Toxic Relationships

by Cienna Jones 11 days ago in humanity

How to handle toxic relationships

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are everywhere, and everyone experiences them. Whether it be within your work environment, your friends, or even your family, there is no way to avoid them. We all see people for who they truly are, but this does not mean that we choose to actively see these toxic traits or personality. So, how do we handle toxicity in our own lives? A good friend once told me that the situation is not a bad one unless it messes with your daily function. If this person’s toxicity is affecting your day to day life, maybe you need to sit back and ask what kind of meaning they bring to your life. If you are a different person when you are around them, are they worth being around? Often, it also might be difficult to understand if you are a toxic person in someone’s life. This does not mean that you yourself are a bad person or you do bad things, some people just should not be friends or meant to get along.

So, where do you go from here once you recognize that someone you associate with is toxic to your life? Well… there is no easy way to handle a situation like this. Something that is difficult is that people in your life who care about you will always give you advice on how to handle situations like these. They with tell you how much better your life would be without them cut them off, and never look back. This situation is difficult for more than just losing people you might have known for a while. Memories that bring you happiness will always outweigh the feeling of needing to leave a situation. You think that maybe we can be like this again and whatever is making them act this way will soon pass. But the reality is that the situation may never pass. They might be this same person and either you have to accept this or be willing to walk away.

A person’s toxicity might be based on a clash of personalities or a situation that is going on currently in their life. Someone who chooses to party all weekend does not make them a bad person. What are their morals and values? Do they go to work during the week and have a professional personality that shines through? Then maybe they just look forward to spending time with friends and unwinding. But if you are a person who does not agree with the party, then they might be toxic to you. Or do you find yourself going to these same parties even though you don’t want to because this is the only way you see them? This is toxic because you might not have communicated your feelings. Does your friend make you feel bad about something you love or something you do? Friendships are not confined to a box and no two friendships will ever be the same, but if you are not an adaptable person, then maybe getting rid of the toxic person might be the right way to go.

There is no right way to handle toxic relationships. Memories and familiarity can often hold a person back from doing what they personally believe is right. It also might be a good idea to look in the mirror and see how your own actions affect others. Life is in no way an easy journey but having the right people to walk alongside you makes every day worth it. While some people might give you advice on how to handle these types of situations, take in the advice and think about the light at the end of the tunnel.

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