The Rise of Sologamy: Marrying YOURSELF and NOT Someone Else

....What? Say that AGAIN, please? What is this thing called "Sologamy"?

The Rise of Sologamy: Marrying YOURSELF and NOT Someone Else

This is a movement only getting traction just in the past year, and even caterers are seeing the writing on the wall, a completely new demographic opening up business everywhere: single women are essentially having their own weddings....marrying themselves.

I know, it's a wild thought. No groom. No best man. No groomsmen. No maid or matron of honor. Just a 'bride', committing to being, well, single!

The concept didn't just come about by osmosis or anything, though....

Meet Erika Anderson, the "Pioneer of Sologamy

Yep. She actually did marry herself. Which means if she does happen to meet some guy (or girl, hey, it's the new millennium, and sexuality's a spectrum now, not a black-or-white thing) and fall in love, she can, well, divorce herself, maybe?

That's what Sologamy is — a celebration of being single. You're committing yourself to being single apparently for life. And Erika Anderson did just that.

Honestly, the Idea of Sologamy Isn't That Hard to Get Behind

You can imagine a lot of women out there going through a lot of trouble just to go the traditional route and find a partner. Some aren't that lucky. Other relationships just fall apart. It's honestly the norm these days.

A way of gratifying self-love and acceptance, though, is to now have a "sologamistic wedding," and a lot of businesses see that as an untapped source of revenue.

Self-marriage allows a person to have a celebration, catering, flowers, photography -- the whole nine yards -- except the "union" or "marriage" isn't about two people. Just one.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things related to marriage at least from a religious standpoint, this is nothing more than a symbolic tradition, a declaration if you will, to whatever deity or institution you may profess.

Simply put, if you want to stay single, you're staying single. It's a promise -- just like traditional marriage. It's organized celebratory celibacy.

Legally, though, this isn't anything but a party, much like birthdays. There's nothing resembling anything remotely like a marriage here for obvious reasons, because there's no actual union. No combining of assets. No name change.

So it's technically not a legal marriage, so to speak.

In This Day and Age, When Everyone's Going Nuts Over the Whole Gay Marriage Thing....

The trend is that the concept is all-encompassing. You're open to the possibilities. Discoveries are made. So far it seems like this really isn't an overboard concept except for the fact that I can only imagine a bride (or a groom) being a bit, well, too much in the spotlight over a wedding to himself/herself.

The underlying truth is either it's a choice to just remain single, or you can't find a mate. Or both.

However, the fact is society constantly sees the tradition and path through humanity in steps: you grow up, you get an education, you graduate, you get married, you have kids, you die.

Simply put, people are drilled by society to think that it's important to get "married." To find a soulmate. To fall in love. To start a family. It's part of human nature. But can't humanity be so much more?

It Looks Like Just About Anything Can Be Possible These Days

Sologamy, like homosexual marriage, is another evolution in today's society and the way we think of humanity from a cultural standpoint. That's really all it is. And you know what?

There's nothing wrong with it! It doesn't break any laws. It's not overtly weird. All it is, is a promise to oneself to be honest.

One thing's for sure, though...Divorce petitions will be a piece of cake for those sologamistic marriages.

Pierre Roustan, Author of THE CAIN LETTERS and SCARY HORROR STUFF!
Pierre Roustan, Author of THE CAIN LETTERS and SCARY HORROR STUFF!
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