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Through life, may you still be the way I loved you

by Luna卢娜 3 months ago in humanity
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The stability of marriage is probably the way to find the balance between two people

Through life, may you still be the way I loved you

None of us are perfect. Although in the early stages of a relationship, we will feel that the other half is impeccable, even the shortcomings will become his unique characteristics in your opinion.

Then, the two people who approach marriage are not as romantic and poetic as they were when they were in love. Often the shortcomings of the other party will make the other party crazy, and even have the urge to beat the other party.

It is no exaggeration to say that the little things you think are innocuous when you are in love can become the last straw that crushes your marriage.

When I met Jun at the beginning, it was like returning from an old friend. This is indeed very beautiful, but when you marry Jun, the old friend may become an enemy.

Love is good, but life is its biggest killer.

A love that has experienced strong winds and waves may not be able to stand the plain firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Plain and trivial is probably the most feared end of love but has to go.

It would be a pity if love doesn't approach everyday life. But if it goes into daily life, it will lose its original appearance.

Beautiful things probably have places where they can't help.

Let's talk about the most frustrating thing between me and classmate Jiang.

If we talk about major shortcomings, it seems that neither of them has a particularly big unbearable place, and the general direction is relatively harmonious.

Counting the small places, there are still quite a few.

For example, every time you ask him for his opinion, it's just casual, you decide.

Especially when the house was being renovated, I was basically in charge of running around, and that person was like the one next door. Although he was really busy at work, he was still very angry at the time.

In daily life, I take things and don't put them back in the original place, just throw them away. This is definitely the fastest one for me.

In your opinion, a problem that is easy to change may be an old habit that is difficult to change in the other person's opinion.

So sometimes you still need to communicate correctly and actively and tell yourself not to be angry.

Another thing is probably that he doesn't talk much and is not enthusiastic. Sometimes I want to change that. Because I am talkative and warm-hearted. So it is incomprehensible to him. But together, from the age of 15 to the age of 32, for so many years, it is very difficult to find that it is very difficult to change something in a person's bones. So it was accepted. Sometimes when I go out with my friends, I will greet my friends in advance. He talks less and is not unhappy. (tired). He's slow, introverted, and doesn't really like hanging out with a bunch of people, so I try to either hang out with my friends alone or hang out with him.

Speaking of which, in fact, I blame myself, who made me fall in love with people with such a character in the first place? (helpless face) Sometimes I think about it, if I did it again, I would probably still like such a boy. It's just that there are few dialogues, and boys who are silent and introverted have no resistance. So what else can I say?

Another is that life is not fun, and there is no spiritual pursuit in life. It is a dull and boring person. Does this count? Emotional Diary

However, because I think I am a very interesting person and have a rich spiritual world, I sometimes feel that they are quite complementary. When I occasionally open up my mind and it is unrealistic, someone can wake me up in an instant. , back to reality.

He used to be a less playful personality, but with me, no matter where I go, he is willing to accompany me. And after being together for so many years, there will still be influences on each other. For example, he is more interesting than before, and he likes to play more than before. Sometimes I can't talk about going out on weekends, but he's not used to it, so he talks about going out. So I take my baby to wander outside all day long, and go to various parks and fun places nearby to play. When it rains, I just stay at home and cook food. I love to eat, he loves to cook, and with a baby who loves to coax, I still feel quite satisfied and harmonious.

In the past, I was always imaginative, talkative, high-profile, and warm-hearted. After being with him, I would gradually learn to be restrained and low-key. Sometimes I felt that I had become a lot more silent, but when I got together with old friends, I feel like my lively character is still there.

This is also very good. They influence each other, but they will not completely lose their original appearance.

The stability of a marriage is probably the way to find a balance between two people. In your master or in my master, the other person happens to be complementary. When you are strong, I let you. When you are strong, I am willing to let you.

A lot of netizens sent me private messages asking, does marriage really need love? I used to be sure, but now I feel that in marriage, love is not necessarily necessary, but mutual love is indispensable.


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