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Tipsy Tuesday

A challenge to all vocal creators…

By Natalie StoverPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - May 2023

Let’s get tipsy!!!! I know what you’re thinking—it’s not the weekend. The bars aren’t hopping and you have got to get through a week of work sober. I get it, I do. However, I’m challenging you to get a bit tipsy this Tuesday. Let your hair down. Do something different for a change. Let’s start a trend—we’ll call it Tipsy Tuesday. Are you in? I hope so, cause this will be the new vocal BUZZ!

That warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t have to come from a drink LOL. I get it everytime I open vocal and see that I have new reads, new comments and especially a tip! All of sudden my mood is lifted, I’m feeling a little lighter and ready to take on the world. What if we set out to give our fellow vocal creators that Tuesday BUZZ?

Let’s set a goal, set a personal challenge to read at least 5-10 stories from other vocal readers and tip them—we’ll call it Tipsy Tuesdays! It doesn’t have to be much…that $1 tip from a complete stranger who cared enough to read my work and tip me for it; was enough to get me a little high on my self-confidence. That’s what the world needs more than any substance buzz…it needs a buzz of encouragement. Everyone needs to experience a complete stranger taking time and interest in their work. Why? Because it’s hard for the people closest to you to offer that pure “wowed” response that brings you that genuine sense of greatness. Don’t get me wrong the people closest to you think you’re great but your greatness becomes “normal” for them. It’s like someone losing weight and their significant other seeing them everyday and saying…you’re looking good honey. Then a friend seeing them six months later and saying “Oh my goodness you look fabulous”. The significant other has been desensitized and therefore less surprised by the difference. On the other hand, the friend hasn’t had the overexposure and is shocked by the GREAT difference. Here’s a recent scenario my husband and I experienced that proves my theory…

Last Friday night, Stephen and I were celebrating our last day of the school year at a beautiful restaurant, on the lake, called Seasons 52. Thanks to a student’s parents who had recognized my greatness as a teacher 😜. Halfway through our meal, a big family came in and were seated at the table behind us. After a while, it was apparent that they were there celebrating one of the men’s big accomplishments at work. The man of honor was super excited and kept referring to his accomplishment as his pride and joy. The rest of the family were a bit preoccupied with kids, ordering and talking to each other that they seemed less enthusiastic about the accomplishment. I’m sure they were not trying to be unsupportive… they had probably just seen and heard about this great accomplishment for months, every step of the way, so they weren’t as shocked by the news of his greatness. After we finished dinner, Stephen being the awesome stranger that he is, felt it necessary to take note of his accomplishment. He stepped over to the man’s table and said, “Hey it’s apparent that you are here celebrating some great accomplishment at work….can I ask what it is?” The man proceeded to tell him that he had designed a beautiful pickleball court in the Orlando area and how it was is pride and joy. He was a civil engineer and had seen his labor turn into a materpiece. Stephen congratulated him on an amazing job and left the restaurant. The joy that man had on his face as he was able to share his greatness with the world and someone take notice of it—-was priceless. The point—his family “knew” his greatness; but a stranger recognized his greatness and gave the celebration due.

So let’s do THIS! Let’s get tipsy this Tuesday and recognize the great talent among us. Let’s get our wallets ready…and if you really just don’t have the money, you can tip with your words, your insights and comments. Let’s make as many of our fellow creators feel the warm fuzzies this coming Tuesday and Beyond! Let’s give them the Tipsy Tuesday Buzz!


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Natalie Stover

I’m a mother of 5, wife and teacher. I love creating conversations with words. I believe words are powerful things that can inspire action. If you can’t “do”, you can still create action with your words!

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  • Raghavendra S Rao3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Hey there Natalie! I usually read more than 10 stories per day so it's gonna be Tipsy Everyday for me, lol! But I really like your idea because it encouages us to read more and writers to write more. Congratulations on your Top Story! I've subscribed to you!

  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    What an awesome and fun idea! This was told so well, and now I have all the warm fuzzies 🥰❤️ Congratulations on a great top story!

  • J. S. Wade4 months ago

    Great idea! And thank you. I will pass it forward. 🥰😎

  • Well, what a way to spread love❤️ ❗

  • Nida khan Durrani4 months ago

    Nice one...good concept... Read my story

  • KJ Aartila4 months ago

    I love this concept! ❤️❤️❤️ 🤗

  • L.C. Schäfer4 months ago

    I feel very cheap tipping so little... I would love to normalise it! All those little tips add up, right?

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