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Dating: Do's & Don'ts

Things People Need To Stop Saying To Lesbians

by Claire Raymond 2 years ago in humor / advice / list / lgbtq

Seriously, stop saying these things to us!

Things People Need To Stop Saying To Lesbians

It really doesn't matter if you are male or female, there are some thoughts that you should just keep to yourself, regardless of the subject! And this is particularly true when discussing someone's sexuality. There are some things it's fine to say, some depend on the individual and others, well others should just stay in your messed up mind where they belong.

Can I Watch?

I will start with the most obvious and one of the most annoying questions I still get asked on a regular basis. No, you can't watch, no I don't want a threesome and no I will not just give your girlfriend a quick kiss so you can film it (genuine question) And it's not just guys that ask these questions, girls are just as guilty and it is just as annoying!

Which One of You Is the Man?

Uhhh, neither of us, we're both fine ladies. Neither of us is the man, there is no man, let me explain the word lesbian to you again! I don't really know what that question means, I can only assume it means who does the "man" jobs? And in that case, my wife and I are both the men, she does the DIY, I get rid of the bugs. But since there is no such thing as a "man" job, then no one in a lesbian relationship is the man!

You're Too Pretty To Be a Lesbian

I only have two and a half words for you.... Portia De Rossi. You might think what you're saying is a compliment, but believe me, it isn't.

How Do You... You Know?

Do you want me to draw you a diagram? Use your brain and stop asking me to explain lesbian sex to you as if you have never watched porn in your life. And if you really don't know, go and watch some porn and it will answer all of your ridiculous questions.

How Can You Be Sure You're a Lesbian If You Have Never Been With a Man?

How can you be sure you are straight if you haven't been with a man? Answer: You just can, people are smart enough to know what they are, and you asking moronic questions isn't going to change things. You know who you are attracted to, and besides, how do you know she hasn't ever been with a man?

Do You Hate Men?

No, but I hate that idiotic question! I don't hate men, some men are great, some are jerks, just like women. Your gender doesn't define whether I think you're a good person; your actions do that.

It Must Be So Much Easier Being a Lesbian

Funnily enough, I only ever tend to get this question from women. Being a lesbian isn't easier, we have to deal with discrimination, hate crimes, and people shouting horrible comments when we walk down the street. We also have to deal with two sets of hormones and that is no picnic!

Why Do Some Women Date Women Who Look Like Men?

I have no idea, maybe because they find them attractive? And what has it got to do with you? You would be offended if someone asked you why you were dating the person you are with because they didn't think they looked right? Mind your own business.

In Conclusion

If you think before you speak and stop asking questions like this, you might realize that the lesbian you are creeping out is a really nice person and would make a great friend (lesbians make great wing-women by the way) and you could actually have a laugh with her!

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