The Sting of Expectation

by Chase Steele 7 months ago in advice

The Killer of Joy

The Sting of Expectation

Each and everyone of us wants tomorrow to be brighter than today. We start each day hoping that we do not get burned by the unknown to a certain extent. However, what lies ahead of us is completely unknown. Even if we knew, something would still come out of left field and we’d have to readjust.

Love is definitely not scripted and when we attempt to place our past into our present, things will go awry. If your last partner hit you, cheated on you, or even mistreated you in anyway, we are on guard as the next contestant steps up to the mic. It’s completely unfair to place pain where none has been inflicted yet. This is difficult for the scarred heart.

It’s been said that thoughts become things. I believe this with all of my heart. Not all things are what they seem—be it good or bad. People can and will continue to surprise us by sending their representative in the beginning, and then exposing their true selves not too much later on. Hurt can linger on long after it’s been delivered, and then even the truest of souls have no chance of penetrating our soul.

Expecting someone to act, think, talk, touch you, or even match your vibration is futile. We all would do much better by just flowing and creating balance between the person that has the energy of your liking. Why do we want to even think about the person who expresses interest in you failing to meet your expectations? What gives you the right to set a bar that high? Our glass walls usually cannot handle the pressure. Most times it’s just a facade.

In closing, we should spend more time truly loving ourselves. Taking the time to be grateful for our journey and how far we really have come. After all that has happened, we are still here. Each and every tribulation has dissolved and we are in a space of newness once again. Expect nothing from another person, but to respect who you show up as in the most authentic way. We are all fragile, full of flaws, yearning for love, wanting to be touched, and most of all, still on our path to achieve balance and greatness. No one else can hold us to a standard that we cannot even see or touch. Expect yourself to be compassionate, loving, kind, open-minded, and tolerant of another human being's shortcomings. There are non-perfect human beings. Only those who are still striving to understand how this machine works, so that they can dance without pausing...

How does it work?
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