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This Valentine’s Day,Treat Him Special!

by Billebon Online Lingerie Store about a year ago in advice
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Special gift for valentine

It's all about equality my lady! We every time accept our men to pamper us, this Valentine’s lets change the game and surprise them with some amazing out of the box gifts.

Here I have listed some gifting options ranging from simply essential to spicy imagination and everything in between.

Night lingerie for women

When it is a couple celebration, lingerie obviously is an essential part and you can ask me what is so special in this one? The twist here is this time let him choose the sexy piece he wants to see you in. Lingerie-shopping excites men equally as much as women. Let him browse through the world of these pretty laces and choose the one for you.


If he already has a skincare routine, good for him. But if he does not then this is the right time to introduce him to one. There is a gender bias towards skincare where many believe it is reserved only for women. However, human skin needs care and you cannot discriminate in this on the basis of gender. If he is a beginner, you can start with the basic skincare products for men and if he is already into it, stock his go-to products.

A Thing from His Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list and what can be a better gift for him than you fulfilling one of it. Try finding out the things that are a part of his bucket list and help him in ticking one of them on this Valentine’s Day.

Throwback to The Best Memories

Men are not as rhetorical about their feelings and emotions as women are. But that does not mean he does not remember crucial things related to your relationship. He too walks on the path of nostalgia as you, but fails to express it. You can recreate a scene from any of your first memories such as the first date, the first kiss and so on. The tears of joy from his eyes on seeing it will validate how accurately he remembers everything about you two.


Here I am not talking only about physical fitness but also mental fitness. If he is physically not inclined towards fitness, you can help him start his journey towards his health goals. On the other hand, if his vocation or academics or any of his personal problems stress him out and hamper his peace of mind, you can get him signed up for spiritual awakening or stress-management groups.

A World of Fantasies

He definitely might be having his own world of fantasies revolving around you and him. It can be anything- making out in a specific place or some sort of gameplay or you dressing up in a particular sexy night dress for women or anything of this sort. On Valentine's night, try taking him in the world of his imagination by coupling up any of the plausible options from his fantasies.

Enhancing His Hobby

As a kid, we all had a fair share of our favorite leisure activities. But as we matured, the academic and then the professional commitments have left us with hardly any time for our go-to idle endeavors. You can gift him stuff related to his hobby and help him start back with it.

Buy neck support for plane travel in India

If he is a travel junkie or has to travel owing to his profession or whatever the case is, if he travels in flights, a travel pillow will be a perfect gifting option. It will let him sleep comfortably on a flight without spraining his neck or any back or shoulder pain. Trust me, he will thank you every time he will take a flight. And yes, the travel pillows need not be boring as there are numerous options ranging from ones with hoodies to Bluetooth speakers that you can choose from.

Most importantly, this Valentine’s Day let him know how important he is in your life!


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Billebon Online Lingerie Store

Billebon is a lingerie online shop in India, crafting products for women and upholding the idea of INDIA for INDIA!

Billebon was incepted to change the dimensions and the age-old myths of the lingerie online shopping in India.

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