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Tips on What to Do and Places You Can Go on Your First Date

Don't know what to do on your first date? Well then, let me help you out!

By Kissy AnnePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Planning for your first date is always nerve-wracking. You worry a lot, and overthink a lot. Relax. Instead of worrying of what disasters might or could happen, think of the best ways to impress your girl.

The success of your first date entails thorough planning, and careful thought of many factors that would make it fun, fruitful, and a pleasurable experience for both you and your date. Bear these tips in mind:

1. Choose an activity that you both mutually like.

This ensures a more pleasant and worthwhile experience with your date and allows you to reveal an aspect of your personalities with each other. Make sure to know what your date likes, do your best, and make it an unforgettable experience so that she'll always remember the time she had with you.

2. Opt for dates that you can afford.

Budget constraints shouldn’t hold you back from dating a girl you like. There are a lot of activities you can do for a memorable first date. You can have a picnic at a park, spend time at the zoo, see a museum display, or go and watch a movie.

3. Wear something comfortable and not too fussy.

Clothes should be the least of your worries during a date, as there are more important things you should pay attention to. Wear something comfortable, but also wear something that suits you and makes you appealing.

4. Don’t go to a place where you can get yelled at for being noisy.

People go to the movies to watch and not to talk. So to be on the safe side, opt for a walk, check out an art exhibit, or go to a street fair.

5. Don’t drink (too much) alcohol.

Not only will you suffer the risk of turning the date into a disaster, but it might also send the wrong signal about your drinking habits. Don’t attempt to drink alcohol if you need to drive your date and yourself home.

6. Don’t involve others in your date.

Having your friends or family members with you on your first date may not be a good idea. Having other people involve in your date only puts pressure on you to perform well. With only the two of you together, you can focus your attention, and understand each other better.

For most of us, a date usually means having a dinner or watching a movie. There's nothing wrong with that other than the fact that it's so common. There are other options and places you can go to have a good date together. Here are the following places:

1. Museum

You can have a nice conversation with your date while looking at the displays. You can talk about your interest in arts, the things or people that inspire you, or just about anything. If you run out of things to say, you have an excuse to be quiet and just look at the paintings or artifacts. You can buy her a souvenir item if there are any. Other options are art shows, antique shows, planetariums and aquariums.

2. Amusement Park

While enjoying the rides and having fun, you can tell her jokes (if you have a knack for it) and enjoy a good laugh. Be a gentleman by making sure she doesn't trip while walking around (Hint: This is an opportunity to hold her hand).

3. Parks, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens

The sights are so pleasant and relaxing; perfect for picture taking with the flowers and animals. Be sure to offer some snacks and drinks while enjoying the sightseeing and the chat. Have fun taking pictures with animals, and create good memories together.

4. Street Fairs and Flea Markets

There is lots of stuff she can get her hands on, but that's okay, because they are affordable anyway. Buy her a cute tee or a cuddly stuffed toy as a keepsake. It's fun to take walks in streets while eating snacks, plus it's enjoyable to shop cheap items.

5. Nature and Outdoor Places

Depending on your and her interests, you may go to a sporting event, have a picnic, fly kites, go fishing, go mountain climbing, go biking, have a hot air balloon ride, etc. Having adventure is fun and exciting. There are lots of options you can choose from, plus outdoor activities will be a fun and very enjoyable time.

6. Theater

If you want a classier date, watching a theater production is a good option. It's also better than watching a movie, since you can have a nice time together with a nice ambiance and atmosphere.

7. The Beach

The place where all people can have fun in water. It's a nice place to have fun and have a good time. You can swim and play with water together, and by the night, you can talk deep stuffs together.

Best of luck, and have fun on your first date! ;)


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