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The Lonely Empath

by Taylor Smart about a year ago in humanity

~~The top 3 main reasons empaths may find themselves alone

The Lonely Empath

Compassionate, gentle, nurturing and caring. All these words (and many more) can be used to describe the Empath. An empath is a sensitive being that feels on a very deep level. An empath can feel the vibrations and emotions of other people, places and things. They are usually people with high moral and integrity. The empath is not just a “supernatural” fictional character. Science has proven that these individuals posses a highly sensitive nervous system, making them naturally more sensitive to vibrations and emotions than others. So why are these gifted humans usually alone and rejected? Here are 3 reasons empaths may find themselves alone.

1. Exposure

An empath is able to pick up on very subtle vibrations and emotions of others. They are aware of your authenticity just moments into a conversation. If a person has insecurities, feelings or is just downright evil, an empath will pick up on those feelings. Usually an empath makes people uncomfortable because they are ambassadors of goodwill. Most will hate the company of the empath because being in their company exposes their own shortcomings. If feelings/actions are deceitful, malicious or negative, an empath will expose them, thus making ill-willed people infuriated.

2. Intensity

Empaths feel intensely. They are usually told as children that they are too sensitive and to just get over things. This is not good advice however. Even if the empath tries to change who they are, it will not last long. They have a rich inner world and it’s almost as if they are born with a very strong moral compass. Most live by the Golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They are able to assess situations quickly and pass judgement. They are usually able to tell if someone is lying quite quickly into their story. These traits make them very intense and almost unbearable to be around for people who have ill intentions.

3. Authenticity

We live in a time where the earth is overrun with narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. These humans (and I use the term humans loosely simply because these individuals lack empathy) are all suppressing their true selves. Behind their masks they hide insecurities, lies and malicious intent. They do not love themselves. In fact there is usually some deep-rooted psychological reason that they have which keeps them in a cycle of self hate. Of course they would hate to find themselves in a war with the morally guided and intuitive empath that can see through their bullshit. To add insult to injury, imagine watching a person live and experience life with their WHOLE being while you are unable to experience life with such intensity because you are not comfortable in your own skin! This causes feelings of hate and envy towards the empath and usually when it’s all said and done, they are ostracized because they are authentic and genuinely like themselves.

These are 3 main reasons empaths find themselves alone and there are certainly more. Being an empath can be lonely and confusing at times but it is a gift and should be treated as one. If you’re an empath and feel like you don’t belong, please be aware that you are loved immensely and that once you understand this, you will attract your tribe. Your tribe will love and nurture you-and you will do the same for them. If you should ever find yourself alone, please know that those people who left you lonely were not meant to be apart of your souls’ human experience. Not for the long run at least.

Taylor Smart
Taylor Smart
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