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Three Tips For Men For Better Sex Life With Their Female Partners

by Katherine Keyes 15 days ago in love
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Simple advice for big results

Three Tips For Men For Better Sex Life With Their Female Partners
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

A male friend has recently asked me this question:

Who was the best lover you have ever had? What makes for the best love-making ? What advice can you share?

The answer is this.

The best lovers I have had well and truly appreciated my body and especially my Yoni (Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina). They were accepting, welcoming, kind to my body (and of course my soul).

Wait!” I hear you say. “But I have sex with women and I like Yoni.” Let me say it again: You have to cherish and love Yoni and show it. It will be really hot for your lady, and in return, hot for you .

Tips for Improving Sex Life

The orgasm gap is very real. The orgasm gap, or pleasure gap, is a social phenomenon referring to the general disparity between heterosexual men and women in terms of sexual satisfaction — more specifically, the unequal frequency in the achievement of orgasm during sexual encounters. With these simple tips, the orgasm gap in heterosexual couples can become lesser.

1. Be accepting of her Yoni

And by that, I mean truly accepting of her Yoni, as is. Yoni comes in all shapes and sizes. Respect that. It’s fine to express your preferences, and if your partner is in line with them, then fine. If not, don’t push it.

For example, it can be offputting to your lady if you are pressuring her to shave if she prefers not to. And vice-versa. Bringing culturally conditioned biases to the bedroom kills the mood in no time.

Body shaming in this area is very real, as we are all told what the perfect Yoni should look like.

Be honest gentlemen, how much would you like it if your lady was commenting on the size and shape and color (or anything really) of your member and judging it based on some unrealistic and unnecessary media prefabricated expectations ? Or making demands based on such media-set expectations ?

2. Don’t pressure her to climax

Women orgasm differently from men. Three out of four women can’t always achieve orgasm during sex. There should not be any embarrassment when it comes to bringing this topic up. Let her know that it’s OK not to climax.

In addition, do not feel that if she does not climax you are failing. Even if you do everything right, sometimes it won’t happen for her. But even if she does not climax she can still have a good time. Most people are excited about any kind of pleasure.

And quite ironically, the less she feels like she has to climax, the more relaxed she can feel. Which in turn means she is more likely to actually climax.

3. Ask her about her preferences

Women also orgasm differently from other women. Although some women experience orgasm with vaginal penetration during sex, most women are orgasmic only during stimulation of the clitoris. For those vaginal penetration alone might not be enough (even if still very pleasurable). Ask your partner what works for her. Be open to trying different things. And open to putting in the time and effort needed for trying techniques other than penetration.


Communication is the key here. Talk to your lady openly to find out what it’s like for her and what she prefers. And talk openly even during sex. Ask, learn and have fun with practice.

Even though we all like different things, and have different preferences, the best advice I can give is this: Love all of your lady's body with red-hot passion.


About the author

Katherine Keyes

Writing about well-being, self-care and psychology. Occassional poet and fiction writer. Based in Prague. Passionate about coffee, yoga, reading and Toastmasters. Native speaker of Czech, fluent in English (as a second language).

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