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Things You Can Do Besides Texting Them...Again

by M. McFadden 10 months ago in advice

Self-Love Time!

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We've all been there! In that place where they just won't text back...

"Did they ghost me?" "Are they really not texting me back?"

It really sucks, but thank the heartbreak gods that we are not alone. This has happened to literally everyone whether it was a long-term relationship, a friend with benefits, a situation-ship, an almost-ship or an entanglement. We've all been there, including me and here are some tips I've learned from experience and friends that helped me avoid double and triple-texting.

1) Take A Long Hot Shower or Bubble Bath

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A long hot shower or bubble bath screams me time like no other. Light your candles, play your favorite chill playlist or turn on your favorite show/movie. Get a glass or your favorite wine or roll a blunt (whatever your vice is).

Relax and soak the stress away!

2) Do Your Hair. Do Your Nails. Time To Pamper!

Sometimes you really have to just focus on yourself and pamper yourself. Take all that attention you're putting on that phone and turn it onto yourself. Find a cute style on Pinterest that you've been wanting to try and have fun!

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Whether you like doing your own nails or going to a salon, this is the time to pamper yourself. So book an appointment or get the nail kit out!

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3) Get Your Friends Together

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One of the reasons its so tempting to keeping reaching out to that person is because you feel lonely. That person was filling a void in you and now they're gone. That void can also be filled by hanging out with good friends and having fun. Once you remember that you're capable of having fun and being social without that person, most of that pain will fade.

So call the peeps and have some fun!

4) Say What You Need To Say In A Clear and Concise Way and Let It Be

I'd wait a full 24 hours after being left on read or until you know for sure what you want to say.

Try not to be too emotional, but definitely let them know how you feel and why. I always like to wish them the best and end it gently. Even though they left you on read, you never know what situation they are dealing with; especially if you didn't know them too well. Who knows, afterwards they might reach out to you again, and if you'd like that, than also make that clear in the message. However, its best to send that last text fully prepared that you may never hear from them again. Stay strong love.

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5) Move On

I know this step sounds hard, but after going through the previous steps first, it honestly will be easier than it sounds right now.

When you take care of yourself and give yourself the attention, love, and social interaction you need; you'll feel stronger and more confident. You may still miss that person, but hopefully you will also realize that you are worth more than being left on read.

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Keep pampering yourself and going out with your friends. Work on your career, on your art and make time for the things that build you up. Eventually you won't even think about that person and who knows...maybe even find someone new who will appreciate your badass.

Remember to love and protect yourself!

M. McFadden
M. McFadden
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M. McFadden

When you've been through so much shit that not writing isn't an option. I also love to write lol. Hope you like it!

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