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The road that seems easy is often the hardest

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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The road that seems easy is often the hardest to take.

When my friend Xiao Jin was in college, he chose an elective course because his credits were insufficient.

He has entered the fourth year of college, after inquiry, think elective courses are not important, so he did not go to a section, also early to Shenzhen company internship. At the end of the semester, the school told him to go back to take the exam, and he had to stay up late to review. Xiao Jin felt it was not worth it, so he found someone to take the exam for him. Unexpectedly, the classmate who helped him to take the exam was discovered, and both of them were cancelled and the school refused to issue his graduation certificate. This matter was known to the company, the company on the grounds of "lack of integrity", gave up his employment.

According to the laws of nature, shortcuts are often more dangerous than ordinary roads. If you choose the shortcut, you have to take the risk of the shortcut and prepare for the failure of the speculation.

On the other hand, shortcuts are also the most revealing of a person's character. Most shortcuts are based on breaking the rules. You break the rules, you pay the price.

So the road that seems easy is often the hardest.

I have also faced the temptation to cut corners

When I just graduated from the job, the salary is too low, every month's income is just enough to eat and clothing. A FRIEND said to pull me into the "financial group", follow the group of "teacher" to buy stocks, can ensure that only make no loss, also don't bother. I was impressed, but I refused because there is no such thing as a free lunch.

In recent years, I worked hard and tried to improve my life with the income of my labor. Actually, I did. My salary has quadrupled since I graduated, and it makes me feel secure. And at the beginning that friend, first tasted a point to fry the sweet, and then in the "teacher" of the scam lost money.

The greatest danger of speculation is not failure, but the destruction of a person's will. Occasionally the success of speculation, will destroy a person's down-to-earth efforts. And the spirit, once destroyed, is hard to put up again.

Why do those who want to turn over by luck often fail to turn over? Because they are never willing to put any effort toward the goal, can not endure, can not endure hardship, can not do their best. They are not so much waiting for luck as sitting on their hands.

Most of the desirable things in this world are obtained by sweat.

There is a schoolgirl whose online store is doing well and has nearly 100,000 followers. Her entrepreneurial journey has not been easy. At first, she just wanted to make money quickly, so she sold some clothes wholesale online. But the market was never short of such clothes, and after her store launched, she failed to sell a single piece for months. After reflection, she gave up the idea of making quick money and set about building her core competence. She bought professional books on fashion design and came back to study them carefully. She also found an artist to learn drawing and design. After finishing the drawing, I went to Guangzhou alone to find a small factory that could receive orders. In the hot summer, she ran from materials market to processing plant, shuttling back and forth between industrial areas every day.

After a month and a half in the cheapest hostel, the first clothes from her original clothing store hit the shelves, and she finally had her first customers. After the stability of the customer source, Xuemei continued to optimize and improve the initial model, and the business of the online store only then continued to grow.

Every breakthrough on the road of life is an equivalent exchange. It is rare wisdom to resist the temptation of shortcuts.

Aim high in the heart, foot foot down-to-earth. Don't miss the growth of each step, you can steadily climb to a higher place. The best state of life is not to rise, but to grow.


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