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Tolerance and cherish life

by Nathan Gibson 2 months ago in advice

Tolerance and cherish

Tolerance and cherish life

The joy of childhood is pure. The pain after growing up is complicated. more grown, more lonely. When we were young, in places where no one was, we could be very happy because of the company of flowers and plants. When we grow up, the more we are in the crowd, the more lonely we feel because of unpredictability. Simplicity is the great realization of life. No desires, no desires, no disappointments, come and go with little effort. Simplicity is the greatest happiness.

Thinking of the past, countless people accused themselves of pretending to be sad, pitiful, or even mean. At that time, I will always be sad, touch the heartstrings, tell myself to comfort myself, that is the incomprehension of others, that is the thinking of others. But now, I will only smile frankly, because it is just the past. No matter what the past is, it can't be brought into the future world. It doesn't matter whether you are sad or pitiful, it doesn't matter if you are cheap, because people who understand you don't say that.

Don’t refute other people’s words. When you refute, even nothingness will evolve into facts. When you understand every bit of the world, then you must learn to grow, learn to think, and don’t place hope in For others, out of society, friends are important, but the main thing is to rely on yourself.

Don’t resent God’s unfairness. Every time you take a path and choose one thing, you’ll take it. You can’t blame anyone for what you choose. Everyone’s world has countless intersections. You need to choose by yourself, regardless of success or failure. , It is a trial and test. You have experienced so much, but you are better than others. There is no need to envy others.

We can act as fools, but when necessary, we have to use our own wisdom, because everyone is unwilling to be hurt inexplicably, learn to distinguish people, learn to see people, the world is so big, all kinds of people, there are Different personalities and ideas, learn to communicate, learn to summarize everyone's thoughts, then you will find that your heart is higher than others.

Learn to read a good book, record your inner thoughts and the world. People who are cultivated and cultivated will always be respected. A good book is like a good friend. It can pave the way for you and tell you where to go in the future. Which direction is the future?

Record your inner thoughts and views on the world. When writing down, quietly savor your thoughts, and fill in the shortcomings, then you have a good idea. Life always needs to explore, temper and experience, don’t cry out Tired and tired, because no one in this world is neither tired nor tired.

Don’t envy anyone, because in fact you are also very good. Don’t say that you are worthless. God created everyone to have their own destiny and their own talents. They are different from others. You need to discover and observe. Instead of watching others enviously complaining about the world, why bother.

Don’t resent anyone. Sometimes learning to let go is a kind of relief for yourself and forgiveness for others. When you choose to forgive, in the eyes of others, you will only say that you are a broad-minded person and are hurting you. , I will only feel a trace of ashamed, maybe a trace of ashamed, maybe there will be no such thoughts for a while, as time goes by, it will definitely happen.

The most in need are true friends, because these friends will always silently lend a helping hand when you need help, and will always comfort you when you are sad and helpless.

We learn to listen to the rhyme of nature, read carefully the inner voices of others, and don’t dislike others’ annoyances. She is willing to give you everything and share his bit by bit with you. Then it means that he trusts you to care about you, then Please cherish her, there are not many people like this in this world.

Don't think of yourself too low, don't be too humble, everyone needs that pride to protect yourself, when you discard the pride, then you are destined to become scarred. Be grateful to those who are good to you; why bother to dig your heart out if others treat you badly.

Don't place hope on your feelings, feelings are not all of you. When you learn to work hard and work hard, then feelings will come to you naturally. Feelings you can't afford to be extravagant, don't ask for extravagance, learn to accept, don't learn to expect, then you will never be able to satisfy your own psychology in this life.

Don't envy the so-called rich second generation. Have you ever thought about what they need? The so-called gain must be lost, and if there is loss, there must be gain. God is fair. They have wealth and luxurious life that we don’t have, but we know them. Without the plain happiness we have, the true friends we have. Wealth can have many things, but it can't buy a heart.

If you don’t know how to cherish, you won’t be happy if you guard Jinshan; if you don’t understand tolerance, no matter how many friends you have, you will eventually leave; if you don’t understand choice, no matter how hard you work, it’s difficult to succeed; No matter how hard it is, it is difficult to achieve success. If you don’t know how to accumulate, no matter how rich you are, it’s hard to get rich; if you don’t know how to be satisfied, no matter how rich you are, it’s hard to be happy. Those who understand love know how to cherish, and those who understand heart know how valuable.

Only those who know how to cherish can get; those who know how to love others can be happy; those who know compassion can be satisfied; those who know how to be grateful can be kind; those who know how to give can get rewards. Only those who know how to choose can do great things, those who know how to be strong can bear the blow, those who understand feelings can get true love, and those who understand human touch can be respected.

The smarter people are, the more tired they are. The more you care, the more difficult it is to give up, and the more often you lose; the harder you pursue, the more important your mind is, and the less beautiful you are. In life, some things are just numbers and don't have to be too deliberate; some people are just passing by, don't have to be too nostalgic; some things are just things, don't have too much hope. Having a beautiful mood, a simple state of mind, a feeling of happiness, even if it is not perfect, is the most beautiful.

In life, meeting some people is a kind of happiness, and meeting some people is a disaster. People are not perfect, but they must be sincere and truthful; things must not be big or small, but they must do their best; affection, without beauty, but have no shame and no regrets. This world was originally clean and beautiful; this human nature was originally kind and simple; this encounter was originally clear and simple. Return to nature, return to self, return to a quiet and dust-free heart.

Nathan Gibson
Nathan Gibson
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