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The Root of All Evil, Is it Really?

by Wide Writer about a month ago in humanity

On Behalf of Poor Money

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Money, In the eyes of many, that’s the worst evil in the world. No matter how much money you have, it won’t bring you happiness, love, friends. The notion most people have of money is precisely that. Well, it does feel profound to say that money can’t bring happiness, love, or friendship. But is it really true?

We have love, so don’t need money?

Once there were two love birds that had nothing but love. Thinking all they needed was each other, they decided to get married as soon as possible. Love, they had plenty of that, so nothing else is matted. Both were working as hard as possible, but all the tiredness was gone when they saw each other after coming home.

After a while, they decide to have a kid; though they can’t afford much, they had love to share with their kid. A tragedy befell them when reality decided to punch them in the face. What they valued the most in life succumbed to an illness that required extensive medical care, which required an amount of money they couldn’t possibly afford. They did try everything, sold off all they had, worked without any rest, but it wasn’t enough to earn what they required.

This is one of many million situations out there where the need for money outweighs the “power of love”. Love Like in this situation, can’t help to pay medical bills no matter how much love you have. And love will not help when the trouble arrives that requires money to solve.

Life is not like fairy tales we read when we were kids, where love transcends all there is and solves all the problems.

Can’t money bring happiness?

A father of 3 kids, working on an odd job, after paying bills and buying groceries, all he has left is debts he has to pay from his next month’s salary. His kids go to school, eating only two meals per day, wearing torn clothes and broken shoes. His wife has sold all she got from her family to manage the day-to-day expenses. Won’t they be happy if he could buy a new pair of shoes for kids, a shampoo to treat the hair fall his wife is having, three meals per day for all of them?

Take a few rest days to spend time with his wife and kids. These are some of the simplest things they want to be happy about. Imagine someone telling him money can’t bring happiness. All the money in the world might not get him a loyal, hardworking woman like the one he has, adorable kids who understand their situation. Still, for what they are lacking, all they need is a few extra dollars.

Can’t money help build a friendship?

Imagine that people facing the above situation are your friends. So you helped the lovebirds to save their kids by arranging the best possible medical care and give a thousand dollars to a second friend who is having a hard time affording the day-to-day needs. Won’t that strengthen your friendship?

You are helping out because you are a good friend, but what you are helping them with is money. And what if you had none to spare when the lovebirds ask you for money to treat their kid? Won’t you really feel, “If only I had more” So, having enough with you will be helpful to those who are around you?

Money was never evil

Since the beginning of human civilization, the concept of exchange was there for all the services and goods only the currency was different from stones, grain, animals; now it’s money.

What we should understand is that having more than enough can always help someone who is lacking. Life is a journey of an untold number of ups and downs, and having money can be a ladder to climb when you fall down.

Therefore no one should be ashamed to earn as much as they possibly can. All those people out there that preach money is evil, I wonder how many of them will reject an offer of a billion dollars.

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