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Time to Re-Think

by richard lowe 14 days ago in humanity

By Richard Lowe

Time To Re-think


What does that mean? Are we applying it right? When did time start? To find the answer to that question, we would have to investigate many different areas, as time does not really exist. Why do I say that time does not exist? In the beginning, the Creator did not make time in his creation of life. It was only something that was put together much later by humankind so they could keep a record of things. Therefore, there is no such thing as time. If we conducted some research on this hypothesis in many different areas, we would be able to understand that time does not exist at all, and everything is happening now.

Have you noticed we run our lives around time? There is never enough of it, and on many occasions, we always seem to run out of time to do what we need to do. Is that not, in fact, true? As time is something that man has made up, would you really consider classifying it as time? Is it relevant to what we call time on Earth, or is it the time that the Creator was created? To clarify things, we will start by looking at the Universe; If we say the Creator created the Universe, that would be interesting as we would also be able to ask where the Creator was before that? You can now clearly see how different questions can get quite confusing when we look deeper into the question itself. Therefore, we will presume that when we talk about time or the beginning of time, we relate directly back to the Creator itself. As we are aware, the Creator did not have a watch, so he would not be able to tell the time as we now know it. And as most of us know, the indigenous cultures went by the direction of the sun and moon to understand the seasons for farming their crops or hunting.

If we wanted to look a little bit further into the acknowledgement of the beginning of time, we could assess the Universe, though once we get past all the planets and stars, we come to nothing; that may not surprise you. Though I look at it from this perspective, if there is nothing there, how are you there? How can a spaceship or a satellite or probe venture into the universe and enter the area of nothing? It is not possible for nothing to exist; I know that does not seem right, but look at this from this perspective. Just because we cannot see something with our actual human eyes does not mean that there isn't anything there? You believe there is air, but you can’t see the air. When we talk about the beginning and time, we need to clarify which area we are relating that to; Most commonly, people refer to time as in the past, present and a little bit into the future.

This book will help us to go a little bit further back into that and place ourselves into the area of what we call the time slot of the Creator. Why the creator? Because if we went anywhere beyond that, we would only be guessing.

It has been stated that the Creator has manifested himself into many different forms. Depending on different religions and what that religion perceives their creator to look like. If we look at that a little more, we will then start to ask ourselves, “If there are so many different forms of the Creator, which one is true? In my opinion, there can only ever be one actual Creator, so how do we come to that conclusion? Something must have been there to be able to create the beginning of creation. We have all heard about the big bang theory, though that is what they say created life, not how it all began.

Do you remember the evolutional question that would always have you thinking; what came first, the chicken or the egg? It is just an evolutional question that would have you think about the question and for you to analyse it as you are not able to produce an accurate answer. To me, it was the egg, so why do I say that? You see, the egg represents the beginning of life. Where the chicken represents grown up, think about it I might be right.

The Creator is a massive energy source; it is as simple as that. It can be proven if you go further into this area, we will go into that area later in the book. The Creator is a huge energy source and has manifested itself into many different identities representing various Gods over a period of time, but this happened as humankind needed them. As we know, humans perceive things differently. Their beliefs and understandings of the world also become different from one another. The main religious order would send some of their priests out to the outer areas to convert them to the main religion. The priests found they needed to mix some of their beliefs with another’s. If it worked, they would then engage with a few other priests to go along with it as well. Then take it back to their own High priest to approve it, Then the High Priest would give it a new name as long as it mainly followed with their religious beliefs. This is why there are so many different religions: all different shapes and various forms of God. No one will ever honestly know or understand the beginning of time at this present stage as it is only relevant to the limit of your imagination or to the ability of your spirit or identity, whichever words we wish to place to it.

The Creator, as we have clarified, is a massive amount of energy that created. If we check through different Bibles and so forth, we know that the Creator created Adam and Eve, and so on. For now, let’s assume that this statement might be 100% true. However, if we divulge deeper into this statement, it also says Satan tempted them. And that's why they started to take notice of each other's bodies, and from there, they began to have children. If that were the case, then Adam and Eve were not meant to have children! Then why did the Creator give them the parts to reproduce if this was not meant to happen? It is then stipulated that the children of Adam and Eve also reproduced with their brothers and sisters. Hence the Creator allowed incest to happen. Then one of the children left Eden to get himself a wife. Where did the other people come from? Do you understand now how confusing this is even from the start? Though this was considered acceptable back then because he wanted more of us. This way, he could also learn from our events in life. Therefore, he must have created more than one Adam and Eve. And by the way, the names Adam, Eve, Satan are not real names as at that time they did not speak English, Latin or Hebrew. Those names were given later by more so-called advanced humankind. We know that because if we look back, they say we were cavemen and only grunted.

Therefore, when a child is born, it is a part of the Creator, and that part is called a Soul or Spirit. How do we know that? As we have ascertained, the Creator is a mass of energy, so to create anything, it had to come from a part of his energy to create anything.

We all know that humankind themselves are not capable of creating a physical form. That is a complete physical form, meaning every atom and molecule. And cloning is not creating as it is only making a copy, so consequently, they were created, which is where the beginning of man started.

As we are aware, when we look back into the past, humanity, as we know it, has spent most of its time killing or thinking of ways to destroy not only humankind but plant life as well. Our history has not been that spiritual with all the things that man and woman have done throughout time.

A Native American friend of mine once told me a story about the great spirit that said,

I gave you the water to wash yourselves with and to drink, but you poisoned it.

I gave you the trees to keep your air clean, but you cut them down.

I gave you the animals to teach you how to live with nature, but you killed them.

I will always be here for you, but you must call for me from your pure heart.

Have we learned anything from this small beginning? I say yes. Even with our dark history, we have moved forward. With that, I mean everything is energy, and that means everything. Energy grows. As we are a part of the Creator's energy, we develop as well. What do I mean we grow? The actual energy, which is your true beginning, some call it spirit, soul, higher self whichever is best for you, from each life we have developed, that means our energy field has grown.


Look at it like this, your authentic self is like a seed; when you plant it and look after it, it will grow full of beautiful flowers or fruit, but if you do not care for it the way that it needs to be cared for, its growth is slow. And that is where the saying comes from, you are an old soul or a young soul, or you can tell he has been here before.

Don't understand yet? Let’s put it another way. You know, when we plant something, it grows in seasons. Some just grow and make more leaves. Buds, then flowers, then die and drop off, and there is only a stick left. Then in the next season, it starts all over again, just like the life we live. We are born, and we grow, then we die and go back to being just Energy, and later we come back again, got it now?

Now we know we are a part of everything. And if we look back, most of our Indigenous cultures talk about it. Talking trees / spirit rocks / Mother Moon / sun / wind / water / stars / birds / animals. Did you know some would kill animals and cut their heart out to eat? And some would wipe the animal’s blood over their body or drink their blood so they could obtain the strength and spirit of the animal. As we know, that is a part of the animal’s energy.

If we look at most of our past, we have always believed in a higher being or a god and things that will give us a higher strength. A Talisman was made with excellent care and placing all the correct energies into it, or a lucky charm, or prayer, which means calling on a higher power to help us. Therefore, we should all be able to understand now that we are all energy, and everything around us is made up of energy. Now some of you might say, what about rocks there not alive? Well, let’s look at it. We know everything is solid or translucent, which is relative to the way the atoms and molecules move around.  So if something moves by itself, it must be alive or a form of life. And if a rock aminates energy, it is alive. You see, energy cannot be destroyed; it is everlasting.

When the Creator created you, that means you are a part of his Energy, and every living thing is all part of the same Energy.

When Jesus said, who is my mother, my brother? That is what he meant, for he was saying we are all mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to each other. And when the Jews asked him who is your God, Jesus replied, my God, and I am one. They didn't understand what he was saying and thought he was saying he was God; which in hindsight is correct because Jesus was part of God so, therefore, a part of him is God, but he said we are one, which meant I am a part of God, so we are one. Here is another


If I have a cake and you all want a piece of it, I would cut it into pieces and share it around so everyone would get a piece of cake, now you all have cake because it has come from the larger cake, which means when you eat the cake.  It has become a part of you now, just like the creator is a part of you because he created everything from a part of his energy.

What we have to remember is, we all need to allow our minds to open up and think freely about the beginning of time as we know it, Though what if there are Parallel worlds? Because if there are, could they have their own Creator or God? It could explain why we have said things like I've seen this before or I've done this before, or I am sure I know you from somewhere. Do I have you thinking now?


Most know the faster or slower the Atoms and Molecules move, which will give us either a solid or transparent image. The easiest way to explain this is human atoms and molecules vibrate at a speed that makes us solid. As most know, by learning to Meditate, you can calm your Vibrations down. If you use a Biorhythm monitor, it can help you see how you are going in lowering or increasing your Vibrations. Aura Photography is another way that can help us to see the energies around us. However, Aura Photography is not actually photographing your real aura as that belongs to your spirit. The colours don't change in this life only when you go back to the spirit realm. Aura Photography is just taking a picture of your body energies; this can still be useful as the camera turns your Biorhythms into colour, displaying different areas around you in different colours. This can help you to learn more about the way you are using your energy. It is noted that lots of,

RED in your Aura means agitation, anger, or just high energy.

GREEN signifies peace, tranquillity, and some would say healing;

light yellow and gold represent spirituality,

soft purple represents spirituality and communication,

and amber and murky colours mean you have problems in that area. Depending on what colour It is, it could mean a medical issue, or simply you are just out of balance.

If you have what are called little volcanoes blowing outwards in some areas, it means your body energy is not flowing right, and something is wrong in that area, and you should go to your doctor for a check-up.

Kirlin Photography was Invented around 1939, and it was able to take a photo of your body energies and show it as black and white or whitish. However, it also showed your etheric, which is like a static energy field around your body, whitish in colour. This static energy is caused by all your moving parts like blood flowing, digesting food, and many other things. There were some old photos and claims that it did show a person's limb being there even though it was missing. That could explain why some people who have had a limb removed say sometimes they can still feel an itch on that missing limb area. By being able to see these colours, it can let you know what part of your body you need to work on by altering your vibration. You can do this by controlling your body energies while you're in a meditative state or by learning how to disconnect from certain things around you by removing yourself from a specific situation and calming yourself down. If you can control your Energies, it will also help you in your everyday life. That means the energy that emanates from your physical form, which can be felt by others. This is not only your physical movements or actions but also the way you think, because thought is an energy as well, not only of yourself but also of situations around you, what you think about other people and events in your life.

This means that the things we call our past can affect you at this present point in time. Have you ever said that a person makes you feel uncomfortable? or my hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I am around them? Even thinking about them makes it happen. Have you ever been into a haunted house and can feel someone or something is there watching you or a place that just makes you feel uneasy? Have you ever gone to a friend's house and can sense something isn’t right? It is like you can just tell they have been arguing only by the energy that is in that room? Even a place of prayer like a Church or a Temple, even though some people have gone there with problems which is a form of negative energy. The power of what we call prayer has overridden the sadness and lifted the energies to a peaceful, quiet, and tranquil energy which is why you feel more at peace there. This is an example only of how your energies can affect other people. No matter where anyone goes, whatever they speak, touch, they leave an amount of energy behind. No matter how long ago it was, it will still be there.

Psychometry is where some people can tune into the energy of things, and then they can feel these energies and tell you all about it. Back in time when people made a Talisman, they would spend a lot of time on them and would only do it when they were totally focused on what they were doing, ensuring that they placed no negative energies in it; In some cultures, they do not like to give you a cuddle or hug because they feel that they can take some of your energy on to themselves. Mothers know if you scream at a child, that child will become more nervous or angry, but if you respond to a child by being calm yourself, the child will also calm down, so If you are peaceful yourself and you cuddle a child, it would be soothing for them. That is because the sound that comes out of your mouth is energy as well.

Now you are becoming aware of your energy and its effect on all things around you. There have been numerous experiments conducted in hospitals and correction centres over time by using colours because we have become aware that colours are not simply different colours, but the importance of each colour vibrates at a different frequency, which is energy. There have been reports that hospitals have used less sleeping medication on their patients because they have changed the wards' colour, which has caused a more soothing effect on the patients. There have also been tests on bodybuilders while lifting weights, where they have placed the colour red in front of them while lifting, and they have been able to lift more weights, but when a soft colour like a light pink has been placed in front of them, they have been unable to lift the weights they have just lifted. That is the reason why people are encouraged not to paint a wall in a young child's room Red as it can make them agitated or Hypo. So; therefore, we know colour is important as it represents a frequency which is energy. A woman is generally more particular with the colours of their clothing. Most spend more time picking the colours they feel they need or look good in, though males generally go for basic things.

I had someone ask me if spirits have an Aura? I have said everything is energy, so yes, spirits do have an aura because they are energy. But they are vibrating at a different speed. An energy sensor system can pick them up. But one that has been tuned to pick up these different energies. They are similar to those used in the movies, where they use heat sensors in rooms or infrared cameras, which pick up your energies.

I can remember when my wife had a terrible miscarriage, and she was losing a lot of blood. The nurse contacted the Doctor, and he said to let her bleed that way, she will know that she has lost it. The nurse told her that she could go home if she could walk to the phone over there and get me to pick her up. When I arrived there, I discovered she had difficulties breathing because of the lack of oxygen in her blood system. When we came home, she told me what had happened. I managed to calm her down by holding both of her hands and using my body's energy to synchronise with her breathing pattern. By doing this, I was able to take control of her breathing. At that point, I was able to lower the pace of her breathing so she was not gasping for air. This technique is called Magnetic healing. By blending your own energies with there’s, you can draw their problem into yourself. Then you need to be able to neutralise it.

At the age of 6, I learned to remove headaches and muscle pains; if we had taken an Aura photo, we would have seen both of our Auras joining together, becoming one Aura. Many people do things like this without knowing it. A mother gently stroking her child's head, a nurse in an aged care home holding a person's hand will help to calm them down. It is basically called a transfer of energy. All through time, we have been using body energies without understanding how it really works, not just talking about your usual everyday energy, referring to the unusual events in our life like an athlete pushing themselves beyond their limits or a person that can lift a car off an injured person, the way we push ourselves and keep ourselves going when really, we should have been having a good rest. These types of energies come from what we refer to as the Kundalini or Serpent, an energy that is basically at the base of your spine that flows right through your body. When it moves, it places specific amounts of energy to each Chakra. It usually happens normally but with much softer amounts of energy. But at certain times, this energy can rush through and help us achieve things we would not usually be able to do. You will find the Kundalini is also connected to what is referred to as Chakras.

There are seven main Chakras throughout the body, all connecting themselves to certain parts of the body. First, we start at the base,

RED, which connects us more to the Earthly things, Such as physical work and activities.

next is Orange, which is just above the groin bringing out creativity and sexuality;

yellow the solar plex area wisdom and understanding it is also the area that connects us to more of the earthly energy vibrations.

Green around the heart area is love and healing,

Aqua is the throat area for communication,

Blue is the third eye bringing through awareness,

The crown is Purple, opening Spirituality.

There are groups that do teach people how to open these areas up, though personally, I do not believe they should be opened up unnaturally. The Kundalini rises up and down your body distributing energy to these Chakra areas in a normal manner. It is the right amount of energy for what each Chakra needs at that particular time in your development. Those who teach people how to open up these Chakras are also putting people at risk, and this should not happen. The chakras are there for a reason, and the opening and closing of each chakra happen; naturally, it is all a part of your life. The Kundalini disperses the different amounts of energy required for that chakra automatically as your spirituality grows. If we place too much energy into a specific chakra when we are not developed enough on our pathway, it can cause unforeseen medical problems. Therefore I believe no one should learn how to open them up themselves, even with a group teaching you how to do it. The teacher does not know how you are going along your pathway and what level of spirituality you are at, so it is best to stay away from anyone teaching people to raise their Kundalini and opening their chakras. And an interesting fact is your body's energy changes all the time, not only with the food we eat but with our thoughts as well. It is never the same every minute that goes by; it changes depending on the clothing you wear, and jewellery can also change your body's energy; I divulge more into this later.

That is why it is so hard for others from other dimensions to communicate with us until we can learn how to control our own energies.

If we look at the Aura, it is a moving mass of different colours moving all around our body, some even blending into each other and some staying the same colour. The aura is telling us about a person, if you are thinking erratic, then you will have a lot of red moving fast, or if you are angry at someone, the Red will be like a volcano bursting out from you; you can tell if a couple is in love as their Aura will be touching each other and blending together. If you look at a streetlight, you can see an Aura around it because the aura is coming from the heat of the light. Did you know that different foods can change parts of your aura? When you are eating, your stomach area would have a redder aura around it because your digestive system is working harder. That's why if you are planning to do some Meditation, you should only eat something light so you can keep your energy calmer. Your body energies are important in every part of your life, whether you are at work, playing with your children, or just at home. The calmer you are, the better it is for your health. Some people say I keep myself calm. However, I still have bad health! I did not say it gives you good health but helps you have better health. Health conditions come from four main areas

1 You asked for them when you were in the spirit realm,

2. karmic,

3. past lives.

4. the way you have been living and the things you are doing in this life.


This area can be quite confusing, but it is also relevant to what we call the Axle Energies, also known as Dimensions or Parallel Worlds. The best way to describe this would be by cutting an onion in halves. Now, look at all the different rings from the centre working their way out to the outside. This gives us an image in our minds of all the different levels. This is what life is about. Each dimension has its own space with its own planets and stars. The confusing part is life goes far beyond that, to what we know as this planet. Therefore the Rings must extend even beyond this planet where we might have multiple rings and rings intertwining with each other.

Firstly, we will start with the core, the Axle part of the onion, and we will say that it is us at this present point in time, that little part in the middle. Each ring we will say is a different vibration, or we can say a different frequency around us.

As I have mentioned before, learning other techniques to control your energy to harmonise with all that is around you. We now need to know how to lower or increase our energies. By doing this, it will help us to see into some of these different levels. Some nights I step into them, it is called dreaming, some say astral travel; you have probably heard of people talking about what we call Angel's and Nature Spirits, and the Wii people, are these real? Can we see them, or is it something that people have made up? Personally, they are real. Many years ago, it was common to see them, though it was around the late 1600’s religious orders claimed these things were Demonic, so out of fear, it would not be spoken of, and if you were caught talking to them, The law at that time would claim you to be a witch.

The Church ruled by creating fear, so most people stopped talking to these Angels and Nature Spirits and forced their children to stop playing with them. When this happens, we put that part of our vision out of our mind and over time, we have closed our minds down, which is why most cannot see them anymore. There are a few people who can still see them. I have seen nature spirits on a few occasions, they are just operating at a different frequency, and they can be lots of fun to have around. It is also relevant to the way you wish to think, and I mean wish to think. The first person to Draw an Angle or Nature Spirit must have seen one at some time because you cannot draw something if you have not seen it before. If I asked you to draw a tubeless spark? You would not be able to because you have not seen one before, so try and draw one; as we are all aware, if you say you cannot do something, you will end up not being able to do it, but if you say you can do something you generally can end up doing it in one way or another. The same applies to the way we think about the different levels of vibrations that are around us. And our planet’s energy. Therefore we need to work with our energies to be able to understand and see these different levels. These vibrations operate on many different levels. If we start to change our energy, it allows us to see or step into that vibration.

There are many other levels, like the one we call the spirit realm. Even within that realm itself, there are many different levels that have vibrations vibrating at different speeds, which means many different shades of colours in each of these levels. Just because one might be a spirit, it does not mean they can see all these colours as it depends on their spiritual development. They are just like us. Some have good eyesight and can see things clearly, where others might see it as a blur. The spirit realm is full of many shades of colours, most that have not even been seen yet. That is how we get the words levels within levels or rings within rings. Now we can look at some of our other dimensions. We can talk about angels, heaven, spirits, guides, helpers, loved ones, past lives. And of course, beyond that, we have Aliens, which are just other beings from another dimension. All these realms, or onion rings as I call them, have other dimensions, all vibrating at different speeds, which also means different colours. Remember when I said the best way to look at this is by cutting an onion in half so that we can see all the various circles within the onion, this is precisely how the different dimensions are within what we know as planet Earth. Even though we have all these other Rings, which I call dimensions, they are all connected to the core. It does not only settle with the actual planet Earth; it goes far beyond that into our Galaxy and even beyond that.

There are so many things out there that we do not know about at this point in our life. Let's start with Angels, as we know. Many different religions claim there's no such thing as Spirit or Angels, and if we see these things, it's because we are working with Satan. And Satan has sent the Demons to take us all to hell, they then say there's no such thing as life after death; but at the same time, they also claim that their own Religion has Angels and if all of their followers do the right thing they will all meet up in Heaven. And that is the part that confuses me. How can this happen if there is no such thing as this other dimension? How can they have a Heaven if they do not believe in it? And what is it that is going there? If they think that when they die, the body will not decay away. Then they need to reassess that theory because it will, and I do not believe God is going to restore all these rotting bodies. Therefore, if it is not their body going to Heaven, what is it that is going to Heaven? Well, it must be the spirit, but they might call it their soul. So, what is a soul? It is just another way of saying spirit. And that just means energy that continues to journey on. If it continues to travel on where it is going, they say it is going to Heaven. Once again, it is just another level or a realm. It is also called another dimension; this is relevant to one of the rings of the onion. And when they say the spirit demons are sent by Satan. Well, where do they come from, and where do they live? Where do they stay? Most cannot tell you, but really, it is just another ring, another level or dimension.

Some people say it is all parallel worlds, which means everything is happening simultaneously, which means there is no past or future, is this possible? Yes, if we believe that time is not real, this can explain a lot of things, that is why I see it as the cut onion all different sizes all existing at the same time, all vibrating at different speeds, and each ring has its own planets, stars, sun, moon, and galaxies. This way, the centre is the Axle, and all the other rings are just levels of life or dimensions, all happening simultaneously. That could explain a lot of things that happen in our world or dimension? Now we must look at this more closely. We will start with the Bermuda triangle; did you know that there were reports of boats going missing as far back as late 1400? And around 1945, planes also started to go missing in the Bermuda Triangle. If we investigate this area, we will find reports of giant waves crashing against each other. Some ships were sunk because of that, but not all of them, and what about the planes? If they were skimming the water, yes, the giant waves could have hit some of them but not all.

As you can see, a man wants to prove everything. They must have something they can see to be able to say this is what happened or that made that happen. As we know, many countries have been playing around with energies for a long time, trying to make things disappear and reappear; the main one that comes to mind is the Philadelphia experiment. That was when they decided to make a Warship, and all its crew disappear and reappear in a different location. Well, that kind of worked, but they forgot that atoms and molecules are different, as each surface is different like metal, human, glass, clothing, and so on. They all vibrate at different speeds, and various parts of things got all mixed up together. This was a real disaster. It is said there was only one survivor, though his mind had shut down because of what he saw and the screams of his shipmates, they did it. But the question I pose to ask is why? It was a warship. So to me, they wanted it as a weapon only, not for the good of humankind. It was no different to when they were working on sound rays shooting sound at things, bursting their eardrums, melting their brain, sending them crazy and destroying buildings. All these things are energies that they have used. The energy waves are still there even though they are not visible to our eyes. They are roaming around in our world, unseen, causing destruction or helping other things to happen. We need to investigate other areas such as the rings, dimensions, and the parallel world. As I have said, it is all energy. Each ring has different energy vibrating at a different speed; If we look at it like this, we know that all things have energy, and energy also moves from one thing to another, not only on this land but in the air and space.

If some energies clashed at the wrong time, that could make a rip in the dimension as we know it, and if this happened, then things from the other dimensions could step into our dimension and items from ours could cross over to theirs. As we all know that if we use certain compounds, we can make an explosion. So is it possible that is what happens in these areas? Though keep in mind it is not only the Bermuda Triangle. Many other locations around this planet have the same thing happening.

The Russians and Americans have been working with Astral Travel and Astral Projection for a long time. This is where your mind or, as some say, your Spirit travels to a place you want it to go. But cannot be picked up by any ordinary energy sensor devices. This is mainly with Astral Projection as Astral Travel is different. To be able to see into those different levels or dimensions, we need to be able to change our energies, though are we able to change our body energies to match these energies? Not yet, sorry to say, that is still only in the movies. This has to do with your mind and Spirit or Soul. Why is this? Because we are working on a lower vibration than the others, and each ring vibrates at a different speed. We would need to match its speed, and as our physical body has so many moving parts in it, we would have to alter all of them. Still, by using the mind, we can enter some of these areas but not entirely all of them, and while this is happening, we need them from the other ring to lower their vibration to help with that connection. Is this possible? Yes, many Mediums do that when they connect to the spirit realm and bring through messages or guidance, But the hardest thing about this is not everyone can do this, and the ones that can are mostly put down for it, and they say that they are fake. Unfortunately, some are. It is a challenging journey when you enter this area, so the best way to start is by trusting yourself, being honest no matter what, in a friendly manner, and considering all feelings.

Learn how to Meditate, not only when you are sitting still but as you are walking around as well, these things help you in your everyday life. Learning something is just the beginning; putting them into practice is another thing. For example, you can have the most Spiritual Monk in a Monastery high in the Mountains. But suppose you took him out of there and put him into everyday life. In that case, he might fall flat on his face. Why? Because it is easy being spiritual when everything is perfect around you, but in everyday life, with all the challenges around you and the distractions, it is a lot harder.

Do not think it is easy because it is not, and life can be very lonely. You will lose friends because you no longer think like them, you stop going to places you used to like, and even the type of movies you watch start to change. Your kind of conversation will change, and you will simply not like doing the things you used to do, you will drift away from some of your friends, and even your food taste can change. So now that you know that it is not easy take your time. You will find your feelings will come more to the surface; this is all a part of the new energies to your body; now, you need to apply the changes in your everyday life. You might find you will have some old friends trying to pull you back to your old ways in some cases, so you may think it is a test, but it is not. There are no tests, you either do it, or you do not. You must want to change your way of thinking, and if you do, you will get there, see it like this. EXAMPLE

If you have a glass full of dirty water, you cannot put any more into it, so you must pour some water out so you can then put some clean water in, and if you keep doing this, you will eventually have a glass full of clean water. Some might say, why can't I just empty the glass and fill it up with clean water? Because it would be more than you can handle. You would be completely lost without your feelings, emotions and memory. Put it this way; if you had a bucket full of water and turned it upside down, it would splash around and make a big mess. If you put a small hole in the bucket and let the water drain out slowly, it would not create any damage. And yes, it takes longer, but it's safer.

Some people say there are only Seven Levels or dimensions. But when I have asked them how do they know that? Their reply was, I did a course, and they told us, or I read a book on it. Their spirit guides have said that there are only seven levels or dimensions, and we live in the third dimension. This might be true, but how did they work that out? And how do they know there are only seven dimensions? Unless they can travel through all of them, it is simply impossible to know. We are not questioning what the spirit guide has stated, and it might be accurate, but how much do you know or understand about Spirit Guides? You see, your guides can only reveal to you what they understand spiritually. They can only reveal what you should be capable of understanding or what you should be able to understand at that stage in your development.

I believe that there are many dimensions because I do not want to close my mind to other possibilities. If you can instil this way of thinking and keep an open mind, all things are possible., but as soon as you state a fact, you have closed your mind to other points of view, and then you will stop absorbing more knowledge. Remember, everything is possible until you say it is not.

There is an old saying; Do you believe in this or Do you know this? If you believe in something, then we might be able to come up with other different ways of looking at it. Then you might see it differently and then change the way you think or see it. But when you know something, there is nothing that can change your mind. So be careful, do not close your mind down by using the wrong words, as words are, in fact, energy, which can stop you from moving into different levels of understanding.

If it was ascertained that there are seven dimensions, each one is vibrating at a different speed, and we are in the third dimension. Therefore, as we grow spiritually, our energy increases in which we would be unable to stay in the third dimension and then would have to move to the next dimension. This could explain why some people have just disappeared, and some races have vanished. Some say when you are almost at that point, you can step in and out of the next dimension, but you cannot stay there too long. This could be what we call ghosts.

A friend of mine who is an Elder from the Inuit Tribe advised me that they believe that they will be taken off this planet and go to the blue star when they reach a certain level in their spirituality. If this is true, then he could be talking about parallel worlds, which is one of the things we are talking about, but I call them rings or dimensions. There have been many different reports of strange things happening, like warps, vortexes, and gateways, and time ripples. While trying to explain these strange happenings, these things are true. I mainly call them time ripples. Gray Wolf told me of a time when he was young. His parents took him out into the wilderness, where there were two large rocks, his parents set up camp there, and then after a small ceremony, they told him to walk between the two large stones and not to be scared as there would be someone on the other side that wanted to talk to him. He did what they asked, and when he came back out, his parents told him he was gone for days. To him, it was only minutes. He sat down with his parents and told them that two other beings from another dimension met with him, and they told him of all the things that he needs to do in this dimension.

Gray Wolf has spoken to many elders and wise men in his travels and was looking forward to going home but did not tell me which home. Though he did not tell me what it was, I did not ask but said he had done most of them already. Remember, all things have energy and hold energy, and some can manipulate these energies and use them, just like when we use crystals for healing or balancing. Do you remember the Crystal Radio and how it worked? Just think about the Crystals.  The rocks that were letting out different energy that made it possible for him to step into the other dimension? Yes, it could be if we add it all up and bring in the stars and planet aliments.

As a planet moves, it stirs up the Energies as well, just like the ripples on a pond when we drop a stone into it. But as we are looking at this, we must realise these are massive planets, so they really stir up the energies, and as we know, certain rocks have high levels of energy, so this could happen because when minerals move, they create a static energy discharge, which is like an electric shock in our solar system. Just because we cannot see something does not mean there is nothing there; we cannot see air, but we say it is there, though if we spray something into the air, we can now visually see it, we do not really see the air. Some believe in a God but have not seen him or her. Therefore we do believe in things we cannot see. So why do we find it so hard to believe in other things that we cannot see?

In most cases, it is a form of fear or what we have been taught when growing up. Do you remember when you were a child, and you were scared that there was something under your bed or hiding in your wardrobe? And then being told that there is no one in the closet, or I cannot see anyone or anything in there; could there have been something from another dimension that you could not see but your child could because they have not been taught not to see them yet. Have you ever watched children play with all their invisible friends? And you have said to yourself sooner or later. We will have to stop that because everyone will think they are crazy. Maybe it is us who must stop thinking there is nothing there and bring back the child in ourselves? Why do you think I said bring back the child in ourselves? You see, when a child is born, their spirit has just come back from the spirit realm, so they have not been brainwashed by us yet, which means they are still free in their way of seeing things.

Have you ever noticed how a baby often smiles when it looks at you? They are looking more around you than right at you. That is because they see the colours around you and all the other spirit beings around you.

Jesus said, come to me as a child; it was not meant literally but metaphorically because a child is innocent in the way that they think, and they still have that link to the spirit world. The sad thing is grown-ups have been taught to believe the way they do; if you look at it, your pathway is about letting go of things and filling yourself up with only good. But we know we cannot do that ourselves, so we must do it slowly, and as time goes by, our actions will touch others, and they will start to do the same thing, just like the ripples on a pond. You are wondering, what did that last part have to do with the levels of life? When we grow up, we become too serious about life which blocks us from seeing clearly. The only time the child comes out is when we have had too much to drink or when we are playing with our children, and no one is around so that we can let the inner child out. Still, we need to unleash the innocence of our inner child more, and by doing this. We keep our energies moving freely.


Our planet is made up of many different types of energies like oil, water, and minerals. All these are a part of the planet for a reason. Then we have the North and South, which is the Axis, and then we have all the other worlds around us. The creator has placed everything there for a reason, but what may you ask has this to do with the Levels of life? Let me explain.

Everything is energy not only on our planet but in the whole solar system as well. We are all connected. As you know, we have been removing minerals from the land for a long time. When we do that, we start to change the energy of that area. We are not only looking at that 0ne area but all the areas we have taken those minerals to. Each location was sending out a specific frequency. Now we have changed the energy of those areas, not only with the minerals but also with other things such as oil and water. Everything is energy, and all things around that energy will hold a part of some additional energy it has touched. One of the things that most don’t realise when we move energy around it leaves an energy signature behind itself as it travels along.

Now think about the Solar System when we have planets moving into different positions that will change our solar system's energies. Why is that important to know? It is important as now we have two areas changing their energy. First, as we are changing the earth's energy by moving minerals, we alter the way the energy frequency is moving around the Planet. These are called Meridian lines which are well known in the area of Feng Shui. And if we look back in time a bit, we will see a lot of Sacred sites like Stonehenge, Churches, many temples, and places where Miracles happen are built on these Meridian lines. By moving these minerals, we have altered the energy output of these areas. What does that mean? It means we have changed the way energy is flowing around the planet, which can cause people and animals to behave differently. How can we see that happening? If we look at the whales and dolphins, there have been many of them beaching themselves. When people try to help them back out to the sea, they try to swim back into the shore. They are doing that because they are following the energy signals of our Planet, but now that the energy signals are incorrect, which in turn is causing them to keep beaching themselves.

If we look at the Axis, we know there has been a lot of talk about the tilt of the Axis, which is causing the weather patterns to change; But the weather patterns are not the only thing to change. The tilt of the Axis can change how the energies are moving around our planet because the Axis is North and South, which is a pivot point of the earth.


Get an Apple and put a stick through the centres, so it sticks out the other end. With a pen, draw some lines going around the apple, North to South and East to West, now keep turning the apple around and around the stick. Eventually, the centre of the apple will get bigger and bigger. The apple will start to wobble around, and If you now look at the apple, you will see those lines you marked on there before are now pointing a little bit out of direction to what you had drawn. It is the same as the tilt of the Axis. The planet's energies have changed because they are no longer in the same places. The Astronomers have said the stars are in a different place now, and the only way that can happen is the tilt of the Axis. This can be the cause of some of the things that are happening to the planet. But it does not stop there. We now need to start looking at the Solar System with the alignments of the planets. As Earth is spinning, it creates a centrifugal force that keeps everything on the planet and in our atmosphere. Now let’s look at the planets around the Earth; they are all spinning as well, and each one has its own centrifugal force, which means the energy is holding everything to it within their Atmospheres. Everything is ok with all this going on, but when the planets start to move out of their regular positions, it creates everything to become out of balance. Now have you got a picture in your mind of that?

I would like you to place six-round items on your table. Place a large one in the middle and the others around it, leaving some room between them. Now move the other five items around, so they are out of position to what you had them. Make sure you leave some gaps between them. Each item is a planet, all spinning on its axis. If each planet is spinning, it would have its own atmosphere being held there by its own centrifugal force. But now you have moved them, which means the space energy around each planet has changed. When this happens, it means some areas have become weaker. This is what lets in new energy to our planet and the others. This can be good and bad energy. It's like running a stick through a puddle of water as you move it. The mud gets all stirred up and starts to mix with the rest of the water, just like the planets in space when they begin to move. This will cause the energies to change by combining with the new energy from space. It is known that some changes in the energies can also change the moods of animals and people. Sometimes it can bring out anger more or more of their understanding side.

If you looked at when the planets moved, you would see other things are also happening here on Earth. This could be unrest in some other countries, a virus, wars, and so on, not only the energies of our planet, all the other planets as well. This also creates uneven pressure points on the planets, which is like a weak spot in their energy around the planet. Now you need to remember the tilt of the axis. It is easier for the planet to tilt when the other planets have moved. But when the other planets move back to their normal position, if our planet has not moved back, then we are trapped with a tilt, and this can cause the weather patterns to change.  Now, this can also cause ripples in our time, and that is like a doorway to the next dimension or level, allowing things to step in or out for a while. This also could explain some of the disappearances of things like people, ships, planes, and other things. We know that the Axis is tilting, and this is causing other things to happen, such as the weather patterns and the increasing of the high winds, the change in the rain levels, and even the increase of earthquakes and tremors; and not forgetting the change in the arrival of seasons, which is also affecting the way all the trees and plant life are growing. Is this because the Meridian lines are not in the same place anymore? Yes, some of it is, and some are to do with what the Humans are doing to the planet. Ok, we know the energies are changing, as it needs to change as we grow spiritually. The energy in this atmosphere will become no good for us anymore. Some of us will stay, and some will move onto the next level. Remember, we are talking about levels within levels.


What does this have to do with us? It depends on how you look at it. The last section was on the Solar System, and we talked about the tilt of the axis and different dimensions; where do you think UFOs and aliens come from? The tilt of the axis can allow them to enter a bit easier.

Back in the late 1940, there were many UFO sightings. However, the sighting that was talked about the most was the Roswell UFO incident, which was speculated to be a weather balloon. We know it was not a balloon. The sighting was stipulated through the media that it was a UFO. Could this have been a UFO from another dimension that crashed with the occupants? Did the government cover it up for a good reason? This was a time of wild imagination, so you could say they did it for a good reason. However, the government and military learnt a lot from that craft and was able to repair it, though the main gain was the occupant who survived. They also learned a lot from the dead bodies of the aliens. It was stated that no one survived the crash though according to the information from my guides and other beings from other dimensions, there was one survivor. The survivor made some agreements with the government and the military. To work with the government and military in exchange for freedom later. This survivor was, in fact, the alien; The military now has its own craft and have been using it on this planet for a while now, but they are yet to work out how to get it out into space.

The Military gained a lot of technology through this. That’s why technology evolved so quickly in such a short amount of time. A short time later, there were many reports of animals being killed; the stories that came out regarding the animal killings were that it was wild dogs or toxic leaks, and yes, aliens. Yes, the wild dogs and toxic leaks did play a part in it, but the main one was the aliens. Part of the agreement with the military was to give the military the technology in exchange for letting the aliens do studies on our animals. The military was not aware that the aliens wanted to study their reproduction areas, so when the military found this out, they had to cover it up fast, so they started to remove other parts from the animals so it would not be noticed as much and reduce the number of questions asked.

How was this done? It would be too risky for them to go out there and start cutting up the animals, so they used the craft they repaired and made themselves outfits to resemble the aliens. That way, if anyone saw them, it could be blamed on the aliens. As time went by, the Aliens found out that their tests were not successful. They could not reproduce with animal reproduction parts. It was then that they started to abduct humans for their tests and experiments. Though the aliens were not the only ones who were abducting humans, our military did some of them for their own experiments. This may not seem plausible.

The aliens’ bodies were getting too weak due to not being able to live in our level vibration for an extended time. They needed our DNA to reproduce to be more human-like but still maintain their own identities and knowledge, so their species can move forward in the dimensions. Still, by doing this, it also allowed some of us to travel to their dimension as well.

Back around 1940, there were claims that Hitler had found an alien spacecraft with live aliens aboard, and that was why Hitler got all the top scientists together. Hence why Hitler was way in front of America's weaponry. If we start to look back, we will find this type of thing has been going on for a long time and that UFOs have been coming here as far back as the Native Americans. There have been many documented events about aliens coming here by Egyptians and Indigenous cultures, and some shared their knowledge to help us develop. There have also been reports of entire villages or tribes that have just simply disappeared. Do we know the real answers to this? NO, we do not, so we can only speculate at this point in time, which is why I say keep your mind open and look beyond the obvious. When I was about ten years old, I used to say Earth was like a penal colony camp, we are from all over the Universe and placed here to colonise this planet, and that is why we have so many different cultures here. So, when we see UFOs, it is just them coming back to check on us. Therefore UFOs or aliens are simply just something that does not come from our own plant that we recognise. We use that name a bit like you are alienating yourself from the rest of us, or you are an alien to this country. So when you look at it, the creator created the whole universe and other universes. Do you honestly think he would only create humans on this planet and not the other worlds? The atmosphere changes the colour of your hair and skin and depending on the amount of light. It will change the colour of your eyes and skin. The type of air you breathe in can change the colour of your skin, and if you don’t have to move around much, you will lose your muscle fat which means you lose weight, and the food you eat can make you skinny, and so much more. That's why some from other dimensions will look different to what we call the human race.


We have talked about dimensions, rings, and energies and how the energies are vibrating at different speeds. But what does that mean regarding you? Each one of these different energies means a different level of development in spirituality. That means you are working your way back to the creator.

A  part of the creator's energy is missing as he used it to make everything. You are a part of the creator. Because you were created from his energy, and now you are making your way back to him. However, keep in mind he made all the other dimensions as well. So that means there is a lot of the creator's energy out there that belongs to him. And all working its way back, all calling for help and talking to him simultaneously.

In the beginning, he gave you freedom of choice. That means it’s up to you how you respond to the events in your life. So how long it takes you to re-join back with the creator is up to you; though, you will return to where you started from.

Everything you do in your life will affect how long it takes for you to get back there. Believe me. There is no straight pathway; there are bends on your path, so you cannot always see what is coming up. There will be puddles of water which are your emotions, and rocks, which are your hard times. You are the one responsible for all these things which are on your pathway. You may see this as unfair, but it is because most of it you have put there. Because the real you is spirit, not the human body, and your spirit is working on spirituality, not emotions. When we have children, we teach them to be responsible for their actions, so why should it change just for us because we have grown up? We are always learning on our pathway; many souls start off going good, but unknown to them, they are drifting off their pathway. That is alright as there will be many things that will happen for them to get back on it again.

However, most times, we are so caught up in our lives that we do not see things or do we? Is it possible that we see it but do not act upon them because it is too complicated, and life really sucks right now? Then we say that you will do that when you fix this part of your life up. How many times have you said that? However, we must keep trying to pull ourselves back on track. You have probably heard the saying life is like the ripples on a pond, but do you really understand what that means? I will give you two examples.


Get a small pebble and throw it into a pond of water; we become aware of the splash then all the Ripples on the surface of the water. Just like us, when we create things and do things in this life, it has a reaction. The splash is the impact you have on others. The ripples are the way others have reacted to the issue. See how the ripples expand out from what you have done. Though you did not see the pebble going down or the way it hits the bottom of the pond creating a big burst of sand to come up into the clean water, this is called the effect of what we did. Everything we do has another action like the ripples. Now I want you to look a bit further than that, as the next one is about the actions in your life.


Now get a flat pebble and skim it across the top of the water. It might bounce two or three times. The first bounce is the first impact at that time of your action.

(1)  This will cause many circular ripples. It does not matter if it was an action, something you said or even a thought, regardless if it was positive or negative; it has touched many people around you. You can see the ripples moving out from the first bounce.

(2) That is the second bounce on the water causing more ripples and depending on if your activities were good or bad, will be how it affects those other people. Because those people then touch other people, this can be in the way of commenting on what you have told them, or you have upset them, and they take it out on others.

(3)  The third bounce has caused even more ripples, which is the other people's reactions to it. Eventually, the pebble has fallen to the bottom of the pond and once again creates a bigger disturbance in the sand in which you did not see or know if it has made any significant issues in someone else's life.

Therefore, when these actions are done, it is about the cause and effect of everything you do in your life. There is always an effect to it, no matter if it is positive or negative. Keep in mind everyone is connected to each other. So whatever you have done or said affects someone else. Then that other person goes away with it. They will hold on to it or talk about it to others or react to it, which affects those as well. So you become responsible for every single effect that has come out of it. This is why we need to understand what life is about.

Most of the time, we do not understand the true meaning of things like Karma. We hear people say that's Karma, or Karma will catch up to you, but they do not understand the true meaning. Karma is to do with the energies, or we could say what is right and wrong. I will give you an example,


We have two ladies. They both go out and steal one loaf of bread each. The first one takes it home and feeds her four hungry children. The other takes it home and puts it into the cupboard where she has another ten loaves of bread, so which lady is the thief? Some would say the lady who has the other ten loaves of bread in her cupboard because she did not need the bread. The other lady stole it to feed her hungry children, so she needed the bread.  So what do you think?

The lady who stole the loaf of bread to feed her four hungry children was the real thief. Why you ask?


 Because she knew exactly what she was doing, instead of stealing the loaf of bread, she could have asked to sweep the floors or do some other work for the loaf of bread instead of stealing it and putting her children in danger of being taken off her and put into a home.

The other lady who stole the loaf of bread must have had a mental condition because no normal person would take a loaf of bread when they already have ten loaves of bread in their cupboard.

However, in another way, both ladies are thieves because they both took something that did not belong to them and made it harder for the shop owner to make money so he could feed his family. This is telling you that before we comment on someone's actions, we need to understand more about them and why they do these things. You see, things are not what they always seem to be. You see, if you do something as we call it wrong But if you did not know it was wrong. You are not held responsible for it. But if you knew it was wrong, then you will be held responsible for your action. Once again, it's all about the energy that pushes out from us. So if you keep doing wrong things and know they're wrong, that is what you attract into your life until you have balanced it out.  Your pathway in life is simple if you are all alone. However, you are not, so really, it is all the things in your life that make it hard for you. That is because of the way we react to everything or feel responsible for everything; we need to stop thinking that way, it does not mean you do not care or you cannot help others. You need to follow your pathway.

There is a saying: if your brother falls on his pathway, keep walking. It does not sound very spiritual. Though if we understand what it means, it can give us a deeper understanding of life's pathway.


stop to help your brother, give him your hand, and help him up, but if he keeps refusing your hand of help, let him go and walk away on your own pathway. There will be someone else that will come along to help him because if you stay, he will pull you down with him.

That means you will not meet the ones you were meant to meet. You will not be able to help them or learn more from them. So, if you look at it this way, it also means Karmically you have stopped other people from helping the one that fell on their pathway, and you have delayed the ones you were meant to help, or you have prevented them from helping you. However, it does not stop there. All the other ones you were meant to meet will not learn from you. And the ones you were just meant to meet will all miss out this time. Though at some other point in time, you will all meet again in a similar situation because it is all about learning spirituality, which is about learning to bring balance into your life and loving things equally. Jesus called it Agape – pronounced as Ar-gar-pay love, which means unconditional love, so your pathway will go on for a long time, as does the ripples on a pond.

Your pathway in life is about creating an understanding and accepting all for what they are and not what you think they should be like because they are not you, and you do not know what any of their other lives have been like.

There is a more straightforward way of looking at it.

(1)  judge no one unless you want to be judged.

(2)  Do not take offence at what they are saying. If you do, they will stop, and you will not learn their truth.

(3)  Everyone's opinion is important, and if you do not listen to theirs, why should they listen to yours?

These are simple to say but hard to do as there is more to life if you really look at it.

Place a light with a dimmer switch connected to it outside at night and just turn it on to the lowest point you can. Now slowly turn it up a little bit at a time. You will see it will attract a few insects, moths, and bugs but not many. However, if you keep turning it up slowly, it will attract more insects and pests. And some that are annoying, but it will attract some nice ones as well.

As you can see, the light will draw good and bad. Therefore, even bad needs light as it is on its own pathway back to the Creator. As you learn more about living your real life, the brighter your light becomes, and with that, it will attract many things, good and bad. So the light means you are growing more spiritually. It is like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder. So the best way is to mix with others that are involved in the same things as you; That way, the right ones will come into your life, and you can learn from them all. You will have to choose the ones to follow and to learn from, so don't get carried away or jump in too fast.

A friend of mine, Eagle Claw, told me a story once about a father and son.

The father was a proud man and well respected in his tribe. He was also a strong man and a good hunter. When his son was born, he held him high and thanked the Great Spirit for his son. Although his son was small, his father told them all he would grow to be a big and strong man, and he will hunt with them, and we will eat well. As the boy grew older, he tried to do everything that his father had asked of him. However, he preferred to be with the old ones and listen to the stories of a time long gone by or helping the woman. His father started to get angry with his son for not learning to shoot and run with the rest of them and for not learning the ways of his people. As time went by, the boy would wake up at night screaming and crying. This went on for a long time. His father started to be ashamed of his son, for the other men were calling his son names. He was losing the respect of his people, which was not good, for he was a proud man. So, one day, he stopped instructing his son and started to yell at him and blame him if the hunt was terrible, but the boy loved his father and tried to tell him of his dreams. His father did not want to know, for all he could see was a boy that he was ashamed of. Winter was coming, and the hunters were getting less food, but one night the boy had a dream of a large eagle that came to camp, and it would bring many buffalo for them, and it would last them all winter. It would mean his father would not need to go hunting in the cold. When he woke, he rushed to tell his father and the others, but they all laughed at him and told him to go and play with the little girls; the boy tried again to say to them that they did not need to go hunting. They turned away from him and started to go. As they were just out of sight, a large eagle flew into their camp, almost blocking out the sun, and following the eagle was seven exceptionally large buffalo, the biggest you have ever seen. The eagle picked the boy up by his shoulders and flew away. The boy called out for his father to help him, but his father was too far away. As the boy looked down, he could see the buffalo had stayed for them so they would have food, just as the boy's dream had said. The boy tried to break free but could not. The eagle's claws just cut deeper into the boy's shoulders. As they flew higher and higher into the mountings, the boy drew his knife out and started cutting into the eagle's claw. As he did this, the eagle's blood ran down the claw and began to mix with the boy's blood. This made the boy pass out.

When the boy woke up, he was on the ground next to a cave. There were lots of eagles around him. He noticed one small eagle that was missing a claw. He crawled slowly over to the cave to get shelter from the cold wind. It was warmer there, so he fell asleep. In the morning, the eagle with the missing claw was there and had brought him some food. This went on for weeks, then one day, the eagle started to talk to the boy. Your wounds have healed. The marks are from my claw you cut off. We are one now, and I will always be a part of you, and whatever I see, so will you also see.

By now, the boy was a man by now, and the eagle was by his side, and when the eagle flew high, the man could see whatever the eagle could see. It was as they said they were one. Many had come to see him as the eagles had taught him many healing ways. He could warn them of any dangers before it happened, though as the years passed by, he had hoped his father would find him. Still, his father was too ashamed of himself for what he had done and blamed himself for not being there to save his son. He spent most of his time hiding away from his people in shame.

What did you get from that story?

Always be grateful for what we have.

Always listen to others no matter what it is about, as all things are possible.

Always take a person for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

Always admit if you are wrong.

Always see all as equal to you, and never place yourself higher than others.

Walking your pathway is not always easy as there are many ways of seeing it, and all of them are the right way. It’s just parts of your pathway that will take you a little bit longer to get to the point you should be at. It just all depends on the way you see it at that time. As you go further down your pathway, you might see it differently. But that is okay because that means your understanding is growing.

How many times have you looked at something and have not seen something until someone shows you or listened to a song and thought the words were different until someone tells you the actual words. That is because we only hear and see what we recognise at that point in our spiritual development. So, when you are moving along your pathway, you start to see and hear things differently. That is why you always need to have an open mind.

Some Indigenous cultures believe that when they see a shooting star, It means one of their brothers has gone back home to the great spirit. When they see a falling star, it means one of the brothers has come back to them and that we should step softly on Mother Earth as she is holding our children who are waiting to be born.

I was told a story once by Eagle Claw about Mother Earth;

Mother Earth was called to a meeting in the heavens by her brothers and sisters, and they were concerned about what the humans were doing to her. They said we have watched you for a long time and seen you in great pain.

We have watched the humans build roads over you, which are like ropes that hold you down.

They have poisoned the water, which is like poisoning your blood;

They have built big buildings on you, which is making it hard for you to breathe.

They have poisoned the air and cut down the trees, so it is killing you slowly.

They have dropped bombs on you, which is like red hot rocks cutting into you.

Therefore, we have decided we will use the Moon, Sun, Stars, Wind, and water to remove all these things from you so you can live the way you were supposed to live. However, Mother Earth asked for more time as there were many now trying to change their ways. And help her survive. They said they would wait a little bit longer but would help her by giving the humans some warnings. If they do not change, we will remove all the things that man has put there.

When we look around, there are many things that man has done to this planet, and now they are going into space, leaving their rubbish out there, knowing that someday it will get pulled back to Earth and hope it will burn up before it hits us. How can we all move on if we keep doing this to our home? If we rented a house and were moving out, is it acceptable to destroy half the house and leave all your rubbish behind? So why do we let this happen to Mother Earth?

We can go into many things about this area, but we will not. Just by you trying to walk your pathway in the way we have talked about so far will create the changes that are needed.

SPIRIT World and Heaven

The other day I was telling a friend of ours that we have three spirits in our house. They just come and go, which has been going on for quite some time. They said to me, “maybe they are trapped. Should we send them back to where they belong”? No, they are not trapped because they just come and go whenever they want too and I think they just like dropping in; However, the next day, someone else said to me, they believed that when we pass over, we go straight to Heaven. It was then that I had to try and explain about crossing over, as I call it, which is when the physical body decides that it has had enough of being here. It is quite common that our energy or soul, whatever you want to call it, commonly hangs around just for a little while, generally within the first three weeks. This is why people see a deceased loved one even though they might not be called a clairvoyant or medium. The reason for that is because it takes that amount of time for their physical body energy field to disperse totally. The spirit can still use that energy field to the best of their ability and kind of show themselves more clearly to their loved ones, to let them know they are okay, which is a little bit different than being Clairvoyant as the spirit does not need to use the body energy for that type of contact. We can say we go to Heaven, another realm, or another dimension when we go there, we meet a loved one there; some of us will spend a lot of time there. This part is only the beginning of what we call Heaven. This area is where we start going over our life and all the things we have done and said. Even the way we have looked at someone, as well as the things you would have liked to have done but did not, the things you did and wished you did not. You know, as they say, we are our own worst judge. We judge ourselves very severely. Oh, sorry, were you expecting a person with long white hair and in a white robe? Sorry to say no, there is not unless that's what you want.

Consequently, we are going over all this; we start becoming aware of all the hurting and pain we have inflicted on others. The tears, trauma, and insecurities and how much we had loved. All this we created in our lives, but we also become aware of how much of that also affected other people that we were not aware of. Like I mentioned before, the pebble and the ripples on the water, then the pebble going down to the waterbed. And the things we did not see happening.  When we are in the spirit realm, whatever pain or insecurity that we have caused others to unnecessarily experience, we will experience it tenfold, so we can utterly understand at that point how important it is not to hurt anyone in any way, Sometimes we can handle this all by ourselves, but even there we are not by ourselves; there would usually be a loved one or a couple of loved ones there to help us. Sometimes there would be quite a few to help us go through it all because it can be pretty dramatic. Even though we are in the spirit world at that time, it can hurt a lot once we have managed to balance these out and come to the correct understanding of what we have done and accepted the responsibility for what we have done.

Only at that point can we start to have choices of things we would like to do. Some of us ask to come back as a spirit and be around the ones that we hurt and try to help them overcome what we have created for them though sometimes we cannot help them, so, unfortunately, we must watch them go through these experiences. Even though we have passed over and do not have our physical body anymore, it still hurts us to watch this happen, and we feel helpless because we cannot help them. Sometimes, just that alone could be enough for us to become a helper and help them as much as we can, and of course, that sometimes helps us understand it even more as we come to an understanding that we have a lot more learning to do, so with this in mind we choose to move on a little bit. Unfortunately, we still must watch all the emotions and pain that we have created. Still, we have more spirit people around us trying to help us to understand the teachings, and we learn and hopefully will not make those mistakes again. The spirit can never truly forgive itself for hurting someone, no matter how big or small, for those that have passed over from an illness. We go to what is called a spirit hospital, as most times we do not understand that we do not have that illness anymore, so we need time to overcome it.

You have most probably heard the saying my father's house has many rooms; it was a comment that Jesus made, and it does, well we are not talking about a real house or physical rooms as everything that exists is his house and every level, every ring and dimension is his rooms, so there is always a place that we can go when we are in the spirit realm.

As I have said before, we are energy, and the more spiritual we become, the lighter we become, which means our energy becomes less dense. I'll give you an example.


If you place a white bed sheet over your window or doorway and place a light on the opposite wall, you stand on the other side of the sheet in the dark. have someone walk up to the sheet, you will see their shadow image, then ask them to walk to the light slowly. You will see the shadow image slowly fading away. This is like the spirit world and Dimensions. The closer to the light you are, the less others can see you, which are vibrating at a lower frequency than you.

Though we can only go to the levels that we are spiritually attained to go to, our spirit or soul energy is all the same thing it is never-ending, everlasting it will always continue as we are making our journey back to the Creator to become a part of pure energy and the lessons in all the lives we have learnt, we take back as well, so when you look at it, even the creator is learning more with every life we have.

We Judge ourselves more severely than anyone ever could because when we are a spirit, we are the total of all the lives we have lived, and we have all had many lives and when we choose to come down and have what is called hands-on experience because this way, we can learn more. We can decide when we are in the spirit realm to watch others and learn from it that way, but that is much slower, and at some point, you will still need to come back down and have hands-on experience.

Even at this level, there are many other levels all vibrating at different speeds, so when you are there, you cannot see it all.

If there is a Heaven, then there must be a hell? Yes, but not like the way you think it is or the way religions have taught you to believe. There is a ring or level for that. The word Hell is the name that the Religions gave it to scare you. This level is where the ones who cannot balance all the bad things out they have done, and I mean terrible things. Still, no one puts them there. We do that ourselves by the way we think and feel at that time, as in this life, we are brainwashed to believe if we do bad things, we will go to Hell, so we do. It is all about the way we think and feel. Because we are spirit then so we judge ourselves severely. But you are never alone. There is always someone there to help you balance things out. You could say that level is like one big mental hospital dealing with many different types of issues, from drug users to murderers and all the in-between mental problems. Do some escape from there? Yes, there are no doors or locks. That is why sometimes we have bad experiences with Spirits.


Before this can happen, you must pass over to the other side, which means death to us here. I have said it this way, so we do not get Confused with Astral Travel or Astral Projection or Resurrection. As most of us know, reincarnation means we come back in a life form or live again but not as we were before. Does this happen? When we pass over, we go to a different level or dimension, and that is where we must go over all the life we have just left behind. From there, we can see what we still need to learn or experience. We are often in a hurry to come back, especially if we have left a loved one behind, and sometimes this happens. I believe that this could explain why some males feel that they should have been a female and females that feel they should have been male.

Most do stay there for a long time as it is not that easy to get over the life we have had. And of course, the way we died, there are lots of things we have to balance out and come to terms with. When we have decided that we are ready and have overcome all the issues from the previous life, and if you have left a loved one behind, it would mean you might not see them for a long time, so what are you going to do? Most choose to stay there and wait for their loved ones to join them. By doing it this way, they can decide to come down as spirit and spend some time around them; also, you can learn how to help them. It does not mean they stay there with you all the time, and some remain there with you because they cannot let go or they love you so much. If this happens, it's because they have had many lives with you. There is much to do in the spirit realm, so they stay until they need to go as in the spirit realm they are catching up with old friends and learning more about being there, and learning how to communicate with us down here, just because you are a spirit it does not mean you know how to do it all.

So how do we know when it is the right time to come back? Most times, we find ourselves talking about it to our friends, sharing points of view of what we still need to learn and where would the best place be for us to learn, and who with? Because there are many things to consider like which Country, or Nationality, or what level of education do you need, and which gender would you like? Keep in mind we have to have a mix of lives as male and female to have a balance. What type of opportunities will you need. Other types of friends you will need and their sexual preference. There is also work opportunities- do you need to travel. If you want children and will religion come into it? Do you still want to be with the person you fell in love with from your previous life, or will there be someone new? Do not forget family, mother, father, brothers, and sisters; Do you want a farming area, war zones, mining areas or gangs, you see there are lots of things that take time to work out, and it is not easy to place you in the right place all the time, so sometimes it will be close to what you are needing. All these things you must decide, but you have your friends there to help you, but if you believed in life after death when you were alive, then you will remember your spirit guides and helpers that were with you before and are now there to help you make the right decisions now. We all belong to what I call a spirit family, and when we come to be reincarnated again, some of them will come back with us. It is just like us on Earth when a person dies. We get upset, the same when we leave the Spirit Realm and come down to Earth. They get upset as well. You know when we are here and meet someone, but we feel we know them from somewhere else but cannot remember where from, that is right your Spirit Family, there is a lot we do not know when we come back here, and there is a good reason we do not; however, I will get to that later.

We must not forget that your life is about your Spiritual pathway, not whom you know or how much money you have. Just because you were good in this life does not mean your next life is going to be easy as everything depends on what you need to learn or overcome in your new life. Your brain is now new to you, and the link between the spiritual realm will fade away slowly. You will find most children do have memories of their life before, not all of them, but those who do will often talk about it a little, though as adults, we think it is made up and pay no attention to it. This generally goes on right up to the age of around seven. Then this will slowly go. However, if you are lucky and have developed the senses in a past life, that will mean you can still have some connection with the Spirit Realm, which can help you in this life, you might even find you have some memory of some parts of other lives but not all of them. This might make you more interested in things in this life, like music, religion, Indigenous cultures, and so on. As you have heard of some children being very gifted at a young age, that is because they still have a strong connection with their past life. It is coming through in this life, and that is the same as some fears that are from a past experience.

There has been a lot of research done on Reincarnation with Children as they still have that connection with the spirit world, and as we grow up, we block most of it out, as we must learn about this life and do not want to sound crazy to others. It has also been said that we can bring illness into this life. This could be partly right, as we can bring a memory of that illness, and that is what makes us sick, as we know the brain is powerful. Even right now, if you keep saying you have a headache, it will not take long before you start to have one. You could try and read some books about the power of your brain to help you understand how it works. There are lots of books out there on it.

A lot of people have asked me why children and young people die.  There are a few reasons for that and can be a touchy subject, but I’ll try and explain. First, we will start with stillborn babies.

This is generally because the spirit of the baby has decided it can't go through with it.

It was creating an experience for you or your partner that you asked for when you were in the spirit realm.

Something went wrong as you were carrying the baby. It could have been a car accident, or you were drugged.

When young Children Die. This can be a heartbreaking experience for anyone

Most times, the spirit only needed a little amount of time to achieve the experiences it needed, and you agreed to it when you were in the spirit realm as we are much stronger than we are now.

Young adults that pass over.

This can be because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, as accidents do happen.

They have achieved the things they needed and have spent the time helping others reach the point they needed to experience. This can be in a love life or helping them become stronger in their life.


This is different from Reincarnation as we are using the same body. The best one we know is of Jesus when he rose from the Crypt or Cave; When Mary came to see him, she found the big rock across the entrance had been moved, and his body was not there, she turned to run and tell the others that someone had taken Jesus's body, but Jesus appeared in front of her glowing like a bright light. She went to touch him, and Jesus said, do not touch me, for I have not fully transcended. But what did transcend mean? She did not understand. If she had touched Jesus, the woman would have got an electric shock which could have killed her. To resurrect a dead person is not easy. There have been around ten people brought back from the dead. You can research this for more details. This is what must happen. Only someone that is almost at the end of their pathway can do this. Some would say an Avatar. The body energies must be reconstructed again, which means healing in a big way. As we know, it takes about three weeks for the body's energies to disperse. This time frame is particularly important as the spirit is still connected to the physical body by what is called a golden cord. The spirit can still be reconnected back to the body because of that. Some say that they can see that Golden cord from others out there when they are in the Astral world. 

When the energies are getting recharged, that is what causes the glowing around Jesus. When he said, please do not touch me as I have not fully Transcended yet, he meant the energies have not completed repairing his body. It would have been like an electric power going all around his body, so if at that time she had touched him, it would have been like getting electrocuted, which is why he said, do not touch me, research would show others have been resurrected as well, but keep in mind this is not a normal thing to happen to anyone.


Animals belong to a group spirit body, which is energy just like everything else; when an animal passes over, they go back to the group energy. All their experiences of being here are put together, so they all learn from it. It is very much the same as us; they must balance some things out as well. More so if their death was a painful one or mistreated. Once they have balanced it out, they are ready to join the others again. Eventually, as their spirit grows, they will take different forms, from an insect right through to, say, a dog. Why did I say Dog? Well, that is easy because the word dog spelt backwards becomes GOD, and then a human form. The Buddhists believe all living things are a part of the creator, so they could be their brothers yet to come or have been, so with this, they treat them with great respect and do their best not to kill even an insect. As they have energy just like us, it means when they pass over, their energy takes time to disperse and would mean that you might still see them around you.

But do they reincarnate? Well, yes, of course, they do. Have you ever lost a pet, and sometimes later, when you have got over it, you go and buy another pet. Still, when it looks at you, it's just like the one you lost, or it starts doing the things just like your other one did, or one just turns up on your doorstep, and you feel that instant connection with it, Well now you know why, As they say, he's back?


What is a Walk-in? Just as it says, a spirit just walks into your body (not what you are thinking). It is a spirit that has already had many lives here before, and I mean many lives a lot more than most, so it does not need to go through all the baby parts of learning about life and how to understand how life works. It just needs to take your body over. I am not talking about a Procession. It is a spirit that has learnt most things it needs to know and now only has a few things left it needs to complete. If someone dies before their time, they can come back. This way, as well as there is no need for them to go through it all over again, so now they must wait for the right opportunity to come down again. This can take a while for them. As each opportunity comes up, that person's life must be looked at closely, and they must make sure it would be the right body and the people already connected to them. This is not easy. It is almost the same as coming down as a baby again but as a grown-up instead, but how is this going to happen? First, they must find a person that is just about to pass over. This can be from a heart attack or accident, but they do not want the body or brain to be over damaged, and it can be a male or female body, so this can be very confusing for the spirit.

What happens is, as the person is passing over, the now grown-up Spirit takes over the new body, or sometimes both spirits come to an arrangement to use the same body at the same time. I know this might sound a bit far-fetched about sharing the same body, and it is not a common thing, but it does sometimes happen, though mainly it is one spirit to each body. Therefore, when the doctors say we have managed to revive him or her. The new spirit has now connected to the body. This can be very hard for the spirit as it has to get used to the new body as it might be smaller or taller, wider, or be the opposite gender, which they now must get used to being like that. It would generally take a lot of time for the new spirit to get used to the new body and the life which the other person was living. Still, the new Spirit does not know all about the life of the other person, so they must learn this as quickly as possible, so they do not look like they are going crazy. This is where things start to get interesting as the new family begins to notice different things happening, like the change in the person's personality or their interests changing. Hence, they end up having to go and see the Doctors, only to find out there is nothing wrong with them. They just need time to heal. And we needed to remember they did die and have come back to life, so in their brain, there might be a few things that will take time to balance out, so back home they go. There are times when they start talking about unusual things, not the regular conversations like they used to have before they became sick. Their clothing style might Start to change; this can cause a few issues, as you can imagine more so if the spirit was a male before but now has a female body. But we all learn to adapt to change, and they say at least we have them back, and they did not die on us.

This can happen to those who die before their time. Yes, this does happen as you see; we have freedom of choice, so we can make that wrong choice that ends in our Death before we were meant to die. This is also called an accident when a person is in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when we cross over, we are asked if we want to come back and finish our life here, you know when a young person dies, we say they were too young to die, that is because that is all the time they needed to be here. An organ transplant patient can have similar things happen to them. As we know, the body is only energy, so the whole body is a memory. So, when a person has an organ transplant, it can also transfer a small amount of memory of the person. This can be of their personality or some of the life events of the donor. Now it is in a new body. That is why some have reported personality changes after an Organ transplant operation. Most times, it is only a small memory about the other person. I have mentioned before how some indigenous people would cut out the heart of their kill and eat it to gain its strength, so even back then, they knew that the body was a memory, and it held energy. This is also why some religions do not allow blood transfusions because blood is classed as another person's life force. And if you remember, Jesus gave permission for his followers to eat a goat but told them they must bleed it well. By now, you can see there's a lot of things going on in life itself, and understanding about it all will help you live your life easier. Maybe not, but you will understand it better, and it will help you make your decisions clearer.


Are there really ghosts? Have you seen one or think you have seen one? And what are they really? We could have called them shadows or smoke forms. But whatever name we call them, they are real. They are just energy vibrating at a speed that makes them transparent. As we have stipulated before, it is only the speed of the vibration that makes things solid or transparent. There has been a lot of research done in this area. All are trying to prove or disprove that they exist. But how can they exist if they are dead? Why do we see them as ghosts? We see them as ghosts because we use names to explain things we do not understand, so we place all these things into one name.

What is a ghost really? There are a few different types of what we call ghosts.

(1) A ghost is someone who has passed over. The spirit can still use the body energies to help show themselves to their loved ones. Because it takes about three weeks before the body energies disperse, the spirit can use that energy to show themselves, and one does not need to be a medium to see them and when we see them. We say we have seen a ghost.

(2) Then, you have an energy imprint of an event that happened somewhere. The best way to explain that would be a re-enactment of the Headless Horseman or the Ghost Truck, this is brought about by people seeing it and others have had a strange experience there, but as they do not know what it is, so they say it was the Ghost of the Horseman or Ghost Truck.

Just like when you keep telling someone there is something there, they will end up seeing something there. And by doing this, it gives it energy, and that is what keeps it happening. Sometimes, their death is a mystery, and they are trying to get it solved by getting someone to help put their death to rest.

(3) However, there are other Ghosts, like the ones that do Haunt Houses, these are the ones that have not crossed over entirely, and you could say they are between worlds or levels, generally, because of a dramatic death. Or they have unfinished things to do and will not leave until it is all completed. A long time ago, I met a young male at a house that I was thinking of buying. The male was mentally challenged but had died in the house. His parents always told him to stay in the house, which he did. His parents had died a long time ago, but the boy stayed there doing as he was told. After a long talk, he was able to see the light and his parents and moved on.

(4) Then you have the ghosts that just do not want to move on because they like where they are, it was their home, and it's full of memories, so they stay there. They are not lost. They have others spirit that tries to help them move on and go to the spirit realm.

(5) Then there are animal ghosts, the ones you have given lots of love, and they have returned it to you. When they pass over, they will come back to you to say Hi and let you know that they are still around when you need them.

(6)Then there is the Spirit that comes down to help you or just to be close to a loved one.

So as you can see, there are a few different types of ghosts and all for different reasons. But ghosts are real as they are just another form of life, so when you look at it, we are all energy vibrating at different speeds, which makes us solid or Translucent. Now when you live in another level or dimension, you are solid to them. It is only us that might see you as translucent if you came to this level. If we look at it this way, every dimension has its own ghosts or spirits.

It is possible that we could be classed as ghosts to them because we are operating at a different speed. You see, there are many different ways of looking at it. Some cultures and religions believe after a person has passed away, you do not keep saying that person's name or talking to them after a person has passed over. If you do, it is stopping them from moving on. Some Native Americans used to believe if you did not cut a small piece of scalp off someone you killed, their spirit could not move on, and their spirit would roam around like a crazy person. The best thing is if you see a ghost, just say hi, I can see you. This way, they know you can see them as most ghosts are friendly, so you do not need to be frightened of them. And it would help if you remembered they do not have a solid body anymore, and when they show themselves to us, they are working with their memory of what they looked like. If you try to tell someone what you look like, it would not be exactly as they see you, so a ghost of a loved one might not look the same as they did when they were here. They might have lost some weight, or they look younger, their hair colour is darker, taller or shorter. So if we see a loved one or are being told about a loved one around us, we understand that it might not be exactly as we remember them.



On your pathway, you would have heard of Meditation; most think it is just for eastern people or hippies, which it is not, but meditation does help you in your everyday life as well. By learning different types of meditation, you can keep a clearer head or help you lower your blood pressure or even make you a calmer person. There are many other benefits you can get from it. The best thing is with guided meditation, but you can make your own up if you want to. All you need is some soft music, and you need to put some words to it. This can be fun even for your children; some pre-schools are doing it to help them calm the children down.

Firstly, find yourself a quiet spot somewhere, with a soft chair but not too soft. Now close your eyes and relax, you will find many things start going through your mind, it can be pictures of events of the day or conversations you have had, if you begin to respond to them, like talking back to them in your mind you will stop your Meditation, so just let it happen. Sometimes it takes a long time to stop your brain from working as much, but it will happen. When you start to meditate, you need to let yourself feel what is being said or try to visualise it.


See yourself strolling along a pathway, and there is a gentle breeze. As you are walking along, you come to a gateway. It will open just for you to walk through as it is a beautiful day. You see some trees just ahead, and there is a bench seat there. You sit down for a while, and it's nice there because you can feel the sun softly through the trees. As you relax, a little rabbit hops over to you and starts to talk to you (remember the colour of the rabbit). You think that it's a bit funny a rabbit talking, but you feel lots of love from the rabbit, so you start to talk back to him as time seems to go so fast there it's now time to go back home, just walk back the same way you came, but don't forget to say goodbye to the rabbit. As you walk back to where you started from, try to remember what you were told and the rabbit's colour, and when you are back, just slowly open your eyes and stay relaxed for a while. Now that was easy, you can change anything in it if you want to, and meditations should take about thirty minutes. The rabbit's colour tells you what you are missing or needing in your life, and the rabbit can represent someone you miss that has passed away. Using different things in guided meditation can help stop your mind from wandering off while meditating. It will help you later with meditations, as there are many other types to learn for many reasons, like helping to calm down when you are anxious about something. However, always use things that people can find easy to understand and visualise or feel. If you make the words too hard or too many different things to do, it will stop them from following what you are telling them to do, and give them plenty of time to do each thing you are saying.

You can turn almost anything into meditation, like a birthday cake. EXAMPLE

You are at a birthday party with all your friends. You are all having fun and laughing, but now you must cut the cake, so you all come to the table, and you all join your hands because you are going to make a wish. As you reach out and hold each other's hands, you can feel all the love around you, so now you make a wish about anything you want, but as you are doing this, the room fills up with white light and there in front of you is someone you love, (now you do the rest to it).

When you have time, try, and meditate with your eyes open, this one is sometimes a bit harder because you can see all the things around you.

You need to focus on one thing, now start to still your mind: it is just like daydreaming. But with this one, you will find after a while. Your mind will go blank. Sometimes this will scare you and bring you back, but that is okay. It is because we have a fear of letting go of control of our life, so keep trying to do it over a few days, and you will do it. When you have learnt the difference between your thoughts to those from another dimension next, you must learn to trust. We apply common sense to all things we are told but say if someone from the other dimension told you to jump off the top of a tall building and that you would still be alive or safe. It might be the case that you would be alright, but common sense tells me my body would go splat, I would die or be very hurt, but they didn’t lie to you. In fact, they told you the truth, as they were talking about the real you, your spirit or soul, for that is all energy and can't be destroyed, so you see what I mean you have to use your common sense. When you get used to meditating and talking to your loved ones or guilds, you will find out they will often show things because it is easier for them to do that. Sometimes you need to recall as much as you can from that picture.


If they show you a horse in a paddock or a field, The things you need to remember are.

(1) what colour is the horse?

(2)What was the horse doing?

(3)Were there any fences? If so, what type?

(4) Was there grass or sand, rocks around the ground?

(5) were there any trees? Were they big or small?

(6)  What is the weather like, sunny, cloudy, rain?

You see, some pictures are literal, and some are symbolic, and you must work out which one it is. The more you work with them, the easier it becomes. As they will give you things, you know.

It is the same as when you are doing Psychometry, which is reading the energy that comes from an item like jewellery or flowers, and it can come in handy in your everyday life. My Mother could run her finger around a car and tell you everything that was wrong with it, and she was not mechanically minded. This was handy when we were buying a second-hand car.

(1) There are many ways you can help yourself become more in tune with things. Try doing this: find four jars or small bottles, fill one with water, next with sand, next with stones, next with nothing. Now you have four filled up, now blank them out, so you cannot see into them. Place them on a table and move them around, now place your hand just above one at a time and try to feel the energy of each of them, write it down so you can see how many times you are right, keep doing this over a period, of time and you will find that you will get better at it.

(2)  Another way to help train your mind is to sit down somewhere and focus your eyes on something that's about two meters away from you. Even though you can see the other things around it, just keep your mind on the one thing you are looking at. You will soon only be seeing that one thing, well, really, you see them all, but your mind will block all the other stuff out of your central vision by bringing the main thing forward.

(3) You can also place a cardboard box on a table and get someone to place an object inside the box without you seeing it. Sit about two or four meters away from it, now relax and focus on the box and only the box, you know there is something in there but do not start guesting, just relax, and let it show itself to you if you keep doing this, and it will eventually happen and show itself to you.

(4) Another way is like the last one, but this time gets a big book stand it up and get someone to place an object behind the book, sit about two or four meters away from it, relax and look at the book; what you are about to do is see right through the book, when you can master this.

When you can see the book now, look behind the book. (5) try again but with your eyes closed, see the book in your mind. Why this way? Because you are now trying to project your sense or yourself to see it, this is called Astral Projection, keep trying this, and you can try it on other things, like seeing what's behind a tree or car or in the next room and more. The more you practice this, the better you will become because your other senses will start working more, and you will begin to feel the things around you, something moves, but you feel it before you see it.

(6) Get a small item like a ring or necklace and hold it in your hands and feel the energy animating from it. Take your time with it; now get someone to hide it in a room, and just by using your feelings, try to locate it. Remember everything has an energy, so tune into the energy you felt before, keep doing this and try other items as well, though do not overdo it and do not worry if you cannot find it, because in time you will. If you were close, that is good because there could be other things letting out similar energies in a room. But this is where you must be honest to yourself, keep a journal on these lessons, with your notes on how you are going with them.

Some people ask why it is important to learn, and would this make you a spiritual person? The answer is no, it does not, but just because you go to church, it does not make you spiritual either. There are many that go to church or a place of worship and go out the next day and kill people. However, by learning how to do these things, you are tuning yourself into things around you, and that will help you understand that all things are a part of your creator. You can help yourself more in your life and others as well. You see, spirituality is what your pathway is all about.

The whole planet and universe are the creator's church, so you are in his church no matter where you go. Therefore we all need to learn how to treat the planet and all the people on it. When you go to an ordinary church or place of worship, you treat it with respect, and all the other people there as well, don't you? Therefore, we learn to do these things. However, this journey is not a comfortable one. In fact, I would have to say it is the hardest of all things to do by yourself. We look around at life, and we see lots of unhappy people. Many are hungry, sick and have nowhere to live. Our air is being filled with toxins, our waters are being poisoned. And most of this is happening because we are letting it happen. If you look at how many people go to church or places of worship, one of many things they teach you there is to love your creator, so why do we forget it as soon as we leave our place of worship?

Many years ago. A friend told me a story about a lady that was on her way to the markets to buy some food because she had a special guest coming for dinner that night. On her way, she met a beggar who asked her for some money to buy food. There was only enough to buy what she needed when she opened her purse, but when the lady looked into his eyes, she could only see someone in need, so she gave him some money for food. As she walked away, an old lady was shivering with cold, so she took off her coat and put it around her to keep her warm. As the lady walked some more, a young girl stopped her and asked for some money to buy medicine for her sick mother. Without thinking, she opened her purse and gave her all the rest of her money so the girl could buy the medicine. Now, the lady just turned around and walked back home, trying to think about what she could give her guest for dinner that night, but when she got to her door, there was a note saying, thank you for the food, and your coat kept me very warm, and my mother is well now with the medicine that I brought. When she turned the note over, on the back, it said, we are all special as we are all brothers and sisters of God.

There are many things that can help you on your pathway, but first, you must learn to love yourself first. Treat all as equals to you and each other. Always respect them as you want them to respect you; always tell the truth but do it nicely as sometimes the truth can hurt, so do not use it as a weapon. Keep your mind open to all things, do not expect others to like you or think like you. When you give something to someone, it should be equal to what you would like to receive from someone, and when you help someone, do not expect something from it, do it because you want to help them.


You could say I was lucky; I was born seeing and hearing spirits, my Mother was a Medium Trace Medium and much more. To me, there are three Levels of Mediumship, (1) Light Trance Medium. (2) Medium Trance Medium and (3) Deep Trance Medium. About the age of Six, I was already coming out with spiritual philosophy and being able to remove headaches and Muscle pains from some of my friends. However, this also created some issues in my life as well, because, on the school bus, many would stay away from me or call me names because I was talking to someone they could not see. To them, I must be mad or crazy, and this would upset me a lot, so I would take a lot of time off school, which my parents did not know I was wagging school.

You could say it helped me a lot more because I spent a lot of time around the canals or lakes and around old empty houses, as there were many spirits there and nature spirits as well it helped me learn how to communicate with them. As time went on, I started seeing more and more from different levels and different time slots. I began to know the main spirits, which were helping me and teaching me about how life works and about some of my past experiences. The hardest thing of all was being a part of life, where most did not understand my outlook on life. It could have been because I came across a lot older than I was, so they did not listen to me, and at school, I was just that crazy boy who is still in fairyland.

Over the years, I built up a strong trust with my guides and helpers, as I call them. And I can remember when I was about sixteen years old. I started to get pictures in my mind about disasters that were going to happen around the world like earthquakes, plane crashes, burning buildings and sometimes these pictures were when I was awake, and some were in my dreams. Still, in most incidents, within a few days later, they were on the news, just as I had seen them and where I was told they would happen.

This scared me a lot as I was still new to this, and I had been watching too much television, so my mind started to think crazy things like I was making these things happen by seeing them. That played a lot on my mind for a long time, so I thought the best thing was to go and ask the church people. When I went to ask them, I got a lot of looks, and some said I was being possessed or that the Devil was using me. By the time I had been to about five or six different churches for help in understanding what was going on, all that happened was prayers, songs of god sung around me, and some just didn’t want to talk to me in fear I would bring the demon to them. I had to work it out myself, which I did. And all the things my spirit people had given me were right, so that meant they were given to me for a reason. It was to let me know that they are here to help me and help others. Because if I had been able to get the information to those events, I might have been able to stop it from happening, and what they have been telling me was the truth and that I needed to trust them.

Over the years, I have been able to help lots of people either by doing readings or by teachings. My life has been full of events with my spirit friends and to this day still is. I began to instruct a group at P.D.A house, which is the Psychic Development Association, for about four years which is where I met my wife. She is the other half of me, for we are the one spirit sharing two separate identities in this life. Together, we did a lot of platform work to bring through messages from the other side to their loved ones and spiritual philosophy, and over the years, we had seen and experienced many things when we ran closed circles at home. We would always record each meditation and talk on a new cassette. The unit was just a recorder only, so we could not pick up any radio signals. I used to fast forward the tape then rewind it, so it was at the same speed as the tape recorder. We had been running this circle for over a year, only meeting once a week with the same people. A majority of the time, the recorder picks up sounds. We had heard sounds like ducks quacking, chairs being pulled out, robotic voices, a young voice calling my name out. However, the one that scared the group the most was when we played the tape back. There was a voice on it talking to us, but we did not hear any other voices speaking to us in the group, but on the tape, it was real.

I am also a Medium Trance Medium and have often gone into that state, bringing our friends through. I have had many meetings on UFOs and talking to them about our planet and other dimensions, though please remember this, you could have all the wisdom in the world, but it is no good if you do not use it, as it will just send you crazy.

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