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TikTok Hot or Not Composite Images

by Hazel Jackson 3 months ago in photography
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What is a composite image?

TikTok Hot or Not Composite Images
Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

A composite picture is when two or more images are merged together to form a resulting single picture. Making these composite images appear seamless is a task that is not very straightforward. It requires great precision even by very capable visual art creators. However, after the advent of the composite image formation software known as Attractive Face Scale things became a lot easier. Even the Tik Tok program has a feature to combine 15 pictures or transitions into a united image. Similarly, the Hot or Not Composite image trend is now emerging on various social media platforms particularly on Tik Tok.

What are Hot or Not Composite Images?

This may seem superfly artificial due to society’s definition of beauty ranking. However, this trend for rating hot or not composite images is soaring amongst the audience. The Flickr user Pierre Tourigny downloaded a series of hot or not images. He originally works as a picture taker and measurement developer based in Canada. He then consolidated them altogether in a morphing software known as SquirtsMorph. This is to showcase what society deems as a beautiful or attractive face. Tourigny also tries to portray what an average person may look like in each ranking category. For instance someone who got a rating of 9.5 out of 10 may look like x. A 5 out of 10 may look like y and so on. Moreover what is interesting is that he even analyzed the looks of Miss Universe depending on geography and age groups. He concluded that these women are not entirely real but a mixture of about 30 composite faces. He himself created these faces to get a current standard of beauty prevailing across the internet. The Hot or Not web site allows people to rate others’ attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. The result may appear after a few days owing to the hundreds or even thousands of people that are voting.

By Shingi Rice on Unsplash

The Hot or Not Composite Image trend is a growing social media and entertainment industry rage. It is not only viral but is an engaging test for Tik Tok users to make their own content of the Tik Tok Hot or Not Composite Images. This trend is known as the Attractive Face Scale that has the quality of evaluating how appealing an individual is based on face value. The rating is from 0 to 10. 0 is considered the lamest while 10 falls in the type that is the red-hot rating for any specific individual. People can rate you by adding the tags in your video’s description. This viral pattern seems endless with its fame, giving appreciation to anyone who changes from one individual to another. Although Tourigny did not upload the filter explicitly, the impact that it had on social media was enormous.

What are the methods to create a Hot or Not Composite Image Video?

If you do want to embark on this well-known Tik Tok trend be prepared to learn the exact procedure for making such videos. You can thus manage to create very engaging content for your viewers and earn fame or recognition. Firstly you need to save the composite image to move the camera roll in your smartphone. Then proceed to the search bar where you will find the term “Shapeshifting.” Select the effect icon there and try to insert your chosen composite picture. The numerous filters on Tik Tok are an effective way to enhance your video constitution. Depending on the look that you are searching for, you can apply the Tik Tok filters just for fun or if there is a special occasion. Finally you need to click on the record button and see the channel work! Hence you have compiled a quality video and remember to share it on your Tik Tok account.

The pros and cons of Hot or Not Composite Image Trend

This challenge is one of the easiest ones and can cater to your needs as a content creator by fascinating the audience. It can help you get a wide spread reach and acknowledgement. This trend enables people to make their videos. They can also judge their attractiveness through the eyes of their supporters or critics. Influencers can even gauge audiences from other social media platforms.

Even though the Hot or Not Composite Image trend may seem like a fun activity, some people might take offense and take it as a serious issue. This also takes on a fake purpose in regards to social media and unachievable beauty standards. When people start to use fake images to improve the hot nature of their pictures. Anonymous ratings are considered the criteria for evaluating one’s self-worth or face appeal. This might somehow be taken as an issue amongst teenagers and at times when mental health awareness is significant.


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