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The Trouble with Carli (Part One)

by Carli Trammell about a year ago in marriage

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The Trouble with Carli (Part One)

So I am a divorced mother of a teenage daughter and I don't know what the hell I am doing with my life. I left home at 18 with the entire world within my reach or so I thought. I went to college and met who I thought was the man of my dreams! He was 7 years my senior and simply put, FINE AS HELL! Which is an absolute weakness of mine. We had a whirlwind romance and became inseparable. People would even say we looked and talked alike. He had just gotten out of the military and was about to graduate and after he did, moved me to his hometown.

I transferred from a university to a local junior college and the first friend I made in my new town was the first time that I ever second guessed my relationship because he and I sparked a flirtation which led to a deep connection. He was fine as hell too and also good on paper but I had begun to notice this chick always lurking around in the background. Come to later find out, she had just had his baby and was in a desperate attempt to lock him down. But taming a wild dog is definitely not an easy feat.

I was loving my new city! Coming from the mountains made living in the city that much more exciting! I had made an awesome group of friends, had an amazing, attentive boyfriend quickly turned fiancé; who was everything I ever wanted in a man. Handsome, funny, smart and hard working. But then I also had this little boy toy that I would play with (never had sex with at the time but definitely indulged in a hot n heavy makeout sesh or two) at school under the guise of him being my science tutor. I hope you're following me so far because I'm trying not to use names to protect the guilty, don't ask me why though.

So flash-forward to the night before my wedding. My cuz had worked for Marriott at the time and managed to score me a hella deal on accommodations for all my wedding party and out-of-town guests, and also an amazing Bachelorette suite for me and all bridesmaids. Here I had spent eight months planning an awesome wedding of the times, about to marry my prince charming and NOTHING was gonna stand in my way! See, the only issue I had with my fiancé at this point was his little weird, latch-on groupie female friend group we'll refer to as "THE FELICIA'S". These girls had somehow managed to befriended the cutest, most popular dudes on campus while they all looked like a bunch of mud ducks. All together, they'd formed this huge tight-knit group of friends. The Felicia's always seemed to be around, in constant competition with me for my own man's attention and that was the strange part. These girls put me through PURE HELL! Me being young, dumb and country as hell, wanting so desperately to be liked and included in their lil clique, couldn't figure out why they just wouldn't give me a chance. I found out later it was the two biggest, ugliest sisters of the group; one of them had been in love with my man for like the past 4 years and here he was trying to force me to be their friend which is just ludicrous now looking back.

So back to the night before my wedding; me and my girls where about to hit the city to celebrate my last night single. I decide to call my buddy from school to invite him out to "feel me up for the last time." Looking back, kinda heartless but I had no clue that this boy had a heart for me, or so he claimed. His reaction was still rather shocking to me at the time, he was like: "OMG I can't believe you're actually going to go through with this! I love you and although I may not make the money he does, I will do all I can to make you Happy."

To be all the way honest, I was laughing in my head thinking, "This fool has lost his ever-loving mind if he thinks I'd leave my sure this for him!" Mind you, he was just my boy toy and although I really liked him at the time, I didn't love him like that. I forgot the part where his baby-mom approached me in the library with a photo book containing pics of their one year old daughter and about his then 4 year old daughter he'd fathered before her. The book also had pics of them at her prom and also explained to me that they were in the process of TRYING to build a family, yet he's a whore that can't keep his dick in his pants and what was my level of involvement with him? I told her that she can rest easy, that I was engaged to be married and that he was just my friend/tutor. So maybe that helps you to understand the reasons why I couldn't believe this fool was coming at me with all these alleged feelings he'd had about me as he continuously begged and pleaded with me not to marry my fiancé. BOY BYE!! Lol, so I got off the phone and married Tony the very next day.

I figure fuck him in the end, ya'll can know his name cause he should be ashamed. Tony and I wed in a dining hall at Fort Knox on August 31, 2002. I had just turned 21 with the world at my fingertips! Everything was perfect that day! Minus the fact that the best man's crazy, jealous baby's mama cussed me all the way out on my wedding day in attempt to make my day about her. Erica was this pretty psycho that I was forced into a friendship with because her man was my man's life-long bff. I did like Erica but this heffa was a total nut! She would flip and turn at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I had included her in my wedding as a host but only so she wouldn't feel so left out. I even invited her to ride in the limo with us to the wedding but she was late af and I had no choice but to leave her. She and I are both kinda known for being late and because Tony's mother had gotten me the limo as a gift and all I had heard from his mother to be on time to the limo because she would be charged extra for every minute we were late. So I made it my business to be on time for once. We waited a whole 20 minutes for this ingrate and even offered to meet her somewhere along the way but she flipped the fuck out instead, cussing me so bad that my cuz grabbed the phone from my hand and told this bitch that whatever issues she had with me needed to be discussed AFTER the wedding. Once we arrived to the venue, she barged into the dressing room to get her daughter (my flower girl) ready with a total attitude. She'd already told Tony's mom that we'd left her so she gives me a mouthful too just as I'm about to walk down the aisle to marry her son. Now this is pivotal! His mother would go on to play a huge part in the trouble with our marriage and ultimately our demise.

Carli Trammell
Carli Trammell
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