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Top 10 things that can end a relationship

by Happy Life Official about a month ago in advice
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Ten things that can kill love

It's not easy to maintain the flame of love, and there is no magic recipe for maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.

It is necessary to know how to avoid time traps, which blunt the desire and lead to indifference or rupture.

1 - The lack of freedom

Let air pass through your couple so that it does not suffocate.

Moments of freedom are essential to the survival of love.

Sacrificing your own needs at the expense of those of the other alienates you from each other's identities.

The demands, solicitations, and obligations to do everything together represent veritable prisons.

Respect your differences and give your partner time without holding them accountable.

2 - "Soft" clothes

For some people, loose clothes are among the worst enemies of desire.

These clothing considerations may seem superficial, but avoid their daily use if they jeopardize your relationship.

Ladies, take your terrycloth or flannel pajamas, your grandmother's underwear, and your pink fleece dressing gown out of your dresser.

Gentlemen, get rid of your fluorescent tracksuits, checkered slippers, and holey stockings!

3 - Lack of respect in intimacy

You've been together for a long time, and you know each other inside and out.

This is no reason to let yourself go during intimate moments. You may accidentally escape.

Be aware that burping and flatulence are not welcome during your physical exchanges. Also, close the bathroom door when you are there.

Your partner does not necessarily want to witness particular needs.

4 - Lack of cleanliness

Profuse sweating, stinky feet, and foul breath are off-putting things that can kill long-term love.

The olfactory sense is very powerful in human beings, and it remains in memory for a very long time.

Some people who have been in a relationship for a long time wash less often out of laziness and because the need to seduce is less present.

This error could well be fatal! But beyond the lack of cleanliness, some people will want to camouflage these untimely odors with an irritating and intrusive perfume.

This is unquestionable to be avoided.

5 - Exes

Avoid constantly talking about your past exploits, which becomes exasperating for the other person.

Even if you're not jealous by nature, it's unsettling to hear comments about ex-spouses. This situation could lead you to blame or discord.

6 - Resentment

During arguments and misunderstandings, don't spend hours sulking. Encourage intimate communication.

Open your heart, listen to others and, above all, learn to forgive. Resentment is a poison for oneself and the other, while forgiveness is a generous and liberating gesture.

7 - Routine

After some time living together, routine is practically inevitable.

You have to beware of it. It is a fearsome, sneaky, and insidious enemy.

To avoid the deterioration of the couple, you must try to find the magic moments of your romantic beginnings before you become an old couple.

Invent surprises to charm your better half.

Pack your bags and get away from them if your budget allows it. Look for opportunities to laugh together.

Humor is the best balm for the heart.

8 - The absence of compliments

To preserve your relationship:

Show your partner positive feelings.

Please don't be stingy with compliments and tell him that you have esteem for him and admiration for what he accomplishes.

Tell him he's handsome, that she's pretty. If you have any complaints, preface them with positive messages.

9 - Different expectations

A partner who thinks only of his own needs, only his desires, by not taking into account the tastes of the other, runs to his loss.

The divergence of mutual rhythms of life, egocentrism, absolute eroticism in one, and total indifference in the other can lead to disaster in love.

10 - Aggression and violence

Living in a hostile environment, in a stressful atmosphere punctuated by constant criticism, is unbearable.

Insults, loud voices, and violent gestures inevitably leave traces for life. Some couples will find, over time, the recipe that will prevent their union from falling apart, others will have to survive in the pain of disrespect, but in most cases, verbal or physical violence leads to rupture.


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