the bedside without disturbing Odysseus' slumber.

She stands before the King and admires his regal solid form from under the white bedclothes and she reaches out her hand to push the lock of drenched hair from off his brow.

My dear Odysseus has had a fitful night she thinks and he has not rested well enough this eve. I will not wake him but slip in beside him now and mold my shape to his warmly and softly until he turns to me and says

is that my sweet my love is it morning with you now in my bed dear sweet Penelope. You smell of glory to me. I have missed you all night long let me hold you tight and let us make love now as the sun begins its move across the linens here on the bed. That is my favorite golden glow with you in my arms wife.

Odysseus. Odysseus. Oh I love you so. I thank God you have returned to me. Penelope collapses again into soft tears and Odysseus pulls her up on top of him.

You lie here Penelope and rest your full weight upon my chest upon my body. You will soon feel my pleasure for you.

Odysseus chuckles.

This is the blanket I desire my love and never tire. I was in a wretched humor leaving you last night. Wretched. I am miserable. You must understand me he says as his hands stroke down her body. There is no one above you. It is all you and only you Penelope.

This body of mine is weak and errant. I abhor it. I truly do. It acts on its own accord sometimes Penelope my dear and I know not what to make of it. I am ashamed.

Still it is no good excuse. No.

I am completely at the mercy of your recompense. I will do anything you demand of me to serve restitution for the dishonor I have made against you Penelope anything you require of me to right this ship.

. . .

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